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This Sunday (25) is the 93rd edition of the Oscar, in a ceremony quite different from the others. In a year marked by the pandemic of the new coronavirus, some adaptations had to be made both in the choices of the indicated films and in the event itself. See more details about this award here and find out where to watch Oscar 2021 on TV and internet.

Where to watch Oscar 2021 / Academy Awards nominees / Disclosure

Oscar 2021 (Image: Disclosure / Academy Awards)

The ceremony in detail

Even those who are already used to marathon the films nominated for the awards and follow the delivery of prizes, have everything to be surprised with the Oscar 2021. Due to the covid-19 and the consequent closing of the cinemas, this year the event had to make an exception in the its eligibility rules, allowing films that did not premiere directly in theaters, as usual, could also apply for the award.

Not for nothing, some of the hottest films of the night are originals of some streaming services, as is the case of Mank, a feature film from Netflix that had the highest number of nominations this year (there were 10 in all); The Chicago 7, also from Netflix; The Sound of Silence, from Amazon Prime Video and Soul from Disney +.

However, it was not only in this criterion that Oscar 2021 needed to make some adaptations. The ceremony itself had to be totally restructured, in such a way that this Sunday’s event, even if in person, will be broadcast in different places alternately.

Where to watch Oscar 2021? [TV e internet] / Paul Clarke / AMPAS / Oscar

Preparation of the National Film Theater in London for the ceremony / Paul Clarke / AMPAS / Oscars

Following all the safety protocols proposed by the World Health Organization (WHO), Oscar 2021 will have two main locations: Union Station, famous Los Angeles train station, and the city’s Dolby Theater, home of Oscar since 2002. In addition to these locations, another ten small locations will be spread across cities like Paris and London, and different celebrities will announce the night’s categories, with no fixed presenters.

Where to watch the Oscar 2021

The official ceremony of the Oscar 2021 starts at 9 pm (Brasília time), however, those who like the glamorous side of the event, can check out the red carpet that happens before the awards and that promises to be different this year due to the pandemic.

TNT, TNT Go and YouTube

The pay-TV channel TNT will exclusively broadcast the event in Brazil, at 9 pm, with journalists Aline Diniz and content creator Michel Arouca as presenters.

Before that, however, at 8 pm, there will be “Esquenta TNT”, a warm-up with the main information about the ceremony, presented by Tiago Abravanel and Carol Ribeiro. And, parallel to that, on the broadcaster’s YouTube channel, there is also a live commented by Carol Moreira, Jhordan Matheus and guests, which extends throughout the entire award.

However, for those who prefer to watch the event via streaming, the channel’s official platform, TNT Go, will also broadcast the ceremony. Available on a website and application (iOS and Android), TNT Go can only be accessed by customers of a pay-TV operator who have TNT in their package. They are: TV Alphaville, BluTV, Amigo TV, Vivo Broadband or TV, Cable Telecom, Claro TV, TVN, Multiplay Telecom, Sky Brasil, Algar Telecom, Oi, Claro net TV and Guest.

Globo, Globoplay and G1

On open TV, Oscar also shows up through Rede Globo de Televisão. In addition to flashes during the Fantástico broadcast, the ceremony will be broadcast on the channel after Big Brother Brasil – according to its official schedule, at 11:35 pm – with a presentation by Maria Beltrão and comments by Artur Xe Xéo and Dira Paes. After the delivery of the last statuette, Globo also promises an edition of the best moments of the night.

Where to watch Oscar 2021? [TV e internet] / Rede Globo / Reproduction

Globo Network Programming (Image: Reproduction / Rede Globo)

For those who are streaming, Globoplay, the station’s official platform, will broadcast the event exclusively. From 8 pm, the attraction goes on the air, commanded by humorists Marcelo Adnet, Luciana Paes and Paulo Vieira, remaining open all the time to non-subscribers. To watch it, just have a Globo account (free) and log in to the platform with it. In addition, through Globoplay, non-subscribers can also watch the live broadcast of Globo itself, checking, if they wish, the event on the broadcaster after the BBB.

Finally, the G1 will also have its own transmission. Available on the website and also on Globoplay, it will start at 7:30 pm with the red carpet and will continue throughout the event.


As if all these options for watching the Oscar 2021 were not enough, starting at 6 pm it is also possible to check out the red carpet, in addition to comments and information about the ceremony, on the subscription channel E !. It is only available to NET / Claro, SKY, Vivo and Oi pay TV subscribers.

Excited for the awards? Oscar 2021 has everything to be unforgettable!

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