Whatsapp says goodbye to old smartphones, Cyberpunk continues to update, weekly recap

IPhones with a version prior to iOS 9 will no longer be able to use Whatsapp, CD Projekt is deploying an update for Cyberpunk 2077 which fixes many bugs and a PS5 buyer is shot: here is the recap of the week!

Another week, a new unusual news item on the PS5. The story of this woman who is shot in a bogus transaction reminds us that buying the console can be dangerous in times of scarcity. Also watch out for owners of Apple devices running iOS 8 or less: Whatsapp will stop its support from January 2021. As with Cyberpunk 2077, the update is therefore recommended. In theory, this one won’t have many bugs to fix. And in the rest of the news: Huawei is rolling out EMUI 11 on the P30 and P30 Pro, while an iPhone 6S comes out unscathed from a crash.

Whatsapp for iOS 8 and earlier, it’s over

If Whatsapp is your favorite messaging app, but your iPhone hasn’t updated in ages, you might run into some usage problems. After setting aside 1 billion smartphones in 2019, it is now the turn of devices with a version older than iOS 9 to go by the wayside. The application will continue to run, but may no longer function properly. Fortunately, nearly half of iPhone and iPad outstanding have performed the latest iOS update. If this is not your case yet, we advise you not to delay too long, because the end of support will take place in January 2021. For Android smartphones, these are devices running on a version earlier than 4.0.3 Gingerbread who are concerned.


EMUI 11 arrives on the Huawei P30 and P30 Pro

After the P40, P40 Pro and Mate 30 Pro, the Huawei P30 and P30 Pro finally benefit from the update to EMUI 11. A stable version has indeed been deployed after 2 months of beta testing with Chinese users. We will have to wait a little longer on our side of the globe, but based on the manufacturer’s habits, the update should arrive from here the weeks or even days to come. A interface based on Android 10, a screen Customizable Always On Display, smoother animations and a new multi-window mode are the features that await you once the update is installed. To do this, go to Settings> System> Software update, click on Check for updates, then on Download and install.

Huawei p30

Already a fourth update for Cyberpunk 2077

8 million pre-orders fulfilled, $ 50 million in revenue, Cyberpunk 2077 is a indisputable cardboard. Well almost. The game is riddled with bugs, to the point of making it unplayable on last gen consoles and underperforming PCs. CD Projekt has had no choice but to chain patch patches since its release to calm the nerves of the community, if at all possible. Available on PlayStation and PC, ” as soon as possible ” on Xbox, the patch overall improves game stability and fixes the many bugs preventing the player from progressing through the story. “The sudden appearances of vehicles” were also “Reduced”. As for the sequences that cause epileptic seizures, the studio has modified ‘the flashing effect on the braindances to reduce the risk of inducing symptoms. “ Finally, the graphics on PS4 and Xbox One have been improved after reworking ” the quality of the reflections on Xbox One and PlayStation 4 to eliminate the smearing effect “.

Cyberpunk 2077

IPhone 6S Can Survive After Falling From Plane

If you were ever wondering… While he was scouting over the lakes region near Rio de Janeiro, the documentalist Ernesto Galiotto dropped his iPhone 6S from the tourist plane he had borrowed . 15 seconds later, the device falls flat on the screen and continues filming for an hour and a half. ” How? ‘Or’ What ? It remains a mystery, but Ernesto’s phone did come out unscathed from its dizzying fall. Even more impressive, when its owner returns for it the next day, its battery shows 16%. ” I believe the sun has recharged it “, he concluded. After the iPhone 6 saves a 25-year-old soldier from a shootout, the next smartphone endurance feat is awaited.

iPhone 6S fall

She only wanna buy a PS5, she get shot

Be careful if you decide to buy your PS5 from a private individual. On December 12, a woman from Pas-de-Calais thought it was a good idea when she joined the pseudo-salesman to get the console. As she waits for him in his car, he appears at her window to claim her due, with no PS5 in hand. Panicking, the woman decides to start her vehicle, which prompts the crook to shoot her weapon three times in the air before running away. The story could have ended there, but the bandit shows his nerve: he tries it again a few days later, but this time the residents warn the second person concerned to prevent history from repeating itself. The victim did not wait to file a complaint with the police. The thug has not yet been found.

Sony PS5

Our tests of the week

On the menu this week: Honor’s latest smartwatch and Apple headphones. Thanks to its autonomy of 3 weeks, the Watch GS Pro will undoubtedly appeal to the more adventurous of you. In view of the many services it offers in addition for only 199 euros, we can only advise you to buy it. However, be careful with its cleaving design and its pedometer not always precise. The Airpods Max, meanwhile, are not a revolution. The sound quality and noise reduction fail to justify the high price tag of 629 euros. No jack or app to adjust the sound: the headset is aimed at Apple aficionados above all.

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