you can now install Windows 11 on the console thanks to the latest beta

The most daring users have been waiting for it for a long time: it is finally possible to install Windows 11 on its Steam Deck. A recent update deployed by Valve in beta indeed adds compatibility with fTPM, essential to the use of the operating system. However, the patch is still very unstable, so we advise you to wait before venturing into it.

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Credits: Valve

Since the release of the Steam Deck, several players have taken the risk of installer Windows 10. “Risk themselves”, because the operation is not trivial. If the console indeed makes it possible to prefer the Microsoft operating system to that of Valve, it does not benefit from all the optimizations of the manufacturer in terms of functionalities and performance. But for many, the game is worth the candle in particular to have access to alternative blinds.

Also, many of them are waiting to be able to install Windows 11 on it. Until now, the console does not allow fTPM compatibility, a sine qua non for running the OS and which has also caused a lot of ink to flow when launched. Today, it is finally possible. Valve has just rolled out a beta update that adds fTPM support AMD processor, paving the way for Windows 11.

Windows 11 lands on the Steam Deck

A thorny dilemma then arises. On the one hand, installing Windows will come with its share of advantages. Indeed, it will give access to all the features dedicated to gaming on the OS, in particular the new Direct Storage API which considerably reduces loading times. On the other hand, Valve makes it clear that it is a beta version still very unstable. The risks therefore do exist for the integrity of the firmware, in addition to reducing the performance in play as Windows 10 already does.

Also, some drivers, such as audio drivers, are not yet available. At last, many bugs are currently to be deplored, which is quite predictable given the current progress of development. In other words, installing Windows 11 may negatively impact your gaming experience, at least for now. On our side, we advise you towait a little longerthe time that Valve deploys a more stable and optimized version of its firmware.

A second update to the Steam Deck brings many features

Valve did not just deploy this beta version of its firmware, since another update, this time final, is also available for download. This adds several very practical features. We will especially remember support for both trackpads when entering text, which will allow users to write much faster. Moreover, it is now possible to further configure your joysticksin order to adjust, for example, the strength of the haptic feedback or even the dead zones.

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Here is the full note of the patch rolled out by Valve:

  • Added support for dual touchpad input to the on-screen keyboard
  • Added on-screen gaming mode keyboard to desktop mode.
  • Added Family Sharing status to the game details page. Borrowers will see which library they are borrowing from, and lenders will see a message if their library is currently in use by a borrower.
  • Added calibration and advanced settings screen with options for:
    • Adjust deadzones for left and right thumbsticks.
    • Adjust haptic force for left and right trackpads.
    • Joysticks and other sensors on external gamepads.
  • Updated the network login flow to login without asking for a known password again.
  • Improved performance of downloading images from library after login, reducing stuttering.
  • Removed display of back button ‘B’ in overlay quick access menu.
  • Fixed on-screen keyboard input issues when connecting to public WiFi captive portals
  • Fixed an issue where Chrome would not install from the non-Steam section of the library.

Source : Valve

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