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the Wirecard criminal case culminates in the admission of the new leadership that the Philippine 1.9 billion euros do not exist with “predominant probability”. The Aschheim-based company, which is a member of the Dax, had to withdraw business figures for 2019, the first quarter of 2020 and its forecasts. This is “Schtonk!” pure, a fake story like in the feature film about art counterfeiters “Professor Dr. Knobel ”, which was based on the fake Hitler diaries of the“ Stern ”. The Munich prosecutors are now examining “all possible criminal offenses” at Wirecard. It won’t stop at checking because at least a quarter of the total assets were hot air.

Questions like this immediately arise from a reading employee. Who examined the doctor’s miraculous triumphal arches Markus Braun? First an alarming special test KPMG has the accountants of EY apparently made sight. Who would rather leave the “Financial Times” in the rain than consistently investigate their allegations of dubious third-party business?

Today, Bafin overseer Felix Hufeld speaks of “shame” in the Büßer manner. Where were the rating agencies when you needed them? Moody’s Wirecard may not even guarantee junk level anymore. What made banks and fund companies tip the money on Braun’s shovels? The fear of one digital wonder to miss. Every side a defeat. So many reports, so many questions, so many complaints.

The China question polarizes economy and world politics. In Brussels the video summit ended between the tops of the European Union and the People’s Republic without joint declarations, let alone an “Agenda 2025”, but only with Admonitions (Hong Kong!) And a lot, a lot of distance. The one planned at the end of the year Investment protection agreement is not even a dream thing anymore.

In this atmosphere of distrust, the Chinese flagship company Huawei forgets its previously cultivated distance to Beijing, as we show in a great story. When asked about the aggressive US sanctions policy, Chairman said Eric Xuthe Chinese government will not simply watch “how Huawei is slaughtered”. A Economic war provides victims who become perpetrators.

Wirecard: Questions of a reading employee immediately arise in this type of process. Who tested Doctor Markus Braun’s miraculous triumphal arches?

Instead of the big corona liberalizer, NRW prime minister Armin Laschet (CDU) in the district Gutersloh play a bit more Söder role – which is obviously difficult for him. The test on around 7,000 employees of the European slaughterhouse market leader Tönnies from Rheda-Wiedenbrück changed everything: 1553 are tested positive until Monday evening, the virus is spreading. Schools and day-care centers are already closed again, the Tönnies agency workers from Eastern Europe are in quarantine, further measures will follow. District Administrator Sven-Georg Adenauer says about Gütersloh, the home of Miele and Bertelsmann, “it smells a bit of lockdown”. It should never smell exactly like that in the country of the CDU chief applicant Laschet.

More rationality, more discipline when it comes to player donations, European solutions – that’s the way it is Karl-Heinz Rummenigge make football crisis-proof in the future. In a long conversation with me at the record master’s headquarters FC Bayern Munich the CEO showed himself thoughtful: football was “with this ever-higher-ever-ever-ever-faster” for player transfers and Player salaries “Shot a fair bit past the goal”.

In any case, his club will handle it more “cautiously” in the summer and only position the squad a little wider. Rummenigge is not bothered by the fact that the new TV contract (2021/22 to 2025/26) of the German Football League with 4.4 billion euros brings in around five percent less than before: “A first-class result in these difficult times.”

How do companies go with that Climate change around? That is what it is about “Update Sustainability 2020” as part of the Handelsblatt Digital Stage this Thursday. The editor-in-chief lights up at 5:30 p.m. Sven Afhüppe with a group of experts current developments – live, digital, compact. This is how HVB board spokesman explains Michael Diederich the role of banks in the climate change, Frosta boss Felix Ahlers lectures on sustainability as a business model and Audi board member Hildegard Wortmann reveals how she intends to trim the car manufacturer towards carbon neutrality by 2050. Would you like to be there and ask questions? Here you can sign up.

Instead of the big corona liberalizer, NRW Prime Minister Armin Laschet (CDU) in the Gütersloh district has to play a bit more Söder role – which is obviously difficult for him

And then there is Joe Biden, formerly Vice President of the United States, is now a presidential candidate. The Democrat confirmed in a letter to the White House that he would be on September 29, October 15 and October 22 three TV duels with counsel Donald Trump is ready.

The message: everything as always. Biden’s campaign manager said it was hoped that the president would not break this tradition or find excuses for refusing. The Trump camp, in turn, proposed four dates, but earlier – so that voters had more time to decide. The Choice of weapons is obviously as important as the choice itself.

I wish you a productive day with good encounters. We are still waiting for explanations as to why Minister of the Interior Horst Seehofer surprisingly canceled the presentation of the constitutional protection report.

Greetings to you warmly

Hans-Jürgen Jakobs
Senior editor

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