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Are you looking for a connected scale to replace your traditional device? You have come to the right place, dear readers. In this buying guide, we have selected the best models on the current market for you. Follow the guide.

Our selection of the best connected scales

To monitor weight as part of a diet or strength training program, many users opt for a connected scale. Via a mobile application, the scale allows you to keep an eye on your BMI (Body Mass Index) and monitor your progress. Obviously, each device has its strengths and weaknesses. To help you make the best possible choice in the face of a growing market, we have compiled the best solutions on the market for you. At the end of the article, we also invite you to answer your main questions on the subject of connected scales.

Xiaomi Mi Body Composition Scale

We attack this buying guide with a sure bet: the Xiaomi Mi Body Composition scale. Xiaomi’s proposal is distinguished first of all by its discreet and modern design and its light weight. It will blend easily into the decor of your bathroom. Very precise, the scale of the Chinese manufacturer allows to measure the BMI, the bone mass and the fat mass.

All this data is accessible in the mobile application (available on Android or iOS) via a Bluetooth connection. This complete and intuitive application allows 15 different pro fi les. The scale is therefore ideal for use by several members of the same family.

Finally, Xiaomi’s solution stands out for its reduced price and excellent value for money. The Mi Body Composition scale is indeed available for purchase at a price of around € 50. This is one of the better options on the midrange.

The + The –
Sober and discreet design Bluetooth only connection
Ultra attractive price No heart sensor
15 authorized users
Complete Measures

Withings Body Cardio

Withings Body Cardio connected scale

Design and very complete, the Body Cardio scale from Whitings allows you to measure your weight, your bone mass, your fat mass, water mass and muscle mass. That’s not all. It is doing well thanks to a sensor to keep an eye on the health of your heart.

Indeed, the connected scale is able to measure your heart rate and detect the first signs of a cardiovascular problem. Connected via Wi fi, it promises a year of battery life, recharges via USB and displays the weather forecast on a small screen. Unfortunately, the price of the scale is quite high. It is offered around 150 euros.

The + The –
Heart sensor High price
Complete measurements and weather display
Very intuitive companion app
Easy installation and good autonomy

Withings Body +

Whithings Body +

We continue with another production of WITHINGS, the Body +. Less upscale than Body Cardio, it skips cardiovascular measurement tools. On the other hand, it obviously makes it possible to measure weight and bone, fat, water and muscle masses. Note the presence of a pregnancy mode that allows expectant mothers to monitor the growth of the baby by carrying it in the arms during the weighing.

The mobile app is one of the most comprehensive on the market with crisp graphics showing how your body is progressing. It is especially the ideal scale if you wear a connected watch from the brand. Affordable, precise and complete, it disappoints only by the presence of batteries. Nevertheless, it remains one of the best solutions of this selection. It is found around 100 euros.

The + The –
A good price-performance ratio The presence of batteries
Pregnancy mode
Sober but efficient design
WIFI connection

Eufy P1

Eufy P1

This is the perfect scale for the tightest of budgets! Available around 40 euros, especially on Amazon, it allows you to measure weight and bone, fat, water and muscle mass with the same precision as more high-end scales. Unfortunately, this affordable bathroom scale skips the Wi-Fi connection.

It has to be content with a Bluetooth connection. For each weighing, you will therefore need your smartphone nearby to retrieve the data. We regret its somewhat complex mobile application to handle. Entry level requires, it is powered by three batteries.

The + The –
Complete and precise measurements Bluetooth connection only
A contained price Powered by 3 batteries
An elegant design despite its positioning

iHealth Core HS6

iHealth Core HS6

High-end, the Core HS6 from iHealt, the specialist in connected health, is distinguished first of all by its futuristic design. Note the very successful rendering of the LCD screen. Very complete, it measures the body mass, fat mass, water, muscle and visceral mass of users using electrical impedance. That’s not all.

The iHealth connected scale is also able to display the temperature and humidity in your room. This is ideal for keeping an eye on the air quality in your bathroom. Not surprisingly, the manufacturer offers this bathroom scale at a high price. It is indeed sold around 110 euros.

The + The –
Precise measurements Batteries
Futuristic design Slightly light autonomy (only 3 months)
Humidity and temperature sensors
Wifi synchronization

FitBit Aria 2

Fitbit Aria 2

The Aria 2 is primarily intended for people who wear a Fitbit brand bracelet or smartwatch. Connected via WiFi, it stands out from the competition thanks to the excellent ecosystem offered by Fitbit. Combined with a bracelet, it allows you to keep a complete overview of your health, ranging from your weight to your heart rate and your sleep habits.

Moreover, it offers complete measurements of fat mass and the like. Elegant and discreet, it will take pride of place in your home. However, it is not possible to slide it under a piece of furniture. Pity. It is sold around 120 euros.

The + The –
Wifi connectivity Limited interest for people without Fitbit bracelt
The FitBit ecosystem A not very compact design
Successful design

Tefal Body Partner

Tefal Body Partner

Let’s move on to the most original scale in this buying guide: the Tefal Body Partner. Reserved for people who wish to reshape their figure, the scale comes with an external figure sensor. This module with an LCD screen is able to measure the silhouette of the user and provide details of his chest or waist measurement. It allows an accurate reading of the evolution of a figure as part of a weight loss or bodybuilding program.

Unsurprisingly, the Body Partner also allows you to measure your weight and your fat mass. The data is visible in a mobile application. Unfortunately, it just has a Bluetooth connection. It is sold around 120 euros. We recommend it to users in full swing.

The + The –
A successful mobile application Bluetooth connection
An amazing silhouette catcher A slightly crude design for the high end

Terraillon Web Coach One

Teraillon Web Coach One

Priced around 60 euros, the Terraillon Web Coach One is more basic than most of the other models in this buying guide. It simply measures the weight and BMI of the user. It’s the perfect scale for users looking for simplicity who want only the most basic functions.

It will appeal in particular to people allergic to technology and or novices, such as seniors unaccustomed to the world of connected objects. It sins by its limited connection to Bluetooth, the presence of batteries and a divisive design.

The + The –
Content price Limited functions
Ease of use No bioelectrical impedance

Garmin Index

Garmin index

We continue with the Garmin Index, an ultra-stylish connected scale. Complete and high-end oriented, it promises users to measure their weight in just a few seconds. Connected to Wi fi, it synchronizes the data recorded by the scale with the information collected by Garmin bracelets and watches.

Thus, this bathroom scale is intended primarily for users who are already familiar with the Garmin Connect platform and the excellent Garmin ecosystem. Complete and precise, it measures body mass, fat mass, muscle mass, water mass and BMI. Unsurprisingly, this data is accessible through a smooth and easy-to-understand companion app.

It allows users to con fi gure up to 15 different pro fi les. Unfortunately, Garmin sells its scale at a premium. It takes between 160 and 200 euros to get it. That’s a bit high compared to its more complete rivals.

The + The –
The Garmin Connect platform Mainly reserved for users of Garmin bracelets and watches
Wifi connectivity A price a little too high
The very successful companion app
15 different pro fi les allowed

Beurer BF 700

Beurer BF 700

We end our selection with the Beurer BF 700. Reserved for the most limited budgets, it offers an impressive amount of different measures at a discounted price of 40 euros. The BF 700 thus provides an accurate calculation of BMI, body fat, muscle mass, body water and bone mass. Despite its low price, the scale is indeed equipped with bioelectric impedance.

The ultra-comprehensive companion application, “Beurer HealthManager”, allows you to save 8 different profiles. We regret its slightly old school and flashy design and the connection which is limited to Bluetooth, which is not surprising for a device in this price range.

The + The –
Complete and precise measurements A not really attractive design
An affordable price A Bluetooth connection only
An impressive value for money Battery powered
8 different profiles in the mobile application

🙄What uses for my connected scale?

Connected scales, also known as new generation personal scales, provide an accurate and complete reading of your body mass. They make it possible in particular to know your fat levels and to determine your body composition (rate of fat, water, muscle or bone mass). For this, the scales rely on the bioelectrical impedance method.

Concretely, they will send an electric current without danger in your body. Rest assured, this process is guaranteed without the slightest danger. For the impedance to work, it is necessary to use the scale with bare feet otherwise the electric current will not flow. Note that some scales are also able to measure the heart health of users. It is particularly useful for people with cardiovascular problems and for athletes.

“Should you choose a scale connected via WiFi or Bluetooth?

The scales in this selection rely on either Bluetooth or the Wi fi network to transfer data to your smartphone or to the Cloud. For the sake of convenience, we invite you to use scales with a Wi-Fi connection. In this case, the data recorded during the weighing is directly transmitted to the Cloud. With a Bluetooth connection, you absolutely have to bring your smartphone when weighing.

It is less convenient and there is a high risk of losing data by forgetting to turn on Bluetooth on your phone. Likewise, it should be noted that many people have the habit of weighing themselves after showering. In this context, the presence of the telephone is a constraint.

💰What budget for my connected scale?

For an entry-level connected scale, with basic readings and a connection confined to Bluetooth, we invite you to pay a minimum of 50 euros. At this price, you will have a quality scale with basic functionalities. To go a little further, and take advantage of a WiFi connection, we advise you to invest around 80/100 euros. Finally, the most high-end solutions, with a cardiac sensor or innovative options, climb to around 120 or 150 euros. At this price, the design of your scale will also be quite successful.

We hope that this guide to buying the best connected scales on the market will allow you to make informed purchases. If you have any other advice for the Phonandroid community, or if an error has inadvertently crept into this file despite our vigilance, we invite you to let us know in the comments below.

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