Wonder Woman turns 80; learn more about the DC character

Created during World War II and adopted as a pop culture icon, Wonder Woman, a DC superhero, turns 80 with a “little body of 20” and a lot of stories to tell. The Amazon, who appeared in comics, has participated in films and series and has been immortalized in the most diverse items, such as dolls, jewelry and in the collective imagination.

October 21, 1941 was the first for Wonder Woman in DC Comics. The character debuted in the magazine All Star Comics #8, with the story Introducing Wonder Woman. Since then, Princess Diana of Themyscira – an island paradise –, known for the civil identity of Diana Prince, has never lost her place in DC stories and in the hearts of fans.

Rooted in Greek mythology, Wonder Woman has had her story changed a few times. In the latest version, she is the biological daughter of Zeus and Hippolyta and is a true “porr woman*”: her physique doesn’t deny her Amazon origin; Diana is a strong warrior with superhuman gifts who fights for peace in a predominantly male world.

Wonder Woman’s Powers

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Wonder Woman is one of the founding members of the Justice League and doesn’t lag behind her male counterparts: she has super strength, super speed, sharp reflexes and unusual stamina. As if that wasn’t enough, heroin still flies.

In addition to all these credentials, Diana is still super-intelligent — Athena, Goddess of Wisdom, has given her above-normal intelligence and the power of strategy. Oh, and she still has the beauty of the goddess Aphrodite. Little thing, is it?

The Amazon is also able to communicate with animals and has great empathy, which makes her a good diplomat. But when diplomacy ends, she has other resources to fall back on: her noose of truth, a weapon that forces captives to open their mouths, and her submission bracelets, which were made from the remnants of Zeus’ shield, are super strong and protect it. Even his beautiful royal tiara has powers: it serves as a boomerang and is capable of harming even Kryptonianians.

Wonder Woman’s Mission

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Diana represents the possibility and potential of a life without war, hatred or violence, as described on the DC Comics website. For them, heroin is a beacon of hope for all who are in need. Its purpose is to protect the world from injustice in all its forms.

But Wonder Woman’s job is far from easy: she lives torn between her mission to promote peace and the need to fight the Earth’s widespread violence. Diana struggles to walk the line, torn between her warrior strength and her endless compassion.

Wonder Woman beyond comics

Actress and model Lynda Carter, who played Diana in the TV series.Actress and model Lynda Carter, who played Diana in the TV series.Source: CBS/Disclosure.

After an unsuccessful attempt to bring heroin to TV in 1974, ABC produced a film in November 1975 entitled The New Original Wonder Woman, starring Lynda Carter, a former Miss World with little acting experience.

The film was a hit and yielded two more episodes in April 1976 and 11 more episodes in a series that aired on the network weekly between 1976 and 1977, the year CBS took over the show and produced it for two more seasons.

In 2016, Warner Bros. Pictures brought DC Comics characters to the movies in the film Batman vs Superman: The Origin of Justice. The work was the first cinematic appearance of some of the comic book giant’s heroes, including Wonder Woman. Due to the character’s success, the heroine won her own movie the following year. In 2019, she returned to the big screen in Justice League.

The heroine’s last movie was Wonder Woman 1984, launched in 2020 on the HBO Max service. Wonder Woman 3 is in progress and a spin-off about the Amazons is in production, but there is still no confirmation if it will be a movie or a series. According to international press, the heroine is likely to soon win an animated series based on her films at the DC Universe.

Wonder Woman and Feminism

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Considered a feminist by many, her “biographer”, writer and historian Jill Lepore said in an interview with the magazine Cult, that Wonder Woman is a feminist but has a complicated relationship with the cause. in your book The Secret Story of Wonder Woman, Jill tackles the heroine’s ambiguities.

According to the writer, Diana “is sexualized but powerful; fragile and at the same time strong; raised by a man but undeniably a feminist.” The character was conceived by polygamous psychologist William Moulton Marson, who was inspired by his three wives – among them, the feminist Margaret Sanger, who was a nurse, sexologist, writer and birth control activist.

In 2016, Wonder Woman was named Women’s Ambassador to the UN, but lost her seat after criticism that the vacancy should be for a real woman. The following year, the movie Wonder Woman, despite being well received, was criticized by feminists for bringing actress Gal Gadot in excessively low-cut looks.

In the interview with Cult, Jill recalled that although Diana graduates from university early in her saga, what drives her away from her home island is her interest in one man: Steve Trevor, a pilot in the British army.

The historian said, however, that, in many ways, the creation of Wonder Woman was very important for women and especially for feminists. Diana was the first to show that women can be super-powerful too.

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