What will happen to the rest of the season? Croats and Serbs know better than ATP

NICK KYRGIOS, one of the most controversial players on the ATP Tour, became the voice of reason during the coronavirus pandemic, made possible by the organizers of the Adria Tour tennis tournament launched by Novak Djokovic during the coronavirus pandemic, with the permission of Croatian and Serbian authorities and the satisfaction of thousands of spectators. who relaxed followed the matches in Belgrade and Zadar.

Novak Djokovic confirmed today that he and his wife Jelena were infected with coronavirus during the tournament, and Croatian tennis player Borna Coric, Bulgarian Grigor Dimitrov, fitness coach of the world’s first player Marko Paniki and Grigor Dimitrov’s coach Christian Groh also received positive results.

When an eccentric like Kyrgios says the Adria Tour organization is “stupider than anything he’s done in his life,” and Americans are teaching lessons about discipline in the fight against coronavirus, it’s clear that things have gone wrong.

Americans, it is important to mention at the outset, have 2,406,045 infected with coronavirus and 123,155 dead. Croatia has 2366 cases with 107 deaths, and in Serbia there are 13,092 infected with 263 deaths.

Nevertheless, Croats and Serbs got themselves into trouble on the Adria Tour and thus endangered the continuation of the tennis season.

When Kyrgios and the Americans start teaching lessons

Criticism is coming from all sides.

“My prayers are with all the players who have been infected with the coronavirus. Just don’t call me out for my actions that have been declared irresponsible or stupid. This has no competition,” Kyrgios wrote on Twitter with a video of Djokovic, Dimitrov, Coric and other tennis players partying wildly in Belgrade.

In the end, Novak Djokovic, Borna Coric, Viktor Troicki and Grigor Dimitrov, along with coaches Christian Groh and Marco Panichi, became infected with the coronavirus, and there will be nothing from the Adria Tour in Sarajevo and Banja Luka.

And here we go back to Kyrgios, who due to his outbursts at the end of September was given a 16-week suspension on the Tour and in addition had to pay a $ 25,000 fine for misconduct at tennis tournaments in the last year. At the US Open, he angrily fired that the ATP was “corrupt”, and now he is a very grumpy Australian with the clearest attitudes.

Djokovic is being beaten from all sides

Kyrgios had previously criticized potential US Open play in mid-August and for him the very idea of ​​holding the Adria Tour is inconceivable. Patrick McEnroe is on the trail of opinion.

“You have to be aware of who you are and what kind of example you are giving to others,” he said, clearly alluding to Djokovic, adding that it would be hard to imagine Rafa Nadal, Roger Federer or Serena Williams organizing an event initiated by Djokovic. He paid an overpriced bill as the main sponsor of the tournament, and endangered the health of his family.

“It’s a horror,” said Bruno Soares, a member of the ATP players’ council whose boss is Novak Djokovic. And from him, among others, the world’s first racket learned a lesson.

“Huge irresponsibility and huge immaturity. They were completely carefree and relaxed, it’s hard for me to find the right words for this.”

Andrea Gaudenzi, the first man of the ATP, said that in tournaments that are not under the jurisdiction of the umbrella world tennis organization, everyone must respect the prