your smartphone in 24 months at 0% rate, the operator is still breaking prices

Free Mobile announces a new commercial offer: Flex. This allows a subscriber to buy a smartphone on leasing, with monthly payments spread over 24 months. The price of the packages remains the same. The operator promises a selection of around fifty models, new and reconditioned.

In recent days, Free has posted teasers about an announcement expected on July 6, 2021. It is July 6 and the information was soon released by the operator. This last announcement Free Flex, a new service for buying a phone on credit. Of course, there are a few conditions. But the idea is to offer a purchase offer separate from the mobile plan.

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The first thing to understand about Flex is that it doesn’t change much of what Free Mobile offers today: the purchase of a smartphone still does not depend on the plan and Free Mobile does not offer any subsidies. The prices therefore do not vary if you are a Freebox subscriber, if you have a Free Package or a Free Series. Please note, this does not work with the 2 euro package.

By extension, since the purchase of the smartphone is separate from the plan, the subscription conditions remain the same. You can stop your plan at any time once the purchase has started. You can also change your plan. On the other hand, you remain committed to Free on the purchase of the phone.

Free Flex is a leasing offer

And this is the second important piece of information about Flex: it’s leasing. Do not mistake yourself. The credit is spread over 24 months. You have to pay a first monthly payment which is more important than all the following ones. Indeed, Free requires a first payment of 30% of the total purchase price, then the 24 monthly payments. And since it’s leasing, at the end of the 24 months, you don’t own the phone yet.

Indeed, you have three choices. Pay ” the purchase option “Which allows you to permanently acquire the mobile. Or continue to “rent” it. Which would be a bit silly (you might as well buy it). Or return the smartphone. You will then have rented the phone for two years. Note that the purchase option, which is proportional to the value of the phone, is included in the purchase price. You would pay the same price if you bought the same phone with cash.

You also have the possibility to stop the monthly payments and to settle your leasing at any time by paying the rest of the amount due (with option to buy). All smartphones sold with Flex also include the technical support for 24 months. Also note that the prices charged by Free are negotiated. They are often lower than those practiced in the trade.

More than 50 different smartphones, new or reconditioned

Third information about Flex, precisely: the smartphone catalog. It is made up of around fifty models from launch. There is something for every budget, from the very economical Redmi Note 9A to the iPhone 12 64 GB. The budgets therefore range from 120 euros to 850 euros approximately. Monthly payments start at 2.99 euros and go up to 20 euros.

As we mentioned earlier, the prices are often lower than in open-market. Take the example of the iPhone 12 64 GB. The price in Apple Stores for this model is 909 euros. At Free, it is 839 euros (whether you buy it cash or as a monthly payment). Another example: the iPhone SE 64 GB. It is offered at Free at the same price as at Apple: 489 euros.

free flex

The catalog mainly includes new smartphones, but it also includes refurbished phones, in order to give a second life to smartphones that still work very well. This is the case with the iPhone 8 which continues, despite its great age, to receive updates from iOS. Smartphones that are returned as part of Flex are repackaged to go back to another user, or go for recycling.

Finally, note that the price does not include shipping costs if you have the smartphone delivered to you. It’s 10 euros per shipment. Remember that there are also Free stores where the product can be delivered for free.

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