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The week didn’t end very well for the Ministry of Health. After a hacker attack, the ConnectSUS went off the air and remains unavailable this Monday (13), preventing access to the COVID-19 vaccine certificate by the platform. But the folder offered a solution to obtain the document without depending on the service: the issuance of a duplicate of the National Vaccination Card at health centers.

Connect SUS (Image: Gabrielle Lancellotti/Tecnoblog)
Connect SUS (Image: Gabrielle Lancellotti/Tecnoblog)

The guidance aims to alleviate the impacts of the unavailability of ConnectSUS. On Friday (10), the Ministry of Health suffered an attack that brought down the websites of the folder and prevented access to the vaccination certificate against COVID-19 by ConnectSUS. Due to the incident, the ministry suggested the use of the physical vaccination card.

The guidance comes from the Gov.br portal. In the case of those in Brazil, the ministry recommends looking for the vaccination post where the first or second dose of the vaccine against COVID-19 was applied. Then, all you have to do is ask for a second copy of the National Vaccination Card, which is valid throughout the national territory.

There is also the possibility of issuing the document digitally in some states and municipalities. Check out the list:

The Municipal Health Secretary of Rio de Janeiro also gave guidance this Friday (10). According to Daniel Soranz via Twitter, it is possible to access the vaccine booklet through the system of the Municipality of Rio de Janeiro, Minha Saúde: smsrio.org. “We have backup copies with information on vaccines applied in Rio,” he said.

The ministry also gave guidance to the Brazilians who are scheduled to travel abroad in the coming days. Check out the full explanation:

“The Ministry of Health is working on all fronts so that all Brazilians can travel safely. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs will send a notice to the countries that will receive flights from Brazil informing about the temporary unavailability of the National Vaccination Certificate COVID-19 in digital format and that the National Vaccination Card in physical format may be one of the documents used to prove immunization.”

Ministry of Health website hacked (image: Twitter/Jeff Nascimento)
Ministry of Health website hacked (image: Twitter/Jeff Nascimento)

ConnectSUS should be reinstated this week

After the attack this Friday (10), ConnectSUS remains unavailable this Monday afternoon (13). But, according to the Minister of Health, Marcelo Queiroga, the return of the platform could happen soon: until Tuesday (14).

The estimate was given by the minister to TV Globo. During the Brazilian Congress of Urology, held this Sunday (12) in Brasília (DF), Marcelo Queiroga responded to a question made by the station about the instability of the platform: “I believe that until Tuesday, right?”, he said. “At least that’s our expectation.”

The minister’s speech took place after the announcement of the recovery of information. “The Ministry of Health informs that the process for recovering the records of Brazilians vaccinated against Covid-19 has been completed, without loss of information”, they told the Poder360. “All data was successfully retrieved.”

The folder even informed the portal that it is working to reset the systems.

ConnectSUS did not present vaccination records this Friday (10) (Image: Reproduction/Technoblog)
ConnectSUS did not present vaccination records this Friday (10) (Image: Reproduction/Technoblog)

Ministry of Health targeted by hackers; understand the case

The Ministry of Health suffered a hacker attack in the early hours of Friday (10). Around 1:00 am, the folder’s sites started to display a warning that the “internal system data was copied and deleted” in a note signed by the group Lapsus$ Group. The page also claimed that the ministry had suffered a ransomware attack.

Consequently, the ConnectSUS app has been down since then. In this case, the application even displays some information, such as the National Health Card (SUS Card). Data on the application of vaccines, however, disappeared from the platform, as noted by the Techblog in a test taken on the day of the incident.

The folder confirmed the attack on the same day and stated that the Federal Police (PF) and the Institutional Security Office (GSI) would investigate the incident. Later, minister Marcelo Queiroga assured that the Ministry of Health had a data backup. Also on Friday (10), the PF also stated that the data in the folder was not encrypted by hackers, alleviating the suspicion of ransomware.

With information: G1, Daniel Soranz (Twitter), Ministry of Health and Power360 (1 and 2)

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