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To Japanese editor Kadokawa Shoten is hunting not only manga piracy sites, but also users who publish manga on YouTube. After processing the Cloudflare to take down domains hosted on the service, the publisher filed a lawsuit against the YouTube it’s the Google in the US, requiring the removal of seven specific channels, as well as the disclosure of the profile owners’ identities.

Cowboy Bebop
Cowboy Bebop, Neon Genesis Evangelion and Lucky Star are some of the works published by Kadokawa Shoten

Responsible for publishing successful series such as Lucky Star, Cowboy Bebop, Neon Genesis Evangelion, Highschool of the Dead e .hacka Kadokawa Shoten costuma ser bastante aggressive regarding piracy of their manga. Recently, the publisher began to go after users who post their works on YouTube in video format.

Despite being located in Tokyo, Japan, Kadokawa Shoten appealed to the US Courts to request the removal of the contents through the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA). In the document sent to the US court, the publisher’s lawyers wrote the following:

“We demand [ao Google] immediately blocking access to infringing content and preventing any use, reproduction and distribution of the original work. Specifically, we request the removal of infringing work found on YouTube and/or any of its systems or services.”

Kadokawa Shoten.

In the lawsuit, Kadokawa Shoten named seven users who maintained profiles with manga piracy: Russell, redheadbaby1020, Sporty Son, Vasturae, ItachiLuv1, PahGrazi and hotpink0930. Apparently, YouTube responded quickly to the request, as all these channels are unavailable not moment.

Kadokawa Shoten wants to get data from youtubers

Companies that own copyrights are usually happy with the removal of pirated content. However, Kadokawa Shoten does not intend to stop there. In addition to requesting the removal of the videos, the publisher demanded that YouTube reveal the identity channel owners. In the lawsuit, representatives of the Japanese publisher said:

“Kadokawa Shoten seeks a settlement subpoena in order to obtain sufficient information to identify individuals who infringe its copyrighted works. The purpose for which this subpoena is sought is to obtain the identity of the alleged offenders. This information will only be used for purposes of protecting rights under the Copyright Act.”

Kadokawa Shoten.

This type of subpoena is common in copyright infringement cases. However, the targets are often large website owners rather than personal YouTube channels. It is worth mentioning that the profiles mentioned were small, with 72 thousand to 208 thousand views. Even so, Kadokawa Shoten wants to find the seven people at any cost.

Among the data requested by the publisher are full names, addresses, e-mails and telephone numbers. Kadokawa Shoten also wants access to YouTube access logs, including IP addresses, login dates and times, as well as banking information and credit card numbers used by users in the last six months.

Youtubers can be arrested for pirating manga

In Japan, several youtubers have already been arrested for 18 months to two years for publishing 10-minute film summaries on the platform. Unlike Brazil and the USA, for example, Japanese copyright law is rigid and inflexible, preventing the accused from defending themselves.

like the act of Downloading manga is considered a crime in Japan, it is likely that Kadokawa Shoten wants to arrest users who pirated their works on YouTube. Now, the future of these people depends on the US court’s decision to compel Google to provide the information about them.

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