While sewing the mask, watch the HDZ members make fun of you

MASKS should be sewn and worn on public transport, even though they are useless; sanctions are not prescribed for those without masks, although they will be punished; it is necessary to prevent the arrival of citizens of some countries as a precaution, but it is perfectly fine to walk around the country if you have hung out with an infected person like Andrej Plenković did.

Let them sew masks!

We composed the first paragraph from the confused thoughts and decisions of the leading people of the health regime of the Republic of Croatia.

The following are examples.

Maja Grba Bujević, head of the Crisis Staff of the Ministry of Health, decisively ruled out the possibility that masks are not available to some citizens: “No one can tell me that they cannot sew a mask. They do not have to be surgical,” said Grba Bujević. Four months ago, she said masks “concretely and clearly” do not protect against coronavirus. “Those who have symptoms of any respiratory infection would really do well to wear masks to keep the virus from spreading further. These are all those who have the flu or coronavirus. But all those who have no symptoms don’t have to buy masks and wear them. They won’t let us. a mask to protect against the entry of the virus “, explained Grba Bujević in the second month of this year.

Safety and responsibility

Markotic now announces the sanctioning of the irresponsible, because “as soon as something is a provision, certain penalties will have to be applied. It is easier to take, sew a mask or buy a mask for 5, 10, 20 kuna than to pay a fine of 500 or 1000 kuna. It is safer to be responsible.” , noted Markotić, who also said in February that there was no need to wear masks in Croatia because of the coronavirus.

In the chaos that the health regime of the Republic of Croatia is currently broadcasting, the rule can be observed. Every time more serious problems arise, responsibility shifts to lower levels. We remember how the Minister of Health Vili Beroš, the current holder of the HDZ list in the tenth constituency, readily detected phantom Dalmatian cafes with tinted windows as a source of threats to our health, but in the case of the Split Home for the Elderly and the Infirm he quickly shifted the blame. on the virus. Today, however, citizens must have a mask, they must wear a mask, they must sew a mask if they cannot buy it, they must know how to sew a mask, so that irresponsibility is not sewn to them. Unless they are a citizen of Andrej Plenković, in that case they are allowed to socialize with the infected and then circulate freely on the ground, stay outdoors and indoors without a mask and talk relentlessly.

Violent future

At the same time, the police services of the health regime of the Republic of Croatia, with the force of the strongest in the street, prescribed a stricter entry regime for people from BiH, Serbia, Kosovo and Northern Macedonia, regardless of the fact that at this time there is a state with the same picture. However, the health regime of the Republic of Croatia knows who it can harass and who it is not wise to play with.

It has long been meaningless to write that Croatia is not a state of equal citizens. Who has not understood this or has a reason or no opportunity to understand the basic and simple facts. It is nothing new, nor solvable in the foreseeable future. However, while you are sewing a mask or while you are being held in two-week isolation just because you have been in one of the countries that the health regime of the Republic of Croatia has declared contagious, look at citizen Plenković. And don’t envy him at large for making fun of you, directly or through co-workers. Envy is bad. Just think about whether and how you gave him that freedom.

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