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The 2022 Golden Globe nominees have already been announced and for those who want to prepare for the January 9th, 2022 ceremony – the first in decades not to be televised – the marathon can now begin! Many of the feature films are available on or about to premiere on Netflix, Apple TV+, HBO Max, Disney+ and Prime Video, and in this article, we’ve listed all of these titles, bringing their synopses, trailers, nominations and links across platforms. Check out all the productions and enjoy!

Where to watch the films nominated for the Golden Globes 2022 / MUBI / Disclosure
Annette (Image: Disclosure / MUBI)

Dog Attack

Based on a novel of the same name, Dog Attack is a Netflix original film awarded at festivals around the world. In his story, we follow two brothers of opposite personalities, who own a very prosperous farm in Montana. When one of them decides to marry a local widow, raising a family with her and her teenage son, the other brother does everything to turn their lives into hell.

  • Indications: drama film; direction (Jane Campion); actor in drama film (Benedict Cumberbatch), supporting actor in film (Kodi Smit-McPhee), soundtrack, supporting actress in film (Kirsten Dunst) and screenplay
  • Where to see: Netflix


First half of the adaptation of the eponymous book by Frank Herbert, Danube is a science fiction movie of epic proportions. Set in the distant future, the plot follows in the footsteps of Paul Atreides, a young man who is physically and mentally trained, who moves with his family to Arrakis, the desert planet of which his father has just become the administrator. In a climate of intense political disputes, the family is the victim of betrayal, and Paul and his mother embark on a journey to save their lives and regain power in the Atreides household.

  • Indications: drama film; direction (Denis Villeneuve) and soundtrack
  • Where to see: HBO Max

the lost daughter

Based on the work of Elena Ferrante, the lost daughter is a drama starring Olivia Colman. In the film, Leda is a middle-aged woman who takes a vacation alone in a coastal town in Italy, after her daughters go to spend a few days with their father. There, she meets a mother who feels suffocated by the weight of motherhood and who, little by little, becomes an obsession for the protagonist, awakening memories of when her own daughters were little.

  • Indications: direction (Maggie Gyllenhaal) and actress in drama film (Olivia Colman)
  • Where to see: Netflix [Disponível em 31 de dezembro]

Tick, Tick… Boom!

Based on the biographical theatrical musical of the same name, Tick, Tick… Boom! directed by Lin-Manuel Miranda (screenwriter of Hamilton). In this feature, we meet Jon, a young man who, on the eve of his 30th birthday, works in a cafeteria and pursues the dream of writing a great musical. Having spent eight years writing and rewriting the script for the play, he is suddenly overwhelmed by the pressure to produce something amazing.

  • Indications: comedy film or musical and actor in comedy film or musical (Andrew Garfield)
  • Where to see: Netflix

In a Neighborhood in New York

Also based on a musical piece (by Hudes and Lin-Manuel Miranda), In a Neighborhood in New York stars Usnavi, a grocer who lives in Washington Heels, a Latino community in New York City. In this place, we are introduced to the different experiences of its residents, focusing on their dreams, their difficulties, the way they celebrate their culture and the pride of their roots.

  • Indications: actor in comedy film or musical (Anthony Ramos)
  • Where to see: HBO Max


Opening film at the Cannes Film Festival 2021, Annette is a musical drama. The title revolves around a couple, a stand-up comedian and an opera singer, who are extremely passionate and who complement each other in their differences. Everything changes, however, when the couple’s first child is born, a girl with a special gift that transforms their destinies.

  • Indications: actress in comedy film or musical (Marion Cotillard)
  • Where to see: MUBI


Film that tells the origin story of Cruella de Vil, the villain who was immortalized in the film 101 Dalmatians, by Walt Disney, Cruella stars Emma Stone. Set in the 70s, in London, the production shows the rise of a young, perverse and fearless designer, who, by allying herself with two thieves and bumping into a frightening and legendary baroness in her path, gives voice to her most evil side.

  • Indications: actress in comedy film or musical (Emma Stone)
  • Where to see: Disney+


Disney musical animation, Charm has songs by Lin-Manuel Miranda. Set in Colombia, the film tells the story of the little girl Mirabel, a girl who lives with her extraordinary family in a house hidden in the mountains. Unlike all of them, Mirabel is the only one who doesn’t have a magical gift, something that ails her, but the girl decides to face up to it when the magic of the place where she lives is threatened and she sees herself as the family’s only hope.

