WhatsApp on multiple devices: how to use the new function

This Wednesday (14), WhatsApp released the initial tests of support for multiple devices of the app. Now, the messenger allows you to use the same account on up to four devices simultaneously, without necessarily having your cell phone nearby or connected to the internet.

To use the new feature, the user necessarily needs to use a beta version of WhatsApp — either on Android or iOS. With the new tool, it will be possible to use the messenger on other devices, such as WhatsApp Web or computer app, individually.

WhatsApp clarifies that it maintains encryption for all messages, media and calls, while conversation history can be shared across devices. Also, users will know which specific device a message is being sent to.

How to use WhatsApp beta and the new function

Although you do not need to use WhatsApp directly for other devices, you still need to validate an account number and also the “main” device that will connect new devices. This, of course, is in addition to the requirement to use the beta version of the app.

WhatsApp beta channels for Android and iOS are currently closed to new users. There is also no exact periodicity for developers to release new spaces for new testers. However, registration is done on the following pages:

If the user is already enrolled in the program — regardless of the platform —, starting today, it will be possible to see the new option of using WhatsApp on multiple devices, which is also in beta.

Users can already test, starting this Tuesday (14), support for multiple WhatsApp devices.Source: @kaizer_hanz (Twitter)/Reproduction

From there, you will need to take the following path to enable the new feature:

  • on android: Open WhatsApp and tap on the dotted menu of “More Options”, then “Connected Devices”, “Multiple Devices (Beta)” and finally the “Enter beta” button.

  • on the iPhone: with the app open, just tap “Settings”, “Connected devices”, then “Multiple devices (Beta)” and “Enter beta”.

The same path must also be taken if the user wants to exit the beta version of this new feature.

How to add and remove WhatsApp devices

So far, to use the feature, the user participates in two beta programs: the first, from the application itself, and the second from the new role. After that, you’ll be able to associate the devices with the account — with a limit of four devices.

WhatsApp also reminds you that you will still need to use the QR code method to scan and make additions. The way to add or remove devices from an account is very similar to the above:

1. On Android, tap the dotted button for “More options” and on iOS for “Settings”;

2. Now, tap “Connected devices” and then “Connect a device”;

3. Use the security biometric option or PIN to validate the change.

The user also has the option to “Keep this device connected” if he wants to keep the connection to a computer fixed. The option is displayed in the same area as the QR code scan.

whatsapp beta app computerWhen enabling the new function, WhatsApp versions for web and desktop app also go into beta mode.Source: WABetaInfo

Features that don’t work yet

As we’re talking about a trial version, some features still don’t work normally. Furthermore, it is possible that users may experience additional issues during usage, which can be reported to WhatsApp. Among the features that are not working disclosed by the company are:

  • View the real-time location of additional devices

  • Fix conversations on WhatsApp Web or computer app

  • Join groups or view group invitations on WhatsApp Web and desktop app

  • Send messages or make calls to contacts with old versions of WhatsApp

  • Make changes to your business name and WhatsApp Business labels via the web or desktop app

Some other functions are also not available for Portal, a smart Facebook screen that is not available in Brazil. It is also valid to point out that there is still no stipulated date for the release of the resources in general, for all users.

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