Why Point Break is everywhere in pop culture

The film with Keanu Reeves and Patrick Swayze returns this Sunday on France 2.

Update May 10, 2020: Double dose of Patrick Swayze, this weekend, with the programming of Dirty Dancing at 9 p.m. on TF1, then from Point break at 11.15 p.m. on France 2. When the remake comes out, First had met his successor, Edgar Ramirez, to discuss his status as a cult film. Flashback.

Article of February 3, 2016: Twenty-five years after the release of Point break, we are celebrating the release of… Point break. The first official remake of Kathryn Bigelow’s hit, which crowns a quarter of a century of pomp and tribute. Back on the phenomenon with Edgar Ramirez, Patrick Swayze of modern times.

1991. Surf + zeitgeist = generational hit

A cop infiltrates a gang of robber-surfers. Underestimated when it came out, Point break has become a classic. “It’s a timeless story“, theorizes Edgar Ramirez, who takes on the role of Bodhi in the remake. “It’s a film with several levels of reading: a charge against the system, a spiritual tale, a superb story of friendship and an extreme sports film“. A mix of genres that had no reason to work on screen. And yet …


1991 (bis). The “birth” of Kathryn Bigelow

The year of the release of Point break, Kathryn Bigelow divorce from James Cameron. The successful filmmaker is one of the few women to have picked up the door to US studios. She will however spend the 2000s like Pat Swayze and Keanu Reeves: at the bottom of the wave. Today, after his two Oscars for Minesweepers and the carton of Zero Dark Thirty, she returned to the top.

Edgar Ramirez: “Fast and Furious was the first Point Break remake”

1994. Drop Zone, Point Break among paratroopers

Thugs who shoot themselves with extreme sensations, a cop who infiltrates them to make them shut up better… Drop Zone of John Badham with Wesley Snipes absolutely stung everything Point Break, however, forgetting to embed the talent during the breakage. But beyond this sympathetic nanar, it’s a part of the industry that has never recovered from Kathryn Bigelow’s film. Velocity Terminal, Cutaway, whole sequences of GTA IV… The adventures of Bodhi and Johnny Utah defined an era and invented a sub-genre (the film of free fall or extreme deflection) and a continent of pop culture.


2001. Fast and Furious, the unofficial remake

“Fast and Furious is a remake of Point Break, “says Edgar Ramirez.”Instead of being surfers, they run illegal car races! That’s why Fast and Furious is such a good franchise. We call our remake Point break because we have Bodhi and Johnny Utah, but the structure is the same as in Fast. In both cases, these are guys outside the system who are fighting against the established order. There are a thousand ways to reinterpret Point break“.

2005. Brice de Nice’s tribute

Everything is in Point break, all. A guy, when he sees this film, he becomes bilingual in surf “. As a hardcore fan of Point break and Bodhi, Jean Surjardin’s winning surfer awaits the ultimate wave. Before him, The City of Fear revisited the scene of the magazine emptied to the sky with many prouts. In 2007, Edgar Wright did us the same without the flatulence in the awesome Hot fuzz. And hard not to see a tribute to the gang of presidents in the scene of the robbery of The Dark Knight Rises. Point break is everywhere.

2016. The remake boosted by strong sensations

A testosterone replay of Kathryn Bigelow’s film focuses on extreme sports, action and a flood of shock scenes. “The world was different twenty-five years ago, but the need to protect the human spirit from the threats of materialism and capitalism remains the same“, Ramirez advances.”It’s about going further, responding, destroying those forces that oppress us. Bodhi and his group are more pragmatic. They are fighters“.

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