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THE Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S were officially announced by Microsoft as representatives of the new generation of consoles. Both devices are the successors of Xbox One, but how do they compare to each other? To explain it better, the Tecnoblog prepared the comparative below.

Official release

The two consoles have no differences in this regard: they arrive on November 10, 2020.

The pre-sale starts on September 22nd.


The Xbox Series X is priced at $ 499 in the U.S., while the Xbox Series S is priced at $ 299.

The price difference between the two devices is due to the type of technology that each uses. The Series X has more robust components, to generate more neat graphics.

Design and color

For now, the two devices have only one type of design and color, each.

The Xbox Series X comes in black and has a design that resembles a rectangular box. The air outlet is at the top of the console.

Comparison: Xbox Series X or Xbox Series S? / Reproduction / Felipe Vinha

The Series S also has a rectangular shape, however thinner and with a huge air vent on the front. In addition, it comes in white.

Comparison: Xbox Series X or Xbox Series S? / Reproduction / Felipe Vinha

It is also worth remembering that the Xbox Series X still has a small side entry for discs, while the Series S works only with digital games, without physical media.

Because of this, the Series X is more suitable for the public that prefers to have the games “in a box” and collect them to put on the shelf.

Games and accessories

All games in the Xbox Series X catalog will be compatible with the Series S and vice versa. In addition, the two video games will be backwards compatible with Xbox One, Xbox 360 and Xbox titles available on the Xbox Live online store.

The same goes for accessories, such as controls, headsets or headphones.

Comparison: Xbox Series X or Xbox Series S? / Reproduction / Felipe Vinha

Some of the confirmed titles for both are:

  • Marvel’s Avengers
  • Assassin’s Creed: Valhalla
  • Watch Dogs Legion
  • Halo Infinite
  • Gears Tactics
  • Gears 5
  • Forza Horizon 4
  • Tetris Effect

Among others that are already available and are yet to be launched.


Xbox Series X features 1 TB SSD storage. The Xbox Series S also comes with SSD, but at 512 GB.

Despite being focused only on digital games, the Series S has half the storage of the Series X. However, the two consoles have expandable memories with 1 TB cards or USB port to receive external storage.

Graphic power

Despite running the same games, the Xbox Series X is the most powerful console between the two and, therefore, will be able to start games with more graphics power, generating more beautiful visuals.

The two consoles use eight-core processors, but they differ in the GPU, that is, precisely in graphics processing.

Halo Infinite

While the Xbox Series X has a 12 Teraflops GPU, the Series S comes with only 4 Teraflops, less than half.

The difference will be noticeable especially on TVs with 4K resolution, but only for those who want to play with as many graphics as possible.

Xbox Series X games will run at 4K resolution at 60 frames per second, while the Series S promises lower resolution, at 1440p, but also at 60 frames per second.

Xbox Series X or Xbox Series S?

To help you choose, we have also prepared a complete table with all the technical data of the two consoles:

Technical specification Xbox Series X Xbox Series S
Processor Custom AMD Zen 2 with 8 cores and 3.8 GHz Custom AMD Zen 2 with 8 cores and 3.6 GHz
GPU (Graph) AMD RDNA 2 custom with 52 CUs at 1.8 GHz of 12.15 Teraflops AMD RDNA 2 custom with 20 CUs at 1.5 GHz of 4 Teraflops
Memory 16 GB GDDR6 10 GB GDDR6
Internal Storage 1 TB SSD 512 GB SSD
Expandable memory Yes Yes
Reader 4K UHD Blu-Ray Drive Does not have
Price $ 499 (US) $ 299 (US)

With information: Microsoft

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