WoW Shadowlands: Learn all about Maldraxxus, the new game area

As the launch of World of Warcraft: Shadowlands gets closer, the more we discover about their incredible stories and characters. After exploring the arts of the Ardennes forests and diving into the lore of Revendreth, we now had the opportunity to get to know the Maldraxxus region better, a kingdom tailored for those who enjoy good fighting!

At Blizzard’s invitation, we chatted with Steve Danuser, the lead narrative designer for World of Warcraft, who kindly explained to us what we can expect from Maldraxxus when the expansion launches on October 26, 2020 on computers around the world!

The fight goes on

At its peak, Maldraxxus assembled very respectable immortal armies. For countless ages, their haughty forces have inspired respect, serving as guardians and the main line of defense of the afterlife in the Dark Lands. But when you play, you will see Maldraxxus as a divided land, as its main houses are fighting each other and trying to seize power.

In part, this is because the souls that the Judge considers to be the owners of an unparalleled determination are sent to Maldraxxus, capable of turning around in a place where fights are constant and only the strongest survive. It is a land full of pestilent puddles and piled bones, with abominations, liches, warriors and apparitions helping to set the tone of the battlefields. Betrayals and power games are a constant here.

But don’t think this is a realm of villains only! As we saw in the incredible animated short of Afterlife Maldraxxus, the fighting spirit, courage and determination of Draka, Thrall’s mother, were characteristics that took her there. Each soul sent to Maldraxxus is chosen for one of five houses, each led by a different Margrave.

“While we were developing the Necrolord Pact, we wanted to add an element of surprise,” Steve Danuser was amused. “At first glance, you could imagine them as villains, because that’s how they look abroad, but the thing is that Maldraxxus is not a land of bad people, it is a land of the ambitious, of those who value strength. Sometimes it involves nefarious souls, but it also embraces heroic souls. ”

Among the Eternals who rule the kingdoms of Death, Prócer is the most shrewd and calculating, leading the forces of Maldraxxus in countless battles for the cosmos, overcoming rivals like the Chaos Lords, the Burning Legion and much more. Prócer was responsible for creating the five houses, which serve to represent the qualities of the ideal soldier.

“Procer was the greatest tactical mind,” explained Steve. “He believed that the best way to create the defense forces of the Dark Lands was to specialize the tactics, to have the best in each of the different disciplines, and that’s where the five houses came from, each focusing on a skill of the perfect warrior. “

Houses at war

The five houses of Maldraxxus are The House of the Chosen (for those who excel in the field of strategy), The House of Rituals (for those of great intellect and ambition), The House of Eyes (with warriors of infiltration and subtlety), A Casa dos Constructos (which builds forces with gigantic physical strength) and A Casa das Pestes (which uses poisons and toxins).

“We will have some quests in the ruins of the Casa das Pestes, and you will find survivors of their destruction,” revealed Steve. “Among the remnants, their minds were affected by the substances that were released, sometimes even losing their memory and becoming confused, which can be cute, but also sad. And, of course, we will also have a dungeon in its ruins. ”

At Teatro da Dor, a large arena in Maldraxxus, the warriors of the five houses play war games with each other in order to keep their skills up to date. It is an unforgiving kingdom where only the fittest souls survive, and that determination is exactly what makes your warriors the best option for ensuring the safety of the Dark Lands.

“I wanted the Necrolord Pact Entrance to be terrifying,” explains conceptual artist Cole Eastburn. “Something capable of making other pacts intimidated. The idea was to look for a style that could be on the cover of a metal record ”. Steve agrees: “If I were to summarize Maldraxxus in a few words, it would be Rock and Roll!”

What did you think of the Maldraxxus story? You will be part of the Necrolord Pact when the new expansion World of Warcraft Shadowlands is released on October 26, 2020? Tell us in the comments below!

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