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Windows 10 offers the May update for download. The May update (20H1, 2004) offers many new features. However, it also comes with its share of bugs and glitches – so much so that it is not always recommended to install it on very many PCs. We tell you everything you need to know.

The traditional Windows 10 May update is finally available. Big annual update with that of October, it brings many new features. But also, unfortunately, some problems on some computers. So much so that Windows Update now tests your PC upstream and tells you if you shouldn’t install it.

For that :

  • Click on the menu Start, that is, the Windows logo at the bottom left of your screen.
  • Then click on Settings, symbolized by a small toothed wheel above the On / Off button.
  • A menu then appears. You have to click on Update and Security, located at the very bottom.
Windows 10 settings
  • Finally, the last menu appears. Just click on Download to put it on your PC
  • If this tab does not appear, click on Look for Updates.
windows 10 settings
  • If your PC is still incompatible with the update, a message will notify you and Windows Update will not allow you to install it

If your machine is not yet eligible or compatible, fear not. She should arrive in a few weeks. There is however a method for the more adventurous who do not want to wait.

Although this is not recommended for the common people, several categories of users will still want to be able to test the update as soon as possible. To do this, you must use the Windows 10 Media Creation Tool:

  • Go to this address on Microsoft’s site.
  • Click the second download button on the page Download the tool now
  • The download of the Media Creation Tool will start automatically
  • Launch the tool (no installation necessary) and accept the conditions
  • Then choose the option Create installation media
  • Burn the image to DVD or use it to create a bootable USB stick
  • Reinstall Windows from this installation media

Windows 10 May 2020: what’s new

Windows 10
Credit: Unsplash

This update (20H1) brings many new features to the operating system. In addition to traditional bug fixes and interface improvements, it includes new features for DirectX 12 for developers and support for ray tracing. Cortana disappears completely from the taskbar, and becomes an application in its own right.

At the same time, the search engine has been adjusted and improved, now allowing results to be displayed much faster. It is also now possible to rename each virtual office, to better navigate and organize your workspaces.

New options for the visually impaired arrive, for example with the possibility of making the cursor fluorescent. In addition, there is better performance, especially for conventional hard drives. The task manager has been improved and gives more details on the storage media used.

Windows indicates for example if the disk is an HDD or an SSD and GPU temperature will be displayed in real time. No need to go through third-party software to get this information. One of the other major additions is the ability to reinstall Windows 10 from the cloud, and this update replaces your Edge browser with its replacement under the Chromium renderer.

Finally, the pairing of Bluetooth devices has been simplified, with a much cleaner interface. Last but not least, this update is only available for PCs with a 64-bit architecture. Don’t panic, however, since x32 applications will remain compatible with this new version.

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Windows 10: May 2020 update still has many bugs

Windows 10 May Update
Credits: Matti Mattila via Flickr

This May update is a particularly bug-ridden year. This is why Windows Update does not yet allow it to be installed on many machines. Microsoft gives a list – obviously not exhaustive – of the problems encountered by users on certain machines. We learn that the update is not recommended for PCs :

  • With Thunderbolt 3 ports
  • Always On, Always Connected
  • With a card or old Nvidia drivers
  • Equipped with some bluetooth cards
  • Equipped with certain gamepads (which causes the disappearance of the mouse and keyboard)
  • With Intel Optane storage

Microsoft is nevertheless starting to install it automatically on machines with Windows 10 builds reaching the end of their life (which occurs after 18 months for the consumer versions and 30 months for the Pro versions). Microsoft no longer advises against installing the update if you are already running on builds 1903 and 1909.

Are you going to download this new Windows update? Are you eligible? What are the novelties that appeal to you the most? Tell us in the comments !

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