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THE Microsoft released the integration of Microsoft Teams like Windows 11. This Tuesday (20), the company began making some features available to the operating system preview, such as a new chat button on the taskbar. The software will even have native notifications with options for answering messages and answering calls.

Windows 11 chat button (Image: Playback/Microsoft)

The integration was revealed during the official Windows 11 announcement, but it didn’t appear in the first system preview released in June. About a month later, some of the news showed up in the trial version of the software. This is the case of the chat button on the taskbar, which will come to replace Skype Meet Now in Windows 10.

The new feature features both the most recent contacts and group conversations. From the panel, which appears by pressing the option on the taskbar or using the keyboard shortcut “Win ​​+ C”, it will be possible to start conversations or voice and video calls through the platform. There is also a button that will take the user to the Microsoft Teams app.

Microsoft Teams will still have a new design to suit the successor to Windows 10. With the update, users will have access to other functions, such as reactions with emojis in calls. The platform will also feature polls and assignment of tasks directly via chat, integration with calendar and other news.

Microsoft Teams on Windows 11 (Image: Playback/Microsoft)

Microsoft Teams on Windows 11 (Image: Playback/Microsoft)

Windows 11: Teams notifications have improvements

Tool notifications also received improvements. In addition to the button to answer calls, the alert will also provide a text box to answer messages without having to open the app. “Notifications will respect the Windows 11 focus assistant settings, putting you in control,” they said.

The platform will also allow the inclusion of contacts by email address or telephone number. In addition, the user will still be able to synchronize Outlook and Skype contacts with Microsoft Teams. The mobile phonebook can also be used if the application is installed on the mobile device.

But not all new features can be used at the moment. According to Microsoft, for now, the features are only available in US English. In addition, you must have internet access to use them, as offline support is not yet present. The other functions will arrive in the system previews soon.

“In this first stage, you will be able to login, add contacts and connect through individual and group chats,” they explained. “In the coming weeks, we will enable audio and video calling, meetings, screen sharing and other features.” Roles will gradually come to Windows Insider members.

Microsoft Teams Notification on Windows 11 (Image: Replay/Microsoft)

Microsoft Teams Notification on Windows 11 (Image: Replay/Microsoft)

Windows 11 is announced with new Start menu and more

Microsoft made Windows 11 official in late June. In addition to design changes for the next-generation operating system, which includes windows with rounded corners and a new Start menu, the company will also introduce improvements to the context menu to make it more intuitive. The Microsoft Store also has a new look.

The other improvements are the dynamic update rate. The feature, which automatically adjusts the screen refresh rate of computers running the Microsoft system, tends to reduce the battery consumption of notebooks. The Windows 10 successor will also give you an estimate of the time needed to install updates.

The new version of the operating system will come to Windows 10 users as a free upgrade. According to Microsoft, the release will take place gradually at the end of the year and could go on until 2022. Find out if your computer can run Windows 11.

With information: Microsoft and ZDNet

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