Xbox All Access will be available on the Micromania website, no need to go to the store

While Micromania was not to offer the Xbox All Access offer outside of its physical stores, the brand finally reached an agreement with Microsoft to allow the acquisition from its website.

Recent government lockdown announcements are a game-changer for sales of non-essential products, especially in the world of video game. They force stores to adapt as best they can to satisfy their customers, despite the travel restrictions put in place.

Last week, Micromania offered to those who have pre-ordered a PS5 or an Xbox Series X to come and pick it up in store on the D-day of their availability. But the brand does not stop there and has obviously just found common ground with Microsoft to allow its consumers to subscribe to Xbox All Access from their website because of the confinement.

The Xbox All Access offer available directly from the Micromania site

Xbox All Access consists, among other things, of a subscription to Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, which allows access to a multitude of games on your console, PC or Android smartphone. But this offer that Microsoft offers you for the launch of its Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S consoles also allowsacquire one of the two new consoles as a monthly subscription. And the good news is that after 2 years the console is definitely yours.

Not long ago, Micromania announced the next availability of the All Access offer in its stores. But because of the Covid-19 pandemic, the brand had to review its plans: it managed to find common ground with Microsoft in order to offer Xbox All Access directly from its site, without consumers having to go to the store. Micromania has already set up a web page, which was however emptied of its content this weekend. However, we could read the details of the online offers that the brand is about to market:

  • Xbox Series X at € 32.99 / month for 24 months. Access to Xbox Game Pass Ultimate for 2 years is offered.
  • Xbox Series S at € 24.99 / month for 24 months. Again, an Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscription is included for the same period.
  • Xbox One S at € 21.99 / month for 24 months. Once again, access to Xbox Game Pass Ultimate is offered for 2 years.

Xbox All Access: a most advantageous offer for those who are ready to commit over two years

Under such conditions, the cost price of the Xbox Series X may seem far too expensive: 791.76 € after 2 years instead of 499 € for immediate purchase. On the other hand, being able to access Xbox Game Pass during the entire “leasing” period is very interesting, since the subscription alone costs € 12.99 / month (or € 299.77 over 2 years, considering that the 1st month of the subscription is € 1). Especially since there is no initial cost, as Micromania specifies. You just have to pay the sum of 32.99 € / month and you have the console from the first month.

On the official Microsoft website, in the section devoted to Xbox All Access, two distributors are mentioned: Micromania and Fnac. It is not possible for the moment to subscribe to the offer in question, the site simply displaying the mention “soon available”. It is not known for the moment when this subscription will be really accessible, but it is recalled that the Xbox Series X and Series S will be officially available from November 10. There is not much time left for Microsoft and the retail chains to put everything in place, in short.

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