Wrath of the Druids turns AC: Valhalla into religious reflection

Your favorite Viking will go to Ireland in the 9th century, a place rich in power, with political, religious disputes and plenty of space to expand its trading posts. Oh, and there could be something mystical, like the Druids.

This is the background that surrounds the DLC Wrath of the Druids, which arrives this week for Assassin’s Creed: Valhalla. If you enjoyed the main adventure, with all its nuances and Viking warriors, it is good to keep an eye on this great addition.

Are we going to Dublin?

First of all, we will explain how you do to access this DLC. It is necessary that your Viking boat has already gone to England. After building his settlement in Ravensthorpe, the player needs to create an alliance with the neighboring regions, in my case, Cambridge.

After purchasing the DLC and installing it, just go to the docks of Ravensthorpe to meet a merchant from the Middle East, called Azara. Some objectives will need to be fulfilled, such as building a trading post and clearing freight routes to gain access to Ireland.

DLC does not bring great news compared to the gameplay known in AC: Valhalla. However, if it is possible to highlight something, it is in charge of commercial contracts. After the route is established with Dublinin Ireland, you will be able to exchange rare items found in raids on camps and monasteries.

Among the artifacts that can be purchased are souvenirs for your settlement and even valuable equipment for your adventure, such as a bow and arrow, a new boot, or even a new helmet. Everything can be done at the trading post that Azara opened in Dublin.

Time to get rich

In addition, it is possible to open several trading posts throughout Ireland, to strengthen its ties in the country and raise more money. So, get ready for forays into several inhospitable places in the ancient Celtic region.

After many optimization problems since the game was released, the situation has improved a lot. Even so, it is still possible to repair some drops in performance, when playing at 4K and 60 frames per second. This occurs even when using a computer with an RTX 2080 TI video card and an Intel Core i9-9900 processor. The situation repeats a little less when we lower the resolution to 1080p.

The game appears to be more colorful, highlighting the liveliness present among Irish Celts. The region has always been known for having many fogs, the famous fogs, and lots, lots of rain.

The DLC shows this clearly, leaving the view very gray at certain times, contrasting the color of the village. Something that is already rooted in their culture. Even among the patchwork quilt of the adventure, you will notice many elements of Irish mythology, such as the Druids.

The adventure also brings many elements of the main Celtic goddess, who has the name Danu. I will not go into details to avoid possible spoilers, but it will be necessary to unravel several secrets about everything that surrounds it. The main arc includes 4 new characters. Azara, as I said, Bardi, Eivor’s cousin, the beautiful Ciara, who is a musician, and King Flann.

Most of his missions in Ireland are related to the conflict of interest between his cousin Bardi and King Flann. Bardi, who commands Dublin, wants to become the king’s trust. But for this you will need to do some tasks for Flann. This is where Eivor comes in, to help his cousin.

It is also here that the game gains an interesting sphere, since it involves religions in a masterful way, showing how they were important for the development of lands in the past.

Religious or not?

We can divide them into 3: Christians, pagans and druids. Druids can also be considered pagans, but I divided them up to separate them from the Vikings. I did this because there was an interesting relationship between the Nordics and the Christians.

All due to Bardi, Eivor’s cousin, who is an intelligent Viking and realizes that fighting Christians is not the best solution for his future reign. At this moment he incorporates Christ’s characteristics into his personality, as a way of being accepted into Irish society.

The counterpoints with Eivor start to become more notorious, because for her, saving an opponent is the same as giving the enemy a chance in the near future. However, Bardi believes that forgiveness can strengthen it, making religion a major point of reflection among the cultures involved.

Another novelty in Wrath of the Druids it is the fight against druids. They are really scary. They are giants, have deadly weapons and were very well portrayed throughout this adventure. It is worth mentioning that it is advisable that you are at level 55 with your character to invade the Irish lands.

In the DLC it will be possible to change the difficulties of exploration, combat and stealth, as a way to make the challenge more enjoyable. In addition, the entire plot has been translated and dubbed into Portuguese.

Wrath of the Druids incorporates about 20 hours into the main game. Generally, the player will spend 13 hours to finish the main arc and 7 hours for the adjacent arc, which adds a lot of playing time.

Worth it?

If you liked Assassin’s Creed: Valhalla, Wrath of the Druids is essential. First because it prolongs your adventure in the game, second because it brings a new culture to every well-worked storyline.

The graphic work is impeccable and, as much as the new inserts do not bring a new gameplay, the story holds you in a special way, as it was in the original game.

Score: 85


  • Religious reflection
  • Graphics
  • Adventure time: 20h

Negative points:

  • Few news
  • Optimization continues with problems

Is it worth being a pagan?

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