Windows 11 is out, the Switch Pro processor is revealed, the week’s recap

The MOT for motorcycles will probably become mandatory in 2023, Squeezie was banned from YouTube before finding his channel, we know the processor of the Switch Pro, this is the recap of the week!

Unfortunately for some, the rules apply to everyone. Squeezie experiences this by losing control of his YouTube channel for a few days after using a violent video. Bikers will also have to comply with government measures, which will impose technical control on them in 2023. Side leak, we were also rather served, between the processor of the Switch Pro which is revealed and the screen size of the Galaxy S22 which is area. Finally, good news: users of older versions of Windows will be able to migrate to Windows 11 for free.

The technical control for motorbikes is for 2023

The soap opera has been going on for several months. After a first date announced for July 1, 2022, then a postponement due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the Directorate General of Energy and Climate (DGEC) has acted the obligation of technical control for two-wheelers. Until the decree is validated by the Council of State, its entry into force should take place in 2023. It should cost around € 50 and will take place in three stages: a visual check of the brakes, tires and lights, a sound check then a pollution check. The FFMC strongly opposes this measure, arguing that every rider already controls their vehicle on their own.

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Do you have Windows 10? You will have Windows 11

With the official launch of Windows 11 scheduled for June 24th, the question of migration arises for many users. A preview is also already leaking on the Web. And Microsoft arrives with good news. At least it’s utility Product Key Configuration Reader who released the information. The latter teaches us that all users, ranging from Windows 7 to Windows 10, will be able to install the big update for free using their registration key. Only PCs running Windows 8 must first switch to 8.1 before proceeding with the migration.

Windows 11 Desktop Start Menu

YouTube punishes Squeezie for 2018 video

The most popular French Youtuber released by its own platform, here is an announcement that has surprised many. The streaming service has indeed sanctioned Squeezie in preventing it from uploading any video for 7 days. At issue, a video from 2018 which, according to Lucas Hauchard, contains an excerpt from a work to which he does not have the rights. It turns out that the reason is at the level from a violent video, taken from a subreddit to which the videographer reacted. The ban therefore only lasted a few days before YouTube let the influencer with 15 million subscribers regain control of his channel.

Credits: Capture YouTube

The Switch Pro processor leaked

In order to display the 4K promised by the many leaks, the Switch Pro must have a fairly powerful processor. No leaker has so far ventured into naming. According to kopite7kimi, Nintendo’s next console would be equipped with a SoC T239. If that doesn’t ring a bell, note that the Tegra X1, which powers the standard Switch, is also named T210 and T214. The T239 will embed Nvidia’s DLSS technology, which will allow it toupscale 1080p games to 4K once the machine is plugged into its dock.

Nintendo Switch Animal Crossing
Credit: Manny Moreno / Unsplash

We know the screen size of the Galaxy S22

A new leak tells us a little more about the next Galaxy S22. The source is interested this time in the screen of smartphones, which would thus be slightly smaller than that of Galaxy S21. The standard Galaxy S22 would have a screen between 6.06 and 6.1 inches, while the S22 + model would have a screen between 6.55 and 6.81 inches and the Ultra of a screen 6.8 inch. Only the latter will adopt the same size as its predecessor, the other two versions will drop on average by one inch. More information will come before January 2022.

galaxy s21 performance test 1

Our tests of the week

The OnePlus Nord CE 5G, the Realme GT 5G and the Xiaomi Mi 11i, this is the program of the week. The first of them is a very good mid-range driven by its successful design, good battery life and above all OxygenOS. It is however heavily weighed down by its audio and photo parts, completely missed. It is sold at € 329. More expensive, since it costs € 449, Realme’s 5G GT remains on a whole different scale. At this price, we are entitled to an extremely fast recharge and a perfectly managed SoC for a very good gaming experience. Only regrets, its autonomy and performance leave much to be desired when games drag on. Finally, the Mi 11i has the advantage of being cheaper than its range neighbors: € 699. Its battery life is decent and its screen is fine, but the processor gets too hot and the preinstalled apps spoil the experience.

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