Wild Rift: Patch 3.1 Has New Champions, Elemental Dragons, and More

Riot Games released yesterday (23) the 3.1 update of League of Legends: Wild Rift with several news. Among the highlights, the patch brings new champions, dragons, spells and changes to gold.

The first of the new characters is Karma the Shining. According to the description, she is “the living incarnation of an ancient soul reincarnated countless times, carrying all of its accumulated memories in each new life and blessed with a power few can comprehend.”

The other champion is Shen, the Eye of Twilight. The ninja possesses arcane sword and energy and “yearns to remain free from the confusion of emotions, prejudice and ego, and treads the invisible path of impartial judgment between the spiritual realm and the physical world.”

Rift Elemental

The elements are also coming to Wild Rift, and with them the elemental dragons. The trio, consisting of the Inferno Dragon, Ocean Dragon and Mountain Dragon, will change the dynamics of the map.

Riot Games explained that they left Cloud Dragon out because in testing the enemy offered a hidden power that made it less interesting for teams. In addition, it was promised that new elemental features will come to the mobile game based on fan feedback.

Check out, below, the elemental characteristics of each dragon, rifts and souls:


  • Rift: Creates new jungle terrain, as well as defensive walls in front of the dragon’s lair;
  • Dragon: Increases Armor and Magic Resistance;
  • Soul: Grants a Shield after taking no damage for a while.


  • Rift: Burns bushes and clears paths for blue and red effects;
  • Dragon: Grants additional Attack Damage and Ability Power to the player’s team;
  • Soul: Creates explosions around abilities and attacks, dealing bonus Adaptive Damage in a circle around the target.


  • Rift: Generates more bushes around the map and some extra Frutomel;
  • Dragon: Restores Health over time;
  • Soul: Restores more Health when dealing damage to enemies.

Summoner’s Spells

Another important change in Wild Rift will be performed on Summoner Spells, which have been updated. Check out the buffs and nerfs of the spells below:


  • Movement Speed ​​Reduction: Fixed 20% → 60% reduction that decays over duration;
  • Recharge Time: 105s → 100s.


  • [NOVO] Effects are increased by 100% on the most injured friendly champion nearby;
  • Heals on allies: 120 – 484; Movement Speed ​​on allies: 40%;
  • Base heal: 80 – 360 → 60 – 242 (60+20/level → 37+13/level);
  • Base Movement Speed: 30%→ 20%;
  • Recharge Time: 120s → 130s.


  • Base damage: 60 – 410 → 72 – 380 (35 + 25 per level → 50 + 22 per level);
  • Recharge Time: 90s → 100s.


  • Increases damage to monsters by 10% → Only increases skill damage;
  • 25% less gold and EXP for 5 minutes of troop killing → 25% less gold and EXP for 6 minutes of troop killing.

gold updates

The gold rewards from towers have been updated with the aim, according to Riot Games, to “reduce the snowball effect of events the team hasn’t even participated in.”

By destruction of the Tower

local gold

  • Awarded to whoever destroyed the tower;
  • Exterior: 150 → 175;
  • Interior: 125 → 150;
  • Inhibitor: 150 → 175.

global gold

  • Awarded to each team member;
  • Exterior: 100 → 75;
  • Interior: 100 → 75;
  • Inhibitor: 100 → 75.

And you, what do you think of the new patch Wild Rift? Are you looking forward to receiving the new patch? Leave your opinion in the comment section below!

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