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World of Warcraft (WoW) is getting ready to receive the next and last big update from Shadowlands: Eternity’s End. With no release date set yet, patch 9.2 will finalize the history of the Shadowlands and conclude the epic showdown against the Jailbreaker, which will take place in the new region of Zereth Mortis. At a press event, Blizzard detailed the Techblog the news of the update.

WoW Shadowlands will have final battle against Jailbreaker in patch 9.2 (Image: Press Release/Blizzard)

Zereth Mortis is the birthplace of the Firstborn

After the final events of patch 9.1, the Jailer and Anduin — possessed by the spell of domination — enter a portal that leads to the region of Zereth Mortis. This mysterious place is inhabited by robotic creatures called Automas and the “Firstborn”, the creators of all afterlife in the Azeroth universe, as well as all the realms of the Shadowlands.

According to Blizzard, the Firstborn are responsible for giving life and controlling everything that exists on the material and spiritual planes of Azeroth, and the Jailer seeks to conquer this power for himself. In Eternity’s End, players must join the Automas to protect this holy land and prevent the complete destruction of the worlds.

Automas protect Firstborn creations in Zereth Mortis (Image: Disclosure/Blizzard)

As with all other expansions, you’ll need to earn the trust of the inhabitants of Zereth Mortis before facing the Jailer. The main missions will involve a special Automa — an Enlightened One — which will lead players to Refuge, the patch 9.2 base of operations that should function as Oribos and Korthia.

The Automa and the Enlightened, however, communicate in an unknown runic language based on symbols. By completing quests and accumulating reputation with the Zereth Mortis factions, it will be possible to learn this new alphabet and unlock other types of patch content, such as additional quests, equipment and all-new zones.

Decrypting the Firstborn Cipher will release new content in patch 9.2 (Image: Disclosure/Blizzard)

After finally befriending the Automas and Shining Ones and deciphering the Cipher of the Firstborn, players will need to prepare to hunt down the Jailer. Where will he be? At the Sepulcher of the Firstborn. Below I tell you all about the new and last raid of Shadowlands.

The Sepulcher of the Firstborn is the cradle of reality

The Jailer’s goal is not just to escape the Gorja or gain raw power to destroy the world, but to conquer the Sepulcher of the Firstborn to gain the ability to rewrite the rules of the universe. As one of the oldest creations of the Firstborn, the Sepulcher holds mysteries never seen before in Azeroth.

Before reaching the Jailer, however, players will need to eliminate the forces of the Gorja that will be protecting the place, such as Lords of Dread, a creature of the Constellar race — as well as Algalon the Watcher, head of the Ulduar raid — and , of course, Anduin Wrynn. Altogether, there will be 11 bosses throughout the instance.

The Sepulcher holds the prototypes of the Firstborn (Image: Disclosure/Blizzard)

In the patch presentation, I took the opportunity to ask about the new raid mechanics in boss fights. the director of WoW, Ion Hazzikostas didn’t give too much detail to “not spoil the surprise”, but he assured that the clashes at the Sepulcher will be heavily inspired by the environment of the place and elements or characters already seen in the Shadowlands.

“The Sepulcher is a place, as we shall see, of incredible power. It’s the place where the cosmos project was forged and realized, and that’s why the Jailer wants to go there. We’ll learn a lot about where it all comes from as we go through the raid. For example, the Progenitors created not only the Titans, but also the leaders of the Covenants, the heads of the realms we’ve seen in the Shadowlands so far, like the Winter Queen, the Archon, and others. We’ll learn about it and get a chance along the way to see some of the prototypes, the flawed versions that led to their ultimate creations, and fight them. In a way, we tried to create an alternate reality fantasy of ‘what would it be like to fight the Winter Queen? What would it be like to fight the Archon?’ You had a chance to fight Denathrius, but what about the others?”

Ion Hazzikostas, diretor de World of Warcraft.

Class packages return in Eternity’s End

Another big new feature in patch 9.2 is the return of class-exclusive gear packs — the Tier Sets. The sets will blend the visual elements of the Firstborn, with details of magical energy and metallic pieces in golden color, and specific silhouettes for each class.

To the development team of World of Warcraft, or final chapter of Shadowlands is the best time to unleash the full potential of the game’s classes. With tier sets and their bonuses in attributes and abilities, characters should reach their maximum power in Eternity’s End.

It’s worth mentioning that class packs can be obtained not only in the Sepulcher of the Firstborn raid, but also in PvP (player vs. player) matches and dungeons on Mythic+ difficulty.

Changes in Tazavesh and other new features from patch 9.2

For dungeon lovers, Eternity’s End will even feature the third season of Mythics+ with a new seasonal affix and will allow players to build the Tazavesh MegaDungeon in two separate smaller instances in Heroic Mode via the Dungeon Finder.

Finally, as with all other major updates, patch 9.2 will also include new land and flying mounts, pets, and improvements to the professions, conduits, and soul bonds systems. In addition, the Negraluna Fair will receive a dance minigame.

Watch the full video below with the news from World of Warcraft Shadowlands: Eternity’s End:

With the end of Shadowlands, we can only wait to know what the next expansion of World of Warcraft. You, the player who plays WoW, do you want to take advantage of patch 9.2 or prefer to wait for the new chapter of history? Open your heart with us in the Community of Techblog!

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