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With the proposal of being the “entertainment of real life”, the Discovery+ platform, from the Discovery group, arrives in Brazil on November 9, betting on a catalog focused on reality shows, cooking shows, renovation and decoration, survival, cartoons and documentaries. For those who are thinking of subscribing to the service, here we have more details about streaming and we reveal which productions do you find in your catalog.

Discovery+ arrives in Brazil (Image: Publicity)

After a few months of waiting, Discovery+ (read Discovery Plus) finally arrives in Brazil. Launched in 2020 and already present in some countries in Asia, North America and Europe, it has now arrived on its first foray into Latin America.

Streaming from the Discovery group, it houses in its catalog the productions of its main channels (Discovery Channel, Discovery Home & Health, Discovery Kids, Discovery Science, Discovery Turbo, Animal Planet, ID, Food Network, HGTV e TLC), but also original and exclusive content, which includes national productions. A list that adds up to more than 25 thousand episodes of programming.

With countless productions on demand, below we’ve selected some of the main series, programs, realities and documentaries you’ll find on Discovery+.


Discovery Channel

Focused on technology, science and nature programs, as well as great documentaries, Discovery Channel is present in streaming with productions such as:

  • Dropped and peeled;
  • Dropped and Peeled: The Tribe;
  • Gold Rush;
  • The Great Family of Alaska;
  • Deadly Pounds, etc.
What's in the Discovery+ catalog in Brazil?  / Discovery / Disclosure
The Great Family of Alaska (Image: Press Release / Discovery)

Discovery Home & Health

With content focused on the area of ​​wellness and beauty, home and decor, renovations, lifestyle and even cuisine, Discovery Home & Health also arrives with some weighty titles on Discovery+:

  • Or Ideal Dress;
  • Cake Boss;
  • Brothers to the Work;
  • Brothers to the Work: Lar Semper Lar;
  • Dr. Sandra Lee – The Queen of Carnations;
  • The Busbys + 5, etc.

Discovery Kids

For the kids, the fun is up to Discovery Kids, which arrives on the platform with very famous cartoons and educational programs:

  • Peppa Pig [todas as temporadas];
  • My Little Pony: Pony Life;
  • The Moon Show !;
  • 44 Gatos;
  • Binky to the Rescue;
  • Mini Beat Power Rockers, etc


For those who like content about lifestyle, curiosities and different cultures, the TLC titles on the platform are a full plate:

  • 90 Days to Marry;
  • 90 Days to Marriage: Before 90 Days;
  • A Woman of Weight;
  • My Great Gypsy Marriage;
  • Between Mother and Daughter;
  • Muquiranas, etc


Focused on criminal investigation, mystery, supernatural and crime titles, ID is also present in the service:

  • Criminal Investigation;
  • Revealing Recordings;
  • Buried Secrets;
  • Until Proven to the contrary, etc.

Discovery Turbo

If the subject, however, is cars, adrenaline, car makeovers, racing and everything that involves the world of engines, Discovery Turbo arrives on the platform with essential titles about this universe:

  • Double Noise;
  • Mexicans;
  • The Kings of Scrap Metal;
  • Angry Cars;
  • 4×4 Made to Measure;
  • Texas Metal, etc

Animal Planet

With content focused on wildlife, but also on domestic animals, Animal Planet is also highlighted in the catalogue:

  • The Irwin Family;
  • My Devil Cat;
  • Family to the Rescue;
  • Mountain Veterinarian;
What's in the Discovery+ catalog in Brazil?  / Discovery / Disclosure
The Irwin Family (Image: Disclosure / Discovery)

Food Network

Finally, the Food Network, a channel designed for those who like the world of gastronomy, comes to streaming with realities and recipes and travel programs:

  • Giada in Italy;
  • The Sandwich King;
  • Brunch com Bobby, etc

In addition to these channels, the Discovery Science, a channel that concentrates some of Discovery’s science and nature programs, and the HGTV, which brings together the company’s realities and renovation and decoration productions, are also present in the service.

Original and exclusive

Although Discovery+’s catalog is well served in relation to the brand’s programs that are already successful on TV, some new original and exclusive titles will also have space here. Among the highlights of this list is the program a perfect planet, exclusive BBC production of the platform, which has narration by none other than Antônio Fagundes.

In addition to him, the documentary Francesco, awarded title on Pope Francis, hitherto unpublished in Brazil, and a new and exclusive season of 90 days back to track, spin-off do reality 90 days to get married.

Discovery+ Catalog: national productions

National programs and realities are also on Discovery+’s radar and it’s worth keeping an eye on children’s productions Bada Bean e Curiozoo World, animation and live-action series, respectively, and in Dropped and Peeled Brazil, Brazilian version of the famous reality Dropped and peeled.

Discovery+ price in Brazil

Discovery+ streaming arrives in Brazil for R$21.90 per month (with 7 days free) or annual value of 12x R$16.24, until December 8, 2021, when it starts to cost 12x R$18 .90. In addition, a combo between the platform and Globoplay has already been announced for a monthly fee of R$34.90.

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