WhatsApp wants to reassure, the PS5 is selling at a loss, the Galaxy S21 Ultra performs in photo, the recap of the week

WhatsApp publishes statutes to reassure its users, Sony admits selling the PS5 at a loss, the Galaxy S21 Ultra would surpass a high-end camera… Welcome to the recap of the week!

recap of the week

After being sorely mistaken, WhatsApp tries to rectify the situation. In order to save the furniture, the application now publishes messages full of good faith on its desire to protect the privacy of its users. While it wishes to quell the suspicions of some, Sony confirms those of others: the PS5 is sold at a loss. Like its competitors, the manufacturer hopes to achieve its revenues on games and accessories. This week, we also talked about the strange experience of this journalist, who compared the Galaxy S21 Ultra with a high-end camera. Windows 10 allows Android applications to run, and AnTuTu unveiled the ranking of the most powerful smartphones for February 2021.

WhatsApp tries to reassure its users

The huge failure of WhatsApp at the start of the year will undoubtedly make a date in the history of social networks. Since its controversial announcement, the application has been doing what it can to get out of this situation which has already cost itmillions of users. The last solution: post statuses like “WhatsApp cannot read or listen to your personal conversations because they are end-to-end encrypted ” or “One thing that is not new is our commitment to your privacy”, to ensure the good faith of the platform. But public opinion does not seem to waver: the application simply gives the impression of drown the fish as to the data they collect. In the meantime, users continue to abandon it in favor of Signal and Telegram.

Whatsapp iOS app

Sony does not touch money on the PS5

With an average production cost of € 450, the sale of PS5 is generally not not profitable for Sony. The firm has also confirmed this week: it sells its consoles at a loss. In reality, there is nothing very surprising about this: manufacturers have a habit of setting a selling price lower than the cost of producing their devices, because they rely on profits from the sale of accessories, games or even services. Where the shoe pinches for the Japanese company is at the level of price of components which does not cease increasing because of the general shortage. Especially since the situation is not set to improve: stocks would remain insufficient throughout 2021.

Sony PS5
Credit: Charles Sims / Unsplash

Galaxy S21 Ultra vs. $ 4,000 device: who takes the best photos?

Since its release last month, the Galaxy S21 Ultra, more precisely its main sensor, has been the subject of some rumors. To extol the power of it, Samsung has deployed an armada of impressive photos of the Moon taken with the smartphone. According to some experts, these photos would actually be retouched. Raymong Wong, journalist at InputMag, wanted to find out. To do this, he used a Sony A7R III, a device costing € 2,800, which he fitted with a € 1,200 lens. By comparing the snapshots taken by the smartphone and those by the device, he finds that, on the one hand, Samsung has not lied about the quality of its photo sensor and, on the other hand, that it would be the same better than the Sony A7R III. However, these results remain to be qualified: Raymong Wong is not a photographer, which would explain thea rather questionable quality photos taken …

Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra rear sensors

Using Android apps on Windows 10 is possible

How? ‘Or’ What ? Through the app Your phone. The latter, which has already recently made it possible to make calls from his computer, has a new major update. Concretely, all the applications installed on your smartphone can be accessed from your PC. On the other hand, only users on Samsung are concerned. Indeed, Microsoft has signed an agreement with the Korean firm, which makes 97.5% of Galaxy devices are compatible. If you are one of the lucky ones, you can now take advantage of this brand new service. You just have to download the May 2020 update or newer of Windows 10, as well as version 1.20102.132.0 of Your Phone. We explain all the procedure to follow in this tutorial.

Windows 10 Your phone
Credit: Microsoft

The top 10 best smartphones of January 2021

The arrival of the Snapdragon 888 on the market has turned the AnTuTu ranking of the most powerful smartphones upside down. Once dominated by Xiaomi, the Vivo IQOO 7 came to dethrone the Mid 11, which thus finds itself in 2nd place. It is followed by the Huawei Mate 40 Pro + and its Kirin 9000. Note that 8 smartphones out of 10 have a configuration made up of 12 GB of RAM and 256 GB of storage space. On the side of mid-range devices, it is the Redmi 10X 5G who wins the bet, followed by the nova 7.

Vivo Iqoo 7

Our tests of the week

The Galaxy S21 have landed in the editorial staff, so, of course, we were happy to test them for you. Let’s start with the standard model. This one has a perfectly calibrated screen and a very clear aimproved autofocus. If his autonomy is increasing, the fast charge disappoints with its amazing slowness. We will also note the loss of 4 GB of RAM, all the same. We find the same charging problem on the Plus model side, to which is added the noticeable absence of Snapdragon 888 in region of the globe. Despite this, there is little to criticize the smartphone, which enjoys a nice design and a very good camera. Especially since this new range is cheaper than the previous one: from 859 € for the standard version and 1059 € for the S21 +.

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