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Monster Hunter: World (2017) “adapted” the franchise Monster hunter for a more Western palate. Followed by the expansion Iceborne (2019), the game became Capcom’s biggest hit. Monster Hunter Rise arrives with the expectation of being as good as or even surpassing World. Available, in principle, only for the Nintendo Switch, Rise refines some concepts of World, brings news, subtitles in PT-BR and has the potential to deliver even more.

That said, why is it worth playing Monster Hunter Rise? You can check below some points about gameplay and other news that can help you make your choice. The game has a release date for March 26, 2021.

Warning: there are no spoilers in this text!

Friendly with veterans, a challenge for newbies


Monster Hunter Rise (Image: Reproduction / Vivi Werneck)

If you played enough Monster Hunter: World you will have no difficulty adapting to the controls, creation system and grinding of Rise. It’s almost all the same, except for a few details (I’ll talk about them). Even the positions of the combat buttons are the same, even though they are in control of the Switch.

The details, as I mentioned before, that are a little different from World they refer to the crafting of the armor of the Amigates (the Palicos) and the Amicães (the Palamutes), which now depend on the remains of materials that are left when forging their armor. Recycling is important!

But the great leap of the Amigato de MH Rise, in terms of gameplay, is the addition of Cabinsetos (Wirebugs). These insects, which look like a mixture of wasp and firefly, are very versatile at the time of hunting and replace (not with the same function) fireflies of World, who guided you along the way.

Cabinsetos are used to create “power cables” so that your Hunter can scale walls, be used in some aerial attack (projecting you above the monster), mount on stunned creatures and, my favorite, to unleash unique combos for each weapon in the match. Depending on the weapon you are using, an attack combo with Cabinseto can help you escape death quickly and already position you in the right place for a counterattack.


A Cabinseto in Monster Hunter Rise (Image: Reproduction / Vivi Werneck)

In general, those who already know the franchise Monster hunter from past games, or just the World, you will have little to really learn in Rise and what’s new will be easily assimilated and incorporated into the hunting knowledge you already had.

For newbies, however, life is likely to be a little more complicated. That’s because the series has never been very friendly with newbies (and it looks like it has improved a lot with the World). Fortunately, the basics are well explained in dozens of texts and tutorials. Just be patient to read. Going on expeditions (which have no mission time limit) is also a great way to train.

Monster hunter it’s essentially grinding and experimenting, whether it’s different ways of making the best build for your character, like creating specific strategies to defeat each monster. Even knowing the basics, explained by the game itself, it is only in practice even to adapt to this style of gameplay that puts you, in almost every mission, in a kind of boss fight.

Friends and friends: your best friends

Perhaps what most caught the attention of this game – during its promotional period – was the arrival of Amicão (applause for the localization team, because this name was great!) As an extra companion for your Hunter, besides Amigato. If you are hunting alone, you can choose between taking an Amigato and an Amicão or two of the same species. In multiplayer, you can choose only one to accompany you.

Buddies in Monster Hunter Rise (Image: Reproduction / Vivi Werneck)

The addition of the canine “buddy” is excellent, especially in terms of mobility around the scene. In one of the World it was possible to domesticate some of the creatures of the world to serve you as a “taxi” to your goal. The setback of this is that you needed to define a destination route, without the freedom to do many other actions.

Fortunately, this was fixed in Rise and your Palamute, in addition to being able to be mounted, can go wherever you want, jump, climb some walls and even make attacks while the Hunter is mounted. You can mine, collect items and even carve monsters without having to disassemble. Seu Amicão is also a great support in the hunt, given that he equips well and chooses a behavior for him that matches his style of play.

It is possible to define the behavior of your friend as well and, together with the skills you have chosen for Amicão, create your own “dream team” to hunt monsters. In my gameplay, I put Palico to use traps and Palamute to always attack in the opposite direction to the position my Hunter is in. Thus, the Amigato distracts or holds the monster for a few seconds while the Palamute and I attack from different sides. The strategy has worked well.

MH Rise refines some World concepts

Some systems created (or updated) in MH: World were further optimized in Monster Hunter Rise. The first thing you will notice, even in Kamura (the game village) is the ease of finding points of interest on the map and making quick trips to them.


Using Cabinseto to mount a monster (Rathian) and attack another (Anjanath) (Image: Reproduction / Vivi Werneck)

Certain functions are now clearer as well. For example, editing the radial menu and its shortcut bar is no longer a quest just to find where things are. By pressing the “+” button on the controller, you already have clear access to this and other information and status of your Hunter.

