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A recent update released to Windows 11 testers introduced a new resource that should help reduce carbon emissions linked to the power consumption of your computer. Among other things, the update includes new animations for the Start menu and for touchscreen gestures. The look of the “Open With” window has also been given a look in line with the operating system’s default.

Windows 11 (Image: Disclosure / Microsoft)

Windows 11 Insider Build 22567 was added to the Dev Channel last Wednesday (2), releasing the new version of the operating system for testers. In a post, Microsoft highlighted the implementation of a new feature for Windows Update that seeks to reduce the use of non-renewable energy sources.

Windows Update will prioritize renewable energy use

In the new version, Windows will attempt to schedule update installations at specific times of day which may result in lower carbon emissions. Previously, Windows Update dynamic scheduling tried to update the operating system at times when you are probably not using your computer.

“Most electrical grids are powered by multiple sources, including renewables and fossil fuels. Whenever possible, Windows 11 will now prioritize installing updates in the background at times when greater amounts of clean energy sources (such as wind, solar and hydro) are available.”

Microsoft in a Windows Insider blog post

Even so, users will always have the freedom to manually install updates available at any time in the Windows Update window of the Settings menu. In addition, the new feature will only be activated when the computer is connected to the power source and if there is regional data of the electrical network available from electricMap or WattTime, partners of Microsoft.

If the activation conditions are met, users will see the following text on the Windows Update settings page:

“Windows Update is committed to helping reduce carbon emissions” (Image: Handout/Microsoft)

Other news in the new version of Windows 11

In addition to the environmental feature, Microsoft also brought more news in Windows Insider Build 22567. The new version includes a new look for the window that appears when selecting the option “Open with”.

Old “Open With” window on the left, new on the right (Image: Disclosure / Microsoft)

The old window had a beaten design, which still refers to Windows 8. To align its appearance with the visual standard present in Windows 11, Microsoft reworked the window.

were also implemented new animations for touchscreens. “We’re updating multi-finger touch gestures to include responsive and delightful animations that follow your finger,” Microsoft said.

New animation when using three fingers to minimize or bring back all windows (Image: Disclosure / Microsoft)
New animation when using three fingers to minimize or bring back all windows (Image: Disclosure / Microsoft)

The Start menu also received a minor update.. Now, when moving one application icon over another, there will be a small animation to indicate that the action will result in the creation of a new folder.

Another novelty highlighted in the new version of Windows 11 is the so-called Smart App Control, or SAC. Its about a security feature that provides “enhanced protection against untrusted applications”. Thus, suspicious or “potentially dangerous” programs will be automatically blocked.

Smart App Control, a new security feature in Windows (Image: Disclosure / Microsoft)
Smart App Control, a new security feature in Windows (Image: Disclosure / Microsoft)

Currently, Smart App Control will only be enabled on clean installs of the new Insider version. Also, Microsoft still doesn’t know if the security tool will “disrupt too much” your experience. Therefore, the SAC will be automatically turned off if Windows understands that the feature is being activated frequently and consequently bothering the user.

With information: Microsoft

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