Where do the candidates arrive after falling?

Find out where Floor Is Lava’s Netflix candidates arrive after falling!

Floor Is Lava is available on Netflix ! The platform brought to life the favorite pastime of all children with Floor Is Lava. A nod to nostalgia when three teams compete to win a prize of $ 10,000 claiming that the ground is lava. The series managed to land a trendy place on Netflix. But while viewers like to watch teams jump from the couches, swing for ages. And, of course, plant your face, the question that burns in everyone’s head is this. Where do participants disappear after falling into the bubbling lava?

Floor Is Lava, allows insane viewing and hours of binge watching! With a total of 10 episodes, the latest addition to the unscripted reality TV series from Netflix. It is hosted by Rutledge Wood, famous for Top Gear. He presents the series as the participants, in teams of three, face brutal obstacle courses filled with puzzle elements. And liters of fiery red lava while trying to get out. Each episode presents a different style of “play”.

From a bedroom to a kitchen, and even a planetarium. Physical challenges-based reality shows have been around since the 1970s. Floor Is Lava a must in 2020 is its simplicity and its unadorned entertainment attempt. Megan McGrath, Vice President of Development for Production House Floor Is Lava, Haymaker Media, explained how she and her brother played fiction games in their homes when they were children.

The Secret of Lava from “Floor Is Lava” on Netflix!

Among the questions like “Is this real lava?”“Is it water with red food coloring?”And“Does it burn ?“. Internet users are curious to know what exactly happens to participants after their drowning. Netflix and the creators of the series, however, seem to want to keep this secret. Haymaker Media producer and co-owner Irad Iyal, however, has revealed the secret of this steaming lava pool. Eyal revealed that the series asked major Hollywood drool makers to create a blend for Floor Is Lava.

The result is that the series ultimately ordered more lava than any other show had ever produced. Almost 100,000 gallons. He also mentioned that the closest thing to this mixture is the orange sauce. Lest viewers want to recreate the experience at home, at their own risk. This clarifies doubts about the safety of the liquid. But the question of the competitors who have disappeared remains unresolved. The answer to this question, in all probability, is found in the montage.

Where do the participants who sink into the lava arrive?

Once a person falls and slides into the raging lava pool, their team members presume “dead“. Some, who seem to be good actors, even utter a few melodramatic cries and cries. Until the missing person finally shows up. At least in the case of the winning team, when they meet Rutledge to receive their grand prize. It curiously includes a lava lamp.

If the viewer observes carefully, he will notice a pattern which is quite evident once everything is assembled. The show does not explain where the person went. But his clever editing work certainly does. After the teammates have shown their different levels of surprise. The series quickly passes to a rerun, most often in slow motion of the failed attempt in a loop.

This gives the “drowned” person enough time to exit the liquid. And make a quick exit, which is obviously deleted. The participant is then supposed to be taken to another room, where he is witness to the funny antics of the other team members who are trying to reach the exit. A more wacky theory that is also discussed is the possibility of a manhole on the floor of the room that could be opened so that the participant can escape after falling into it.

But assuming it’s a drain at the bottom of a swimming pool, opening it could also allow some lava to seep in. It wouldn’t matter because the rooms are filled with liters of bubbling red liquid. The fact that Netflix and the producers of Floor Is Lava being very discreet about the whole situation is what gives a threatening level of mystery to this program. The participants certainly do not “die”. Nor are they kept “hostage” under the lava while the members of their team continue their task.

For a series like Floor Is Lava, which gives pride to nonsense and blunders, pouring a hint of mystery is certainly the formula to attract more attention.

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