The Cabinsetos themselves can be seen as an improved version of the Clutch Claw, inserted in the expansion Iceborne, however much they have taken the place of Fireflies. In fact, navigating through the game’s maps is not so difficult and even getting lost can reveal some surprises. You won’t even miss the old bioluminescent guides.

Aside from the blacksmith who is now finally in the main area, the merchant and the two cafeterias in the game (one also in the main area and the other in the meeting area) are in similar places as in Astera and Seliana. Argosy (the ship that brings “spices” from other continents) and the central to send your buddies (friends and friends) on collection missions are in a separate area.

It is in this place that you will be able to recruit “miaucenários” (Palicos and Palamutes) of varied abilities. It is even possible to take them on missions with you too or send them to collect items – just as it already worked in World.

Frenzy missions

Frenzy-type missions (or Rampage) are somewhat reminiscent of the siege of Seliana, in MHW: Iceborne, where his Hunter needed to prevent Velkhana from invading the city using more of the place’s own defenses (cannons, ballistas and the darling Dragonrazer, for example) than brute force. In particular, I never saw much logic in this mission since the monster is winged and could just fly over the gate and invade Seliana, but anyway. Returning…

In Monster Hunter Rise, you must also protect the gates of Kamura, only now against hordes of different and exponentially powerful monsters, according to your ranking. It is at this point that some veteran players may experience some strangeness. This is a different proposal for gameplay within the game itself.

Not that you are prevented from trying to contain the waves of monsters “in the arm”, but if you are playing solo it is likely that while you are busy with one, others will already be destroying the gate. The mechanics, in Frenesis, is to give a greater focus on strategic planning to position cannons, ballistae, traps, elite Hunter (so to speak) and so on.

I haven’t decided yet whether I liked this gameplay option or not. As I only played it (until now) in singleplayer, I found it kind of tiring. Maybe I’ll change my mind when I manage to do these missions in multiplayer. Apart from a few mandatory Frenzies, you won’t have to do these quests all the time to progress. But if you decide to face them, and you are successful, you will gain the possibility of making upgrades to your weapons, enhancing their characteristics, such as elemental damage, attack, defense, etc. Yes, it is similar to what already happened with the weapons of the siege of Safi’jiiva (Iceborne).

Play alone or with other Hunters?


Multiplayer is still the best Monster Hunter experience (Image: Playback / Vivi Werneck)

During the testing period it was a little difficult to find who to play with, as the server was limited to those who analyzed MH Rise. So, I spent a good part of my gameplay playing only me, Hades (my friend) and Cerberus (my friend).

Probably, due to my previous experience with MH: World added to the wonderful Cabinseto and my hairy assistance duo, I even passed the low ranking missions very easily. The thing starts to complicate a little more just from the high ranking.

Something I noticed in common, both playing alone and in multiplayer, was the speed in the loadings in all transitions and, mainly, to start a mission. In Monster Hunter World: Iceborne there was time to eat a pizza while the game loaded its mission, when there was no error on the server.

I can’t say if when the game is already available to the public this marvel will continue, but when it comes to a game for the Nintendo Switch it is to clap for Capcom about it. Better late than never!

About multiplayer, I got some friends to play with, and the experience is still fun. And the best: the match was fast and the server did not fall! I hope it continues like this in the launch. In fact, as great as it is to play alone with your buddies, in my opinion, the best experience Monster hunter it is even in the cooperative.

And so? Is it worth playing?


Monster Hunter Rise (Image: Reproduction / Vivi Werneck)

Yea! Especially if you liked MHW. Monster Hunter Rise still has a path to follow in terms of additional content, but it has the potential to overcome what Iceborne it is still today. I believe that over the months more new features, monsters, armor and cosmetic items will appear.

Loadings have improved considerably compared to World, at least during the testing period, and the soundtrack is captivating. Visually, it is not dazzling, but the result is quite decent on the Switch and the buddies are cute. I didn’t find any alarming bugs and the game didn’t crash at any time.

I can’t say much about the higher ranking missions, to avoid spoilers of monsters that have not yet been released, but I felt that we needed to tie things up a little better for both Kamura’s missions and the encounter area quests (which are more difficult). However, when it comes to gameplay, I have no criticisms to make. It’s basically what worked in World with some news. I love you, Cabinseto!

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