Xiaomi: how to change the loading screen animation

The Android operating system guarantees a lot of freedom for users and MIUI, the interface used in Xiaomi phones, has a lot of customization options. In addition to seeking innovations in hardware, the Chinese manufacturer usually invests in software and has a solution that allows not only to change wallpapers and icons, but also animations of the device’s loading and boot screen.

The customization function is available through the “Themes” application, which comes pre-installed on Xiaomi smartphones, including models sold directly in Brazil. MIUI’s personalization tool allows you to make profound visual changes to your phone without rooting, a procedure that grants high permissions within Android, but can open security holes.

Changing the loading animation

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To customize the recharge animation on your Xiaomi phone, follow these steps:

  1. Open the application Themes
  2. Download a theme compatible with loading animation (list below)
  3. Click on the tab Profile, in the bottom right corner of the app
  4. Select the option Customize Theme
  5. Click on the option Lock Style and activate one of the themes with the loading animation by clicking To apply
  6. Return to the page Lock Style and click Personalize
  7. Find the option Loading and select the animation you want

MIUI themes with loading animations

The function of changing the loading screen can be used in the latest versions of MIUI, but not all phones are compatible with customization. In addition, currently, a limited number of themes have support for reload animation.

Examples of MIUI loading animations.Examples of MIUI loading animations.Source: Gizchina

The MIUI Themes application does not have a function search system, which makes it difficult to discover specific customization content. However, it is possible to find a number of themes that include loading animations.

Themes with loading animation

  • Ronix UI
  • ProGoogle Dual 2.0
  • Pure2 Pro V11
  • GREEN [Liquid]
  • Freedom
  • donuts
  • Hello White v12

To find the themes, open the application Themes and type one of the names listed above in the app’s search bar, available at the top of the interface. Install at least one of the contents to release the customization of the loading screen.

If the theme does not appear in the search, it means that it is not compatible with your smartphone or the function of customizing the charging interface is not available on your device.

How to change the boot screen

MIUI also allows you to customize the phone’s boot screen, which is the animation that happens when you turn on your smartphone. While loading effects appear on a few themes, the customization of startup can now be used on more Xiaomi devices.

IOS 14 beta theme displays Apple logo on boot of compatible Xiaomi phonesIOS 14 beta theme displays Apple logo on boot of compatible Xiaomi phonesSource: Gizchina

To change the boot animation on your Xiaomi smartphone, follow the steps below:

  1. Open the application Themes
  2. Download one or more boot animation compatible themes (list below)
  3. Click on the tab Profile, in the bottom right corner of the app
  4. Select the option Customize Theme
  5. Open the page Boot animation and choose the option you want

The list below includes some of the themes that have boot animations for MIUI. You can perform the installation by opening the Themes app and searching for the name of the content on the platform.

If the Theme does not appear in the application search, it means that your phone is not compatible with the content.

Boot animation themes

  • Cyberpunk2077
  • Decent Blue
  • Extremely Dark v12
  • Azyteck – LineUi
  • Pure2 pro v12
  • Lite os V12
  • Me You I plus
  • Space star
  • Saturn
  • Classic UI
  • Khalifa- LineUi
  • Z.Bluer LineUi Vip
  • JOY UI 12
  • Right OS
  • Mantra – LienUi
  • BACK
  • ROG mod v12
  • Galaxy S20
  • One UI PRO
  • Flyme 8
  • Pixel 4 Dark
  • iOS 14 Beta
  • Android 12

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