WWE 2k Battlegrounds KILLS HIMSELF

Califa das Tormentas, Mister Argentina and Ted Boy Marino are names unknown to many people, not least because Telecath was broadcast on Brazilian television in the 1960s. Now, Dwayne “The Rock“Johnson and Hulk Hogan, surely you have heard of it. The first one even makes some points as an actor and the second has always been the mark of wrestling in the United States.

WWE (World Wrestling Entertainment) lovers are unique. They transformed wrestling into pure entertainment and religion. It was no different here, where there is a very respected niche of lovers. It has been a while since 2K Sports crashed down this path, but to no avail.

The last games made by the producer did not have the expected result. Many were literally beaten by expert critics. It was with this in mind that the company decided to take a gap year to completely remodel the series. He put the series aside WWE 2K and decided to venture into the genre differently. During the period of reflection, WWE 2k Battlegrounds, which has important steps towards a resumption of the genre.

Over the years, several wrestling games have hit the market. Many of them tried to portray the fictional universe created by athletes who performed in the rings. Armed with costumes, great performances and fireworks shows, the events were both picturesque and funny at the same time. It has always driven real fans to delirium.


The title can be considered a spiritual successor to WWE ALL STARS, which also featured cartoon images. Published by THQ and developed by THQ San Diego, to Playstation 3 and Xbox 360, the title fell in favor of wrestling fans.

WWE 2k Battlegrounds portrays this successfully. By bringing real-life characters in cartoon graphics, the company brought to life what was found in the broadcasts. But playing at 4k resolution was not a satisfying experience. It is possible to notice the lack of polishing of the dolls and especially the scenery. At certain times I had the impression of playing a game in upscaling, that is, without a native resolution in 1440p.

The same happens with the scenarios, portrayed in a cheerful way, with many colors and in a vibrant way. The continuation of this art can be seen in career mode. The narrative is smooth, exciting and with hints of humor. I was surprised that she was portrayed in a comic strip. The whole story is transmitted to the player through comics.


Another important factor in Battlegrounds is that there is no shortage of characters. In the image below, you can check those present in the game and those that will be inserted after the launch. Many of them are unlockable with the in-game currency, which can be acquired in a controversial way: fulfilling challenges in the different game modes or buying credits.

As much as the company says that it is possible to acquire all the characters for free, prepare yourself for the paywall. You will have to play many hours if you want to unlock all possible characters.

Repetitive combat mechanics

As much as 2K Sports has done a great job in the different game modes it is sad to know that in several aspects the title becomes repetitive. In addition to the same animations and the lack of emotion in the characters’ faces, the simple gameplay ended up being the big stone in the shoe of a game that had everything to conquer fans.

As it is a casual game, the combat is limited to kicks, punches, special moves and grapples. But the variation in the clash is small, bringing the sameness in practically all the fights. The cake presented is wonderful, with art and scenery very well done. However, the filling is heavy and greasy, bringing a very simple and little diversified gameplay.

The insertion of fire and lightning in the characters’ hands, as special movements, turns reality into fantasy and dismantles everything that has been built over the years. We know it is a joke, but it would be better to leave the spells for the cRPG games.

AI stupid and online with problems

Another factor that helps in the sameness of the confrontations is the imbalance of the characters and the little artificial intelligence placed in them. Even at the most difficult level, the game does not present a great challenge on the part of the opponents. At certain times, the opposing fighter stands without showing a reaction, it seems that asking to be hit.

I believe that one of the main objectives of the company would be to provide a good experience in the way multiplayer. For those who follow the world of wrestling know that Match Tag and Royal Rumble are the modes that most entertain players. The fact is that these clashes and the online mode have a direct connection. Only the shot backfired, both in online mode.

Even having a good connection (100 mb download and 50 mb upload) it was hard to play on the servers. Who has ventured into other games of publisher you know this is one of your Achilles heels. Especially if you live in Brazil. It is impossible to play a fighting game if there is no adequate response time to carry out the commands. The delay is significant and makes any online fun impossible.

Maybe next time

WWE 2k Battlegrounds it had everything to be the triumphant resumption of the genre in the world of games. Even with several game modes, dozens of characters and unlockables, you can still execute. Yes, it amuses, but for a short time.

With a simple and little personified gameplay, the replay factor decreases considerably, leaving the fun present for a few hours. Let’s hope that the 2K Sports learn from the mistakes of this edition to bring a new game that will definitely fall in love with wrestlers.

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“He had everything to be a Hulk Hogan, but he is just a Dustin Runnels”

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