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In the 80’s Sega graced its fans with Alex Kidd in Miracle World, marking the debut of what would be one of the main characters of the company for years. In Brazil he became especially famous for being included in the memory of one of the Master System models, which has generated enormous nostalgic affection over the years. Now we have the version among us Alex Kidd in Miracle World DX, which hits current consoles and PCs, promising a complete redesign and respect for the original.

Alex Kidd in Miracle World DX it’s a remake, not a remaster. It’s a game that was remade based on the first release in the 80s, but it also contains a lot of classic elements. Here we have everything that was seen in the game back then, but with a fresh look, starting with the graphics, but also going through the soundtrack and ways of playing.

Enough nostalgia?

Nostalgia is a powerful and important factor in the entertainment market and many companies know it. Sega, in particular, as it has relaunched some of its classics, outsourcing production to other companies, as it was with Streets of Rage 4. Best of all, they know one truth: nostalgia alone is not enough.

Alex Kidd in Miracle World DX is pure nostalgia (Image: Press Release/Merge Games)

And that’s why, just as it was in Streets of Rage 4, Alex Kidd in Miracle World DX is guaranteed in its content and look – especially the look. The content, in this case, doesn’t even compare to what was done with the other game mentioned, which is a little more full, but the fault here is the original material.

The first Alex Kidd doesn’t have much mystery: it’s a cute platform game, well done and with some whimsy in the graphics, even for the time. But it was short, with little more to do and that’s it, as were all games from the same time, although some have stood out in the market.

Nostalgia taken seriously

One of the biggest successes of this remake is, for example, maintaining the maximum respect for certain aspects, as in music. It only takes a few seconds from the start menu to hear the chords of Alex Kidd’s classic melody and get excited enough to play it all over again. The same feeling is accompanied by the early stages and throughout the rest of the game.

The new graphics, fully designed, although in 2D, respect a lot of what was built with the original game, but not limited. Alex Kidd shows much more of his scarf, for example, and animations of attack, jumps and other moves, such as the character’s swimming.

Lots of details on Alex Kidd in Miracle World DX (Image: Press Release/Merge Games)

Lots of details on Alex Kidd in Miracle World DX (Image: Press Release/Merge Games)

The biggest difference noticed by fans will be the graphics, however. The overall gameplay remains the same, due to the fidelity needed in the remake. This is thanks to the existence of a button that activates the “retro mode”, switching to the old graphics and that leaves the game virtually the same as it was in Mega Drive, with the difference that it is adapted for today’s high-resolution TVs and monitors .

If you prefer, you can also play Classic Mode, even more faithful, in addition to the boss battles mode, to repeat the fights. These are the only extra modes for this reissue – and honestly, I didn’t need to, but they’re welcome nonetheless.

Dark Souls wouldn’t dream

But of course, keeping everything true to the original takes its toll. the difficulty of Alex Kidd it’s still extreme. Not so much if you have skill and custom or experience in the original game, but still well above the average for other games. And we know that’s not how games are released these days…

As much as we have room for difficult games, like Dark Souls, they have their audience. With Alex Kidd the thing is different, for having a different approach. It might be necessary to rethink some designs and facilities for players in this remake.

Don't be afraid to use infinite lives in Alex Kidd in Miracle World DX (Image: Press Release/Merge Games)

Don’t be afraid to use infinite lives in Alex Kidd in Miracle World DX (Image: Press Release/Merge Games)

Fortunately, the DX version of Alex Kidd in Miracle World has something: the option to turn infinite lives on or off. With them turned on, no one goes back to the beginning of the phase when they die twice – just to where they were. And honestly? Don’t be shy about activating the infinite lives function, it should be something automatic and standard in this version, even.

Worth it?

Alex Kidd in Miracle World DX it’s a nice remake, just right and with content in its place. The difficulty will scare, for sure, but the game looks good on everything else, including the drawn graphics and the remade soundtrack. It’s a game that can be bought at friendlier prices on the platforms – ranging between R$60 and R$100 – so it’s definitely worth the investment for the most homesick and nostalgic players.

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