Zoom Meeting: Here’s How to Master the Meeting Tool

O Zoom Meeting is online meeting tool which has become essential for workers in home office. One of the main strengths of the platform is its simplicity, but the service also offers a variety of advanced features that are very useful to improve the productivity of the remote work.

The service is available on computers, on Windows, Mac and Linux operating systems, as well as iOS and Android mobile devices. Participation is also possible by telephone. Check out a guide to getting started with Zoom Meeting.

What are the Zoom Meeting plans?

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In the free version, the most popular, virtual meetings can be held with up to 100 participants and last up to 40 minutes. When the time is up, the meeting can be restarted if necessary. The option also includes private and group chats.

Zoom’s Pro, Business, and Enterprise packages start at $14.99 a month and come with many additional features such as longer meeting times, webinars, recording and cloud storage, and Skype interoperability. for Business, YouTube and Facebook.

How to start using the meetings tool?

To get started with Zoom Meeting, simply access the meeting tool through your browser or download it to your computer, mobile phone or tablet. The registration is carried out quickly, and the login can be used through Google or Facebook. Companies can also provide a single sign-on (SSO) key to join meetings.

Upon application, Zoom will ask for permission to upload resources, including product videos and how-to guides. Just click “confirm” or “Set preferences”. The user must also choose whether to receive emails once a week, once a month or never.

To finish, just open the confirmation email sent by the platform and click on “Activate account” or paste the confirmation link included in your browser. On the next screen, you need to complete the account creation with name and password.

How to organize an online meeting?

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The app’s home screen shows all the meetings scheduled in your diary. Just click on “schedule a new meeting” to open a new tab, where you can name the meeting, add a description, and choose the date and time zone.

If this is a frequent appointment, there is a “recurring meeting” checkbox on the time zone tab where you can choose the frequency of the meeting. To finish, just scroll down and click “save”.

Invitations must be sent manually, either via calendar invites to Google Calendar, Outlook Calendar and Yahoo Calendar or via email. Alternatively, next to the “Join URL” link, there is an option to “copy this invitation”.

Basic control options

Users can mute and unmute the microphone, as well as start or stop the camera, at the bottom left of the tool. By default, the video layout is Active Speaker, where the person speaking takes up a larger screen. However, options are offered that show all participants in a grid, a preview of participants on a virtual background, and floating thumbnails.

The “Manage Participants” tab shows everyone connected to the meeting. By hovering over a name, you can mute/enable it. For privacy reasons, however, hosts and other participants cannot control individual camera feeds.

In the “Chat” tab, users can send questions and messages, as well as share files hosted by cloud storage providers or stored directly on the device.

The organizer can select the “… ” button to save a chat session and control who participants can chat with. The “Save” option allows you to save the session and send a copy by email. Participants will be notified that the meeting is being recorded via an automated audio message.

If the host needs to leave but the meeting needs to continue, they can assign host status to another participant. Other advanced features are available, depending on the plan purchased.

How to join an online meeting in Zoom Meeting?

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When you receive the message from the host with all the information about the virtual meeting, just click on the link sent. If Zoom Meeting is installed on the device, the meeting tool will open automatically. Otherwise, the platform will open in the browser.

After activating the audio and video, it is possible to blur or choose an image for the background. Then, just wait for the organizer’s release to join the online meeting room.

Why use Zoom Meeting?

Zoom offers a variety of features, including third-party apps, that make it easy for teams to work remotely with the security of end-to-end encryption. Therefore, it is one of the most popular videoconferencing solutions for companies, regardless of their size, and is also useful outside the corporate world.

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