Zagreb as many as 12 new cases, Đakovo 10, Istria three. At 12 o’clock there is a press conference in Osijek

LAST weekend, a coronavirus infection broke out in Croatia. Although, according to the members of the Headquarters, the epidemiological situation is still good, the citizens now have to adhere to the measures more than ever before. Hundreds, maybe thousands of people were in contact with the tennis players on the Zadar Adria Tour. So far, it is known that 6 people connected with Adria Tour are positive – Grigor Dimitrov, his coach, Borna Ćorić, Viktor Troicki, Đoković’s coach and one child who was at a family gathering with tennis players. Only in 5 to 7 days will the actual extent of the infection in Zadar be known.

At the same time, Zagreb records a larger number of patients, yesterday there were as many as 9. For some, it is known how they became infected, for some it is not known. Four infected people who were discovered a few days ago became infected in a nightclub, epidemiologist Kaić revealed. Today, 12 new cases were confirmed in Zagreb.

Yesterday 19 new cases

Yesterday at 2 pm, it was announced that 19 new cases of coronavirus infection had been recorded in Croatia in the last 24 hours. “The number of new cases in the Republic of Croatia in the 24-hour period is 19, which means that the total number of patients with coronavirus is 2336,” said the Headquarters. The largest number of new patients is in Zagreb, nine of them, three are from Osijek-Baranja, and two from Zadar County. One newly infected person is in Bjelovar-Bilogora, Šibenik-Knin, Dubrovnik-Neretva, Međimurje and Koprivnica-Križevci counties.

So far, 72,746 people have been tested, of which 268 in the last 24 hours. There are currently 9 people in hospital and no patients on a respirator. The total number of healed is 2142, and the number of deaths is still 107. This number of 19 does not include all cases from Zadar, probably only those who have a residence in Croatia.


11:30 “We don’t know how the coronavirus came into contact, because the nurses adhered to the measures throughout the epidemic. As of today, every nurse is in self-isolation, we don’t have any joint activities. Also, the Amadea Day Care Center is closed until further notice.” Kindergarten “Sunshine of Nazareth”, reported from the monastery.

They note that there are currently about 180 sisters in the convent, and the average age is 69 years.

“We hereby ask the public to understand these difficult moments for us. We will proceed according to the instructions of epidemiologists, the Croatian Institute of Public Health and the Civil Protection Headquarters of the Republic of Croatia,” said the Đakovo Monastery of the Sisters of Mercy. Cross.

11:12 415 people in isolation in Zagreb. Children from birthdays and from class infected negative. > More

10:44 There are no new cases of covid-19 in the Šibenik-Knin County, the County Civil Protection Headquarters announced. 16 people are under health supervision measures, 11 of which are related to the tennis tournament in Zadar. 46 young tennis players were at Kids Day in Zadar. Some parents tested their children on their own initiative. The first findings are negative.

10:41 The Osijek-Baranja County Headquarters moved the press conference to 12 o’clock. You will be able to follow it on the Index

10:24 Zagreb has 12 new cases, Zagreb Mayor Jeleč told us.

10:23 What is not good, Capak points out, is that 10 people are positive, and 300 people come there every day because it is a large monastery with many nuns. > More

9:49 Plenković: Croatia is a safe country

“I act responsibly. It is not a problem for me to get tested every day,” Andrej Plenković commented on yesterday’s testing and contacts with tennis players this morning. “The term of the elections remains the same. It is not at all clear to us how the holding of elections can be called into question,” he said of the elections. “Even today, with these 20 or so cases, Croatia is still among the three EU countries that have the fewest cases of covid. And that is the message of Croatia as a safe country,” he said.

9:18 Three new cases in Istria. > More

9:17 In the monastery in Đakovo, 10 sisters have a crown. > More

8:53 An artist appeared on whose performance people licked the same spoon, he says he is sorry. > More

8:50 “I think that the National Headquarters is also responsible for the fact that the citizens stopped wearing masks and adhering to the recommendations,” said Dr. Srić on N1 Television.

8:30 There are no new positives in Zadar this morning

“Yesterday we tested 82 samples throughout the day. We had only one positive, the other causes are negative. This morning we have 20 new ones to test. The infected child will look in the morning, take his findings and see how his clinical picture develops, but we do not expect big changes. The child is still well, he had no symptoms “, revealed the Zadar epidemiologist Alan Medić, announcing that the new findings will arrive around noon.

“The infected will certainly appear in Zadar, but I do not believe it will be something explosive,” added Rijeka immunologist Zlatko Trobonjaca.

How to behave on the beaches?

“You will certainly not go to the sea with a mask. I am glad that people move more outdoors because it is clear to everyone that then the possibility of transmitting the virus is less. Recommendations for the sea are the same as anywhere, keep your distance and if you keep a distance of 1.5 meters to 2, you will not get infected “, said Medic.

8:20 The Osijek-Baranja County Headquarters announced a press conference at 11 am. Yesterday they reported that they have three new infected.

8:10 The Brod-Posavina County announced a press conference at 10 am. They announced that they would publish important information for citizens from their area, but also from the general public.

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