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Pokémon Snap perhaps it is one of the greatest classics of the Nintendo 64 and, therefore, a continuation has always been much desired by fans. After 22 years, New Pokémon Snap arrives on Switch bringing the same charm of the 1999 game, but as the name says, there is also something new. But it’s just a game of photographing Pokémon, right? Yes, and you will love it.

For those who do not know well how the game works, the gameplay mechanics are perhaps the simplest of the entire franchise Pokémon. It is not necessary to search several locations on a map to try to capture monsters, or even train your team to face battles. Just have good aim (with your lens) and a little luck that the rest of the game carries you.

And it really does, because New Pokémon Snap it is an on-rails simulation, that is, it is like a cart on the tracks: you do not control the way to go (with some exceptions) and only where to look. The exception I mentioned refers to certain points on some maps where you can choose (pointing the camera) if you want to go right or left, but still following the predetermined path.

Welcome to the Lental region


The Lental regions (Image: Vivi Werneck / Tecnoblog)

New Pokémon Snap it takes place in the Lental region, which is made up of islands with very different biomes. You will travel across green and flowering plains to arid lands, the seabed and even a volcano! After choosing your character, and the customization options are very limited, it’s time to meet Professor Mirror and his assistant Rita. Both will guide you, give you missions and tips for much of the game.

Later in the campaign, you will also meet the famous photographer Pokémon Todd (from Pokémon Snap original) and his apprentice Phil. They will also present new features for the gameplay in addition to extra secondary tasks.

Your mission in the game is to discover and record as many Pokémon as possible and their different behaviors that can appear spontaneously, or you can induce them with some “tricks”, such as fruits, melodies, radar and illumina effects (I’ll talk more about this later).

All registered photos are important to make up the research album called Photodex. There are more than 200 Pokémon in the new Snap to shoot, then prepare your camera’s memory card. And by the way, as much as the temptation makes you want to take 20 pictures of Pikachu smiling and jumping, you have a limited number of clicks you can make per expedition. Spending almost everything on a little monster can only mean losing a click from a rarer Pokémon.


He used to smile! Or even make a scared face… (Image: Vivi Werneck / Tecnoblog)

But in addition to helping complete Photodex, his other mission is to assist Professor Mirror to investigate the Illumina phenomenon, which causes some Pokémon and specific plants to gain a different and magical glow. I’m going to stop here about this so as not to give spoilers.

Best photos, best scores

It will not be any click that will delight Professor Mirror’s critical eyes, who will evaluate all of his photos upon returning from the expeditions. You will need some photography basics to capture the best angles, at the right time. But take it easy… You don’t have to take any special course to play and the game itself gives you tips (almost all the time) on which types of photos can achieve higher scores.

For example, using the zoom to make the Pokémon a little bigger and sharper in the photo can guarantee you a few extra stars. That super relaxed click with Pichu playing catch-up with Grookey will certainly be worth more points than shooting them from the back. And so on …

With time and practice you will automatically feel that you have taken a good photo. Just keep in mind that you need to position your target in the frame as best you can, avoid cutting parts of the Pokémon in the image, try to compose a background scenery, take pictures of different monsters in the same click and use your items, such as: radar, fruits, music and orbs of illumina. This will help you to induce reactions.


The illumina effect (Image: Vivi Werneck / Tecnoblog)

Each Pokémon can react differently when using any of these items on them. Throwing a fluffruit (which looks like an apple) can entice them to eat it or interpret it as a threat and flee. Radar sonar for arousing curiosity or even making a Pokémon pass out, for example.

As I mentioned before, you have a limited number of space on your camera’s memory card. Therefore, unfortunately, it is not possible to take pictures of each movement of the Charmander in the volcanic area.

In New Pokémon Snap it will be necessary to develop a very good spatial notion to decide, as soon as possible (because it will be in constant motion), where to aim your lens. Of course, some sacrifices will have to be made. When trying to catch the right time for the Magikarp by jumping out of the water, you may be giving up photographing an Arbok falling from a tree.

An interesting way to encourage you to return to areas visited and already at the maximum level (the sum of the points of the photos are added to the level of the explored area) is by doing the secondary missions, it can be said, that both the teacher and the others NPCs pass you. Each one gives you tips and instigates you to get a rare and different photo. Completing these challenges can unlock customizable items for your online profile, as well as stickers to edit your best photos. And by the way…


Keep an eye on the best angles for better scores (Image: Vivi Werneck / Tecnoblog)

Turn your photos into works of art and share!

One of the novelties of New Pokémon Snap, compared to the original, is the possibility to create your own online album to share your best clicks with the gaming community. The most fun thing is the possibility to edit your favorite photos and “paste” in that album too.

Paste stickers, use frames, add light effects, reshape, rotate, etc. If you’re creative enough, your photos can win medals from other players and be part of the community’s highlights. Professor Mirror gives you a helping hand too, and sometimes he selects the ones he liked best.

This is a very interesting way to see the clicks that other players (your acquaintances or not) are doing. Be sure to also check your position in the world ranking, or if you want something closer, dispute the score among your friends.


Your online album (Image: Vivi Werneck / Tecnoblog)

Is it worth playing New Pokémon Snap?

Yea! The game is surprisingly fun even though it has a very simple concept: photographing Pokémon. I didn’t play much the first Snap and so I was even a little skeptical about this new version. I broke my face because I had so much fun.

This is a far more casual game in the franchise than fans may be used to and can be a great escape valve after more hardcore gameplay. Discovering new Pokémon in different regions, or at different times of day, always creates a good expectation. It is also impossible not to get excited when you get that rare and unexpected click!

Even with so much excitement, sometimes you will feel that some routes will start to get a little repetitive and it will even be possible to decorate where some little monsters will come from. To alleviate this a little, be sure to use your items to try to trigger new reactions. It can help.


Pikachu enjoying a sunny day… (Image: Vivi Werneck / Tecnoblog)

Anyway, perhaps, the main obstacle that can hinder the popularity of New Pokémon Snap among Brazilian players the price is really around R $ 300. As Nintendo is a bad way to promote the titles of the house, I recommend this game (for this price) if you are really a fan of the franchise. Otherwise, it’s worth waiting for a while or panning for some promotion. Anyway, if you get the chance, take out your camera and play New Pokémon Snap!

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