  • Indications: soundtrack; original song (Dos Oruguitas) and animated film
  • Where to see: Disney+ [Disponível em 24 de dezembro de 2021]


Black and white feature film, Identity was released at the Sundance Film Festival. In the title, set in the 1920s, we meet two light-skinned black women who studied together when they were little and met again many years later, as adults. One of them is very proud of her roots and lives immersed in African-American culture, while the other, due to her tone, passes for white in society. As different as they are, they come closer and reconnect as they try to understand each other’s motivations.

  • Indications: supporting actress in film (Ruth Negga)
  • Where to see: Netflix


Animation by Pixar, Luca was released exclusively on Disney+. The fantasy tells the story of Luca, a little boy who is a sea monster at sea and, on land, a human child. When he discovers his powers of transformation, he finds himself exploring a city on the Italian Riviera with his monster friend Alberto and his human friend Giulia, living an unforgettable summer.

  • Indications: animated film
  • Where to see: Disney+

Raya and the Last Dragon

Set in the fictional land of Kumandra, Raya and the Last Dragon is a Disney animation. The adventure takes place in a kingdom whose civilization used to worship dragons and their magic, but which, over the years and the disappearance of creatures, has divided and weakened, passing through a period of darkness. It is in this scenario that Raya, a warrior who dreams of restoring peace to the place, decides to go on an adventure to find the last dragon still alive.

  • Indications: animated film
  • Where to watch: Disney+

the swan song

Título original do Apple TV+, the swan song is a science fiction drama. In the story, we meet a man about to fulfill his dream of becoming a father. In love and dedicated to his family, he is afraid of the future for them, as he suffers from a terminal illness the family does not know about. Not knowing what to do, he looks for a laboratory that offers an experimental solution, in which he will be cloned and the copy, armed with all his memories, will take its place in the lives of those he loves.

  • Indications: actor in drama movie (Mahershala Ali)
  • Where to watch: Apple TV+ [Disponível em 17 de dezembro de 2021]

Being the Ricardos

Biographical drama, Being the Ricardos tells the story of TV star Lucille Ball. Focused on her marriage to producer Desi Arnaz, the film shows the relationship the two had on and off stage, in which they worked together on the sitcom I Love Lucy, one of the biggest to date on American TV.

  • Indications: actor in drama film (Javier Bardem); actress in drama film (Nicole Kidman) and screenplay
  • Where to watch: Amazon Prime Video [Disponível em 21 de dezembro de 2021]

Macbeth’s Tragedy

Based on William Shakespeare’s play of the same name, Macbeth’s Tragedy is the first solo film by Joel Coen, who became quite famous in the industry for his films directed alongside his brother. In the film, when Lord Macbeth returns from the war he was in, he is approached by three witches who prophesy that he will be the new king of Scotland. Dazzled by the vision, he plans with his wife to assassinate the current ruler, thus ensuring that his destiny is fulfilled.

  • Indications: actor in drama film (Denzel Washington)
  • Where to watch: Apple TV+ [Disponível em 14 de janeiro de 2022]

don’t look up

With a cast beyond starring, don’t look up is an original production by Netflix. The film follows in the footsteps of two astronomers who make a shocking discovery: a comet of enormous destructive power is heading towards Earth. Ignored in trying to alert the president, they set out to seek media attention, causing a thrill on the social networks.

  • Indications: best comedy or musical film; best actor in a comedy film or musical (Leonardo DiCaprio); best actress in comedy movie or musical (Jennifer Lawrence) and screenplay
  • Where to watch: Netflix [Disponível em 24 de dezembro de 2021]

God’s hand

Winner of the Grand Jury Prize at the Venice International Film Festival, God’s hand is an Italian drama. Set in 1980s Naples, the title revolves around Fabietto, a young man without many friends, who admires the unexpected beauties of life. Surrounded by a peaceful routine, he is struck down by a tragedy, which brings sadness to his so sunny existence and uncertainty to his future.

  • Indications: foreign film
  • Where to watch: Netflix [Disponível em 15 de dezembro de 2021]

Happy marathon for the Golden Globes 2022!

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