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O YouTube followed in Facebook’s footsteps and removed the video posted on President Jair Bolsonaro’s channel with the content of last Thursday’s live (21). In the broadcast, the president echoed a false news linking COVID-19 vaccine to Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome (AIDS). According to platform rules, removal must result in suspension of the channel for seven days.

Jair Bolsonaro (Photo: Marcos Corrêa/PR – 07/02/20)

As we reported earlier, Bolsonaro voiced a fake news about COVID-19 last Thursday, during his traditional weekly live shown on social media. The president cited, during the broadcast, an alleged study carried out in the United Kingdom that associated vaccinated people were developing AIDS.

The president briefly summarized the headline of the news and asked viewers to go after it later. “I recommend that you read the news. I won’t read it here because I might have problems with my live”, said the president. At no time did Bolsonaro suggest that the information might be false.

According to experts, there is no chance of vaccines causing AIDS — the syndrome is caused by an infection with the HIV virus.

YouTube to suspend Bolsonaro channel for 7 days

As this is not the first time Bolsonaro has had a video removed from YouTube due to misinformation, the channel is subject to penalties. Following company policies, upon having the second video taken down, the account is suspended for seven days.

Check out the full YouTube note:

“We removed a video from Jair Bolsonaro’s channel for violating our medical misinformation guidelines on COVID-19 by claiming that vaccines do not reduce the risk of contracting the disease and that they cause other infectious diseases.

Our guidelines are in line with the guidance of local and global health authorities, and we update our policies as the guidance changes. We apply our policies consistently across the platform, regardless of who the creator is or what their political opinion is.”

Also under the platform’s guidelines, if Bolsonaro again violates YouTube’s content policies within 90 days, the channel could be suspended for two weeks. In the third, it can be permanently removed.

Bolsonaro blames magazine for false news

After the removal of Bolsonaro’s video from Facebook and Instagram on Sunday (24), the president gave an interview to a radio program in Mato Grosso do Sul. According to him, the false news had been given by the magazine Exam, and he would have just “repeated” the information.

“A magazine Exam did a story about vaccine and AIDS. I repeated this matter on my live, two days later Exame said I said fake news. it was the Exam who talked about the relationship between HIV and vaccine, I just talked about the magazine’s article Exam. And two days later the Exam accuses me of making fake news about HIV and vaccine. We live with it all the time.”

However, the matter of Exam does not quote any official British government document, which was mentioned by the president on live.

In addition, the journal’s report was published in October 2020, and was based on a text by scientists published in The Lancet about the concern about the use of adenovirus 5 (Ad5) in studies on vaccines against COVID-19. Adenovirus 5 has been used as a viral vector in HIV vaccine research in the past — hence the connection found by the anti-vaccine movement.

Despite this, there is no scientific data linking COVID-19 vaccines (even those using adenoviruses) to a “faster-than-expected” development of AIDS. Furthermore, the adenovirus-based vaccines approved in Brazil do not use Ad5, but other adenoviruses associated with the common cold in humans or chimpanzees, and nothing that could favor infection with the HIV virus.

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