Your Sony Bravia TV restarts in a loop? Here is the solution

Several Sony Bravia TV series have been restarting on a loop since the weekend of December 12 and 13. The Japanese firm confirms the problem, which only concerns France. An official method has been published on the Sony site. Find out here in detail, as well as the list of affected models.

sony bravia android tv restart loop
Sony Bravia AG8, one of the victims of the restart loop bug

This weekend, many French owners of a Sony Bravia running Android TV were no longer able to enjoy their TV. Indeed, in the weekend of December 12 and 13, 2020, the television fails to complete the start-up process, which starts again at the beginning. Stuck in a loop, the television is therefore unusable.

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In a message posted on its dedicated technical support site, Sony confirms the problem and explains that it is limited to France. So there is no impact outside the country. The Japanese firm admits, however, that it cannot explain the problem. But she suspects Internet access is the main cause. In her message, she hypothesizes that an ISP (without specifying which one) made a change that is causing the problem.

Which models are affected?

The affected models are all Bravia running Android TV. All ranges are concerned: X, A, S and Z. On the other hand, all the models affected by the bug were launched by Sony between 2016 and 2019. This means that 2020 models, like the Bravia XH90 that we recently tested, shouldn’t be a problem.

Here is the list of models, year by year:

  • 2019 : XG80, XG81, XG83, XG85, XG87, XG90, XG95, AG8, AG9 and ZG9 series
  • 2018 : XF75, XF80, XF83, XF85, XF87, XF90, AF8, AF9 and ZF9 series
  • 2017 : XE80, XE83, XE85, XE90, XE93, XE94 and A1 Series series
  • 2016 : XD70, XD75, XD80, SD80, XD83 and ZD9 Series series
sony bravia android tv restart loop 6
Sony Bravia ZD9

What is the procedure for unblocking a Bravia victim of the problem?

On its site, Sony explains the procedure for unlocking a television that restarts in a loop. The procedure unfortunately involves a return to factory configuration, which means the loss of your personal data, installed applications and settings. This procedure requires two people.

1st step: return to the factory configuration

If your TV is caught in a reboot loop, it is not possible to do this using the remote control (which connects via Bluetooth) or the Android TV menu. It is therefore necessary to use the hardware buttons present on the television. There are two possible configurations. Either a configuration with a power button positioned on the front or on one of the slices. Either a configuration with three hardware keys: one for switching on and two for volume control.

  • Unplug the power cord of your TV
  • If you use an Ethernet cable between the television and your Box router, unplug it too
  • Press and hold press the power button or, if you have more than one button, press the power button the volume down key
  • Reconnect the power cord of your TV without releasing the button (s)
  • Hold down until the front LED lights up. You have to wait 10 to 30 seconds depending on the model
  • The color of the LED depends on your model: it is white if you only have one button and green if you have three
  • Release the button (s) when the LED lights up. If the latter is not on after 30 seconds, start over from the beginning
  • The restoration process begins. It takes several minutes and the television should restart twice
  • If the television does not start up by itself after the restore procedure, press the power button
  • Once the screen of welcome accessible, go to step 2.
sony bravia android tv restart loop 5
Sony Bravia X74H

If you own a Bravia X74xxH or X75xxH, the procedure is very slightly different. It’s not a notification LED that lights up to tell you when to stop holding both keys, but a screen pops up with the word “Erasing” on it. For the rest, the procedure is identical.

Step 2: Firmware update

Returning to the factory configuration has two consequences. The first is to erase your settings and personal data. The second is the return to an earlier version of Android TV (the one that the TV had when it launched). It is therefore important to update the firmware (or firmware) of the television. But it is imperative not to connect the TV to the Internet.

  • Do not reconnect the Ethernet cable from your television
  • Once the Welcome screen is displayed, follow the configuration steps, except that of WiFi. It is imperative that the television remains offline
  • Once the television is functional again, press the help key (or Help) on your remote
  • Raise the version number of the firmware installed on the television. It is visible either at the top right of the screen or at the bottom left
  • Appointment from your computer on the site
sony bravia android tv restart loop 2
  • Find the specific support page for your television using the search engine
  • Click on the download tab
  • Download the latest firmware version for your TV. Warning, the file weighs more than 1 GB. This can be long depending on your bandwidth
sony bravia android tv restart loop 3
  • Unzip the zip file by right clicking and choosing ” unzip here
  • Copy the PKG file (and not the folder) at the root of a USB key
sony bravia android tv restart loop 4
On the left, the PKG file that you must copy to a USB key. On the right the downloaded ZIP file
  • Plug in the key on one of the USB ports of your TV on
  • Several messages are displayed on the Bravia to guide you in copying and installing the new firmware
  • The notification LED (white or green) lights up and the television will restart once after performing the installation
  • Check as before the number of firmware installed. It must match that of the version downloaded from the Sony site

At the end of step 2, your television is back in operation and is up to date. Sony does not recommend that you reconnect your television to your router at first to avoid encountering the same problem again and wait for technical support to find the source of the problem and therefore a solution. However, you can of course take the risk of reconnecting it (via WiFi or Ethernet). If the restarting problem starts again, Sony advises you to contact technical support for personalized follow-up.

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