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The news from the Disney + catalog for February are here. Some series and films arrive with a definite date, others not yet – remembering that the releases are always made on Fridays. Highlights go to the series The Chosen, a chapter of BIOS about Mauricio de Sousa, cartoonist from Monica’s Gang, and six seasons of Glee, for those who want nostalgia.

Official Disney + app (Image: Mika Baumeister / Unsplash)

Official Disney + app (Image: Mika Baumeister / Unsplash)

Tip for hanging out with friends

The news from Disney + always arrive on Fridays and, to maintain social isolation and enjoy premieres with friends, we recommend the GroupWatch feature to watch in groups of up to seven people. The tool is native to streaming, with a reaction function for the content scenes. Unfortunately, there is no integrated chat.

Movies arriving at Disney + in February

Flora and Ulysses (February 19)

Based on the Disney Newberry award winning book, Flora and Ulysses, is a comedy-adventure about Flora, a cynical 10-year-old comic book fan whose parents recently split up. After rescuing a squirrel named Ulysses, Flora is surprised to discover that Ulysses has unique superhero powers that lead them on a fun and complicated adventure that will change Flora’s life and perspective forever.

Hidden Wonders of Africa (February 12)

From wild deserts and active volcanoes to immense lakes and rivers, Africa is a land of extremes. Across this inspiring continent, nature’s beasts – from the largest to the microscopic – struggle for survival in some of the world’s most adverse conditions. In the most epic natural habitats on the planet, large predators roam the savannas, strange monkeys inhabit high mountain peaks, while mysterious insects and snakes occupy the most impenetrable forests on the planet.

Series coming to Disney + in February

The Chosen (February 5)

Based on Tom Wolfe’s iconic bestseller, The Chosen brings an inspiring look at the beginnings of the US Space Program and the incredible story of America’s first astronauts, the Original Seven.

At the height of the Cold War in 1959, the Soviet Union dominated the space race, and the United States feared it would be a nation in decline. The newly created NASA has the monumental task of sending a man into space, and its engineers estimate that it takes decades to accomplish the feat. They are two years old.

Glee – seasons 1 to 6 (February 19)

A musical comedy about a group of ambitious and talented young people who dream of being stars, but who struggle in real life.

Mickey Go Local – Season 1 (February 19)

Mickey and his friends explore the best of Singapore and Malaysia, from their traditional food and clothing to iconic modern architecture. Sometimes they will be tourists visiting the place, at other times they will be places that show the lifestyle, but they always manage to see themselves in fun and entertaining situations.

Bios: Mauricio de Sousa

Award-winning cartoonist Mauricio de Sousa, creator of Turma da Mônica, will be featured in the program Bios: Lives That Marked His, of National Geographic. Fabio Porchat delves into the intimacy of Mauricio to discover the origin of the universe of the greatest Brazilian cartoonist. Together, they visit emblematic places in Mauricio’s life, people and moments in the icon’s life that served as inspiration to create the characters.

The Secrets of the Zoo

The Secrets of the Zoo follows the stories that take place at the ‘Columbus Zoo and Aquarium’, one of the largest and most popular in the country, and which boasts Jack Hanna.

Underworld Mysteries (February 19)

Nat Geo Lab – Season 1 (February 19)

The original Nat Geo Lab production makes science easy and fun to experiment at home. In a colorful laboratory, youtuber and presenter Paula Stephânia teaches incredible experiences and discoveries that surprise children and adults, arousing everyone’s enthusiasm for the world of science.

CuriousMind (February 19)

It explores how the mind conditions behavior and laughter, attraction, money or language.

Wild Brazil

The episodes of Wild Brazil they explore natural histories and research works in the different biomes of Brazil: Pantanal, Amazon, Atlantic Forest, Cerrado and the coastal region. Each episode is structured around the biome and presents the interaction of its inhabitants, daily struggles, research work, local inhabitants and threats to its survival.


Lou and the campers return to the camp for another year. Adventures await Lou and the campers.

New episodes

  • WandaVision
  • Now Muppets
  • Inside Pixar

Latin American productions at Disney + in February

Bia: A World Inside Out (February 19)

Would you like to travel the world through the mirror? What do you think would happen if everything went inside out? In this special, the universe of the “Bia” series is completely overturned. The characters are the same, but their behavior is opposite to the usual ones. A journey to a parallel dimension where heroes are villains and vice versa.

The Clarilu Garden – Season 2 (February 5)

The Clarilu Garden (Image: Disclosure / Disney +)

The Clarilu Garden (Image: Disclosure / Disney +)

The Clarilu Garden”Is an adventure, a magical journey where children learn the fundamentals of literacy through music and interaction with the protagonist. In each episode, Clarilu receives a mysterious letter with a puzzle. The challenge will be to find the answers with the help of his inseparable friend, the dog Pencil. During his search, Clarilu will find friends who will give him clues to solve the mystery.

Art Attack – Season 4 (February 5)

Art Attack”Is the program that shows that it is not necessary to be a professional to be a great artist! The Latin American version features Vicente Van Coco, a character represented by a palm tree, who tells the steps of producing each artistic project, in addition to explaining to the audience how to care for the planet through the recycling of materials.

When the bell rings – 2nd and 3rd seasons (February 12th)

When the Bell Ringtones (Image: Disclosure / Disney +)

When the Bell Ringtones (Image: Disclosure / Disney +)

It is with characters with such diverse profiles, although at the same time so common in groups of school friends, that the series When the Bell Rings it amuses teenagers and shows the typical moods of students, such as the development of personalities, passions, handling of money, sports competitions and, also, study.

Sou Luna: The Last Show

In this special program, the cast of “I’m Luna”Performs live for the last time at the mythical Luna Park stadium in Buenos Aires.

These are the Disney + news for February 2021. Interested in any? If the list goes blank, remember that we have already published a selection with 10 original series not to be missed in streaming.

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