Why does Reverse Flash hate the hero?

Throughout his trajectory, Barry Allen has been collecting various enemies while fighting various threats like Flash. Among these names we can mention as examples Cicada, Savitar, Zoom and the Reverse Flash – and it is exactly about the latter (and his hatred for the hero) that we will speak.

Why does Reverse Flash hate the hero?

Before talking about the villain’s hatred for the hero, it is good to make a little history about his life. The real name of the Reverse Flash is Eobard Thawne, a young inhabitant of the 25th century who was displaced from his time and lost his parents in an accident, being alone in the world since he was an only child. As a refuge, he started watching several old videos of Central City’s greatest hero.

(Source: Aficionados / Reproduction)(Source: Aficionados / Reproduction)Source: Aficionados

As a result, the desire to gain powers equal to that of the Scarlet Sprinter began to grow, something that increased even more after he found a 21st century time capsule in the uniform used by Flash, helping him to collect traces of the Acceleration Force.

With his powers in hand, he realized that the 25th century was not the friendliest place for heroes (since few interesting things happened to disturb the order), so he started to create some opportunities to use his powers and prove his worth – although, for that, some people ended up getting really hurt in the process.

Crossed ways

Barry Allen ended up showing up on Thawne’s path using his time travel mat to reach the 25th century. When he discovered the truth behind his fan’s actions, he taught him a lesson and convinced him to go to jail.

After his period of seclusion, Thawne went on to work as a curator at the Flash Museum and began to imagine a way to do something to make his hero proud of his achievements, creating the yellow uniform and finding a way to travel through the 21st century. .

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However, he had a very different reaction when he saw how Allen treated Wally West (in the same way as when they met in the 25th century), and from that moment on his motto became to make his former idol suffer as much as he did – after all , thought that Flash would be his friend, but that was not exactly what ended up happening, giving rise to one of the biggest enemies of the red robed corridor.

Reverse Flash in the series

* Spoilers warning about the series after the photo

As Reverse Flash is an important villain in the comic book arc, it was to be expected that he would show up in the universe of the series The Flash created by the CW – and it was certainly her cause that many had the first opportunity to contact antagonist.

(Source: CW / Disclosure)(Source: CW / Disclosure)Source: CW

Flash Reverso appeared in the first season of the series and ended up showing how much he could torment young Barry Allen while he was still discovering the extent of his powers. The ninth episode, entitled “The Man in the Yellow Suit” (“The Man in the Yellow Suit”) was crucial to reveal that, in fact, he was disguised as Dr. Wells, the person responsible for the experiment that generated the Acceleration Force.

It is also this season that we see a flashback showing that the villain was responsible for the death of Flash’s mother, which happened accidentally while he was trying to eliminate the hero. After many twists and turns, Thawne ends up eliminated in the way he least expected: Eddie Thawne, a cop who discovered to be one of the sprinter’s ancestors in yellow robes (and who had a relationship with Iris West), takes his own life, altering future events and erasing the antagonist of the timeline.

However, that threat was far from over, as the future traveler appeared again in season five and also season six to torment Barry some more.

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