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the arrival of the F1 2021 excited the motorsport fans who were eagerly awaiting the launch. Especially after the announcement of the purchase of the developer Codemasters by Electronic Arts, there was no way to predict what the level of quality and realism would be. F1 2021 would offer players, much less what new features would be present in the new version of the game.

With new customization features, the simulator is the most faithful to reality and one of the best ever released by the developer, especially for the graphics and sound on new generation consoles. The presence of new game modes – including a story mode – also make the game even more complete for even inexperienced pilots.

F1 2021 (Image: Disclosure/EA)

F1 2021 is the first of the franchise in the new generation

As in the past generation the power is more limited, it’s difficult for developers to introduce major graphical changes from year to year in the franchise’s games. With the arrival of the PS5 and Xbox Series, that changed completely. I tested the game on the Xbox Series S and, right away, it’s already possible to notice changes in the details of the circuits and also in the escape areas, such as in lawns and gravel.

In fact, this is one of the main positive points of the F1 2021. You can see sharper shadows, actual tire wear during the race, and even cockpit details at higher resolution.

When playing a jackpot on a dry track you might judge the changes to have been insignificant. However, just start raining for the level of realism to rise, as the quality of the raindrops and puddles that form on the asphalt are surprising and, for sure, will make your life difficult during the race.

Aston Martin (Image: Disclosure/EA)

Aston Martin is one of the new Formula 1 teams (Image: Press Release/EA)

Another good news is the game’s sound quality. O F1 2021 brings even more realism especially for those who enjoy playing with high quality headphones. It is possible to notice the sound of different types of engines, the environment and also the gear changes with much more detail.

However, despite the good points, I could notice some problems that didn’t happen in previous versions. The first one is in relation to dubbing in Portuguese. At times, the race engineer’s speech seemed more robotic and unnatural. In addition, some scenes in the career mode had an abrupt drop in frame rate, especially in the interviews part.

Story mode is the biggest highlight of the game

Called Braking Point, EA and Codemasters nailed it by adding a story mode to the F1 2021. In game mode, you play Aiden Jackson, a Formula 2 driver who needs to make his way into the world’s top automobile category.

The plot is divided into a series of chapters that put you behind the scenes of the competition. It is possible to follow your fame on social networks, read your emails with information about the big prizes and even have contact with your family members between races.

To avoid being a boring mode for some users, Brake Point does not force you to participate in every race on the calendar. The story progresses after the completion of goals, such as reaching your teammate in a number of laps or overcoming specific opponents such as McLaren and Renault, until the end of the GP.

Devon Butler (Image: Disclosure/EA)

Devon Butler is one of the characters in Brake Point (Image: Disclosure/EA)

By the way, this mode is also attractive because of the cutscenes that take place during the races and their offshoots. The intrigues that frequently occur between Jackson and his teammate are also interesting and contribute to the plot of the story. In addition, Devon Butler remains present, teasing and adding even more fuel to the fire throughout the season.

For those who don’t have much knowledge yet and want to learn how to play, the story mode is the main gateway. Despite offering some more complex challenges, the artificial intelligence of other pilots is more accessible than in the conventional career mode, just so you can complete the objectives and be able to move on to another chapter.

However, if you are a more experienced pilot, the game mode can become too easy and not too challenging. In this case, to make the races more competitive, it’s worth disabling the riding assists that are configured by default.

Aiden Jackson F1 2021 (Image: Disclosure/EA)

Aiden Jackson is the main character of Braking Point (Image: Press Release/EA)

More refined simulation and other news

One of the features that make the F1 2021 one of the main racing simulators today is the possibility of customization. Outside the story mode, the game offers a series of options that allow you to leave the game at different levels of difficulty, as well as the possibility to disable assists. In fact, it is still possible to increase the incidence of Safety Cars and weather changes over a weekend, making races more unpredictable.

This way, more experienced drivers can compete and experience a real Formula 1, especially if you play with pedals and steering wheel. In addition, you can create your own team in career mode, hire drivers, develop your car and go after sponsors, as in F1 2020 and in real life.

In fact, this customization goes further. As in other games developed by AND THE, O F1 2021 has a reward system that gives you new choices of helmets, cars and overalls according to your experience.

Another new feature introduced is the possibility to start a two-player online career mode. With this, you and a friend can be part of the same team or fight for the championship in different teams, according to the contractual choice of each one.

Problems for the nostalgic ones

Despite the positive points and the good experience that the F1 2021 provides, some changes compared to the previous game were negative. The first one is the absence of classic cars.

In the new version of the game, it is no longer possible to play with the Renault used by Fernando Alonso in 2006, or with the Brawn GP, ​​used by Rubens Barrichello in 2009, for example. Also, traditional short tracks are not available, which may disappoint the nostalgic ones.

As with sprint races, which are also not present. In the 2021 F1 season, the Monza and Interlagos circuits will host test events, as well as at Silverstone, based on the dynamics of Formula 2. A weekend consisting of less free practice, the conventional qualifying and a short race to define the grid of start.

Could it be that EA will bring this content in the future in DLC form?

Yes sure! However, it is a downside that the game was released without these options.

Another issue is the lack of some tracks that have become part of the calendar, such as Imola, Portimão and the new street circuit in Jeddah, in Saudi Arabia. However, EA has already confirmed that these circuits will be available as free post-release add-on content.

Haas F1 Team (Image: Disclosure/EA)

Haas F1 Team (Image: Disclosure/EA)

Is it worth playing?

Yes, it’s worth it! O F1 2021 is the first game in the franchise available for the new generation of consoles. That way, if you’re a true Formula 1 fan, the game will give you good hours of fun, entertainment and high-quality graphics, especially for those who are already a new generation.

In fact, in my view, Electronic Arts sought to bring new players with the Brake Point mode, since the gameplay is a little more Arcade and simplified. The downside is the price, which can scare anyone who is not a fan of motorsport. The F1 2021 was launched for PC, PS5, PS4, Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S for a base price of R$249, reaching up to R$369 in the Deluxe version.

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