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The most anticipated Friday by retailers and consumers is almost here and offers are not lacking in the month that is marked by promotions. Stay here with me to find out when is black friday 2021, better understand when the date came and find out what you need to know to take advantage of the best discounts of the day.

When is Black Friday 2021 and what you need to know about the date. (Image: Markus Spiske / Unsplash)

This year, Black Friday, which marks a period entirely dedicated to offering deep discounts, takes place at November 26th. However, even though the last Friday of November has become more popular in recent times, it is not today that its story began.

Once upon a Friday… πŸ’¬

Some say the term came up in 1869 as a result of a financial crisis in which stocks fell precipitously in the race to monopolize the gold market, which ultimately led to a market meltdown.

However, in the retail sense, there are those who say that the history of the term began in Philadelphia, in the 1960s, when city police officers complained about the congestion caused by the number of people who were going to watch the Army-Navy soccer game and that, at the same time, they were looking for good deals right after Thanksgiving.

Thus, Black Friday appears to represent the Friday following Thanksgiving, indicating the period in which stores leave the color of the red pen in the accounting records, which represents the loss of profit, and start using the black pen, the result of high profits.

Did I hear discount? πŸ‘‚

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Black Friday marks a period dedicated to big discounts. (Image: Reproduction / Giphy)

Black Friday is a date that moves all sectors of retail, whether products or services companies that take advantage of the moment to increase profits and, consequently, gain more audience for business.

But, as mentioned at the beginning of the text, it is not only retailers who are eagerly awaiting the period. Consumers also take advantage of the moment to buy the products they want at a discount, which, in fact, makes them the main protagonists of the date.

With that in mind – and about you, who I know are just waiting for the best offer to arrive – I came here to answer some questions that will help you enjoy the date in the right way:

1. Where to keep an eye out for the best deals?

To take advantage of Black Friday, there is nothing better than having reliable sources that show the deals that are worth it. That’s why here, on Tecnoblog, we created Achados do TB, a very special space, on WhatsApp and Telegram, to help you find the best deals not only on the date, but throughout the year.

Curated by Carol and Laura, all information is checked to see if this is the best price and if the place is trustworthy. The amazing thing is that we’re going to point out what’s really good for you, since we’re a technology independent vehicle.

Save with TB Findings tips
Save with TB Findings tips. (Image: Reproduction / Techblog)

It is common, in the rush to take advantage of a good offer, we forget about some basic security things such as: verifying that the site is secure; analyze the forms of contact with the company; use VPN; among others. Caution is never too much, especially at a time when cybercriminals keep an eye out for any possible flaws. That’s why we’ve made a complete guide with 12 safety tips for you to enjoy Black Friday in a good way.

3. How not to be cheated on the date?

On busy dates like Black Friday, we see a lot of people falling for fake promotion scams. That’s why we’ve also prepared a compilation with 8 tips on what to do to avoid being cheated on the date and opting for the best (real) offers. The tips may seem simple, but in the euphoria to close a good promotion, we end up forgetting the small details.

4. How do you know if an offer is really worth it?

It’s not just the price that says whether a promotion is good or not, but a set of factors such as: shipping; product model; comparison between stores; and payment method. To help you better at this point, we have exclusive content that will guide you through best practices before finalizing any purchase.

5. Is it better to buy online or in a physical store?

Buying at an online store offers you more convenience and agility in choosing and finalizing the purchase, but, on the other hand, you cannot see the product in your hands and must wait a few days to receive it at home. Now, buying in a physical store allows you to touch and try the product, and you can already leave with it in your hands. However, you will have to adapt to the commercial hours of the stores to research and buy what you want.

The fact is, both options have positive and negative sides, but it all depends on what experience you prefer.

6. How can I pay for a purchase?

Each online store offers different payment methods, but most of them offer standard methods such as credit, debit and bank slip. The interesting thing is that, recently, e-commerces are offering payment by PIX more frequently, which ends up generating more discount at the end of the purchase, since it is configured as a cash payment.

7. How to take advantage of cashback on Black Friday?

The best way is to opt for stores that accept payment by MΓ©liuz, PicPay, Ame Digital and other fintechs that offer this benefit. That is, you buy a product and receive a percentage of the value back to use in future purchases.

8. What are my rights as a consumer?

The Brazilian Institute for Consumer Protection (Idec) has an exclusive page on its website about care, rights and problem solving on Black Friday. Among the rights cited by Idec are: seven days to cancel a purchase; the consumer’s right to know if a product is cheaper by default; catch on delayed checkout to make the consumer lose the offer; between others.

It’s worth keeping up with Idec’s updates on Black Friday and keeping an eye on the Consumer Defense Code.

Okay, now you know when Black Friday 2021 is and what are the best ways to enjoy the date. Just don’t forget to join Achados do TB to follow our curation of offers. πŸ˜‰

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Achados do TB curates the best deals on the most trusted sites. (Image: Reproduction / Giphy)

With information: Idec and Black Friday.

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