WhatsApp unusable in May, a dangerous Android malware, the recap of the week

WhatsApp announces the sanctions for those who refuse the new TOS, a dangerous Android malware is back on the Play Store, the Galaxy S22 will also do without a ToF sensor, here is the recap of the week!

recap of the week

The WhatsApp soap opera continues and comes to an end. In its latest twist, the app declares that functionality will be severely limited for all those who refuse the new T & Cs. On the contrary, the possibilities are multiplying on Windows, with the arrival of a new eco mode that promises to boost performance. Meanwhile, Bouygues is preparing to increase the price of its B & You subscription, while the Joker malware marks its return to 8 Android applications. The Galaxy S22, finally, will also do without the ToF sensor, Samsung finding it of no real use.

You have until May 15 to accept the new WhatsApp T & Cs

It is of course possible to refuse. Many users are likely to dislike having their email shared their confidential data with Facebook. The only thing is, the application is not going to let it go. If you still haven’t accepted their new policy, you will have a hard time chatting with your loved ones. ” For a short period of time, you will be able to receive calls and notifications. But you will not be able to read and send messages from the application “, explains WhatsApp. While it is to be welcomed that the courier has abandoned the idea of ​​suppressing rebel accounts, the punishment does not seem much better.

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Windows 10 and eco mode, the winning duo for performance

The next build 21364 promises to make some people happy. In addition to support for GUIs for Linux applications, the update will bring a new, handy eco mode. Microsoft explains that this turns out“Useful when you notice that an application is consuming a lot of resources and you want to limit its consumption, so that the system gives priority to other applications”. Concretely, it will be possible, from the task manager, to limit the resources used by certain processes. This way, you can choose which applications can take full advantage of your PC’s performance.

Windows 10 eco mode

The Joker returns to the Play Store

Joker is one of the most hated and loathsome malware circulating on Android today. First discovered in 2019, it is capable to subscribe the victim to paid services without her realizing it. After being repeatedly banned from the Play Store, researchers have found his trace within 8 applications, which together 700,000 downloads. “It is important to watch out for apps that ask for permissions related to SMS and notifications. To put it simply, legitimate photo editing and wallpaper apps do not ask for these permissions because they are not necessary for them to function “, remind researchers.

android bug
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Prepare yourself, Bouygues is increasing the price of its packages

B & You subscribers will still be entitled to a price increase. The news was announced by email, in which Bouygues promises 30 GB more mobile data per month. In addition, 4G plans are transformed into 5 G. A very meager compensation for those who have not yet equipped themselves with a compatible smartphone. However, there is a way to avoid paying more for your subscription. To do this, you will have to go to the Bouygues Telecom website. before September 26, 2021, connect to your account using your credentials then click on Cancel my option. Until then, you can take advantage of the enhancements to your offering without having to pay a dime more.

bouygues increases packages how to avoid

Samsung drops the ToF sensor for now

The Galaxy S21 has already bypassed the ToF sensor, yet present on the S20 Ultra. It looks like Samsung’s next flagship won’t bring technology back to the forefront. According to the Korean firm, too few applications use the latter right now. In addition, still according to the manufacturer, users are satisfied with the photo performance of the Galaxy S21, which however does not rely on the ToF sensor in low light. Samsung is therefore not drawing a definitive line on the technology, and could make it reappear on some models in the future. For the moment, it will be necessary to be satisfied with conventional sensors.

Samsung Galaxy S22 Olympus
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Our tests of the week

On the program this week:Oppo Band Style and the Lenovo Legion Duel Phone 2. The connected bracelet benefits from a beautiful OLED display and benefit from simple settings to configure, in addition to a barely noticeable weight. Despite everything, it fails to rise above the competition, with a GPS not very efficient, a barely correct autonomy and its lack of iOS compatibility. Count € 59.99 to get it for you. The finding is quite different on Lenovo’s new gaming smartphone. Its screen is very, very large, its autonomy is impeccable and its in-game performance does not detract from the quality of his photos. Only regrets: the smartphone is heavy and unwieldy, and its cooling system fails to prevent overheating. € 799.

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