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Microsoft has released yet another feature for users with a PC running Windows 10 and a Samsung Galaxy smartphone. As of now, the Your Phone application also allows a call to be directed from the cell phone to the computer, with the conversation continuing there.

Your Phone Application (Image: publicity / Microsoft)

Gradually Windows 10 has been approaching Android, creating an ecosystem experience that recalls the functions and interactions existing between iPhone and Macs. This scenario is still in its infancy and, at least for now, it is almost exclusive for those who have a smartphone manufactured by Samsung, from a list that is also growing – it involves even simpler intermediate models.

The most recent novelty is the forwarding of calls answered or initiated on the cell phone. Thus, the user will be able to use the PC’s microphone and speakers, or a headphone connected to the computer, to continue the conversation without the need to hold the smartphone in his hands.

Even with the routing of calls being released to users, it will still arrive gradually and there may be some geographical limitation, or even hardware. This is what the website SamMobile noted, which failed to make the feature work on a Galaxy Note 10, connected via Bluetooth with an adapter on the Windows 10 PC and the Your Phone app properly updated on both sides.

Windows 10 accesses more photos from the phone

Another novelty, released by Microsoft within the Seu Seu app on the Play Store, is the greater number of photos that can be opened without the need to download these files to the Windows 10 computer. Before, only the first 25 images were listed, now this number jumped to 2,000 photos.

Call forwarding, as well as other features recently launched by Microsoft for the Windows Phone Your Phone app, only works with Samsung smartphones and this happens thanks to the cooperation contract between the two giants.

Recent functions that are already present in this interaction involve opening apps within Windows 10 itself, with an interface that closely resembles that used by the software giant’s operating system. Here the idea is to leave the smartphone aside, but still access WhatsApp, Instagram or any application available on the phone.

The user can even open two or more applications at the same time, switching between them with the system’s Alt + Tab. Players can take advantage of this sharing, as some titles allow you to control the character’s movements with keyboard and mouse – a very unfair advantage with other players, but it is possible.

The list of devices compatible with all the features includes at least the last three generations of the Galaxy S, Galaxy Note, all foldable smartphones launched by the Korean company, along with several models of the Galaxy A lines. In the middlemen you can have from a simple Galaxy A30, 30S, Galaxy A50, 50S and 51, going even the most expensive, as is the case of Galaxy A80. The complete list of compatible devices (in English), is here.

To make the connection between the Windows 10 PC and the Galaxy smartphone work, it is necessary to have Windows 10 updated and the Your Phone application installed on the computer, as well as on the cell phone.

Users who do not own a Samsung device can also use the connection, but limited to few features such as replying to messages, receiving notifications on the computer and sharing files, as well as mirroring the screen.

With information: Android Police and SamMobile.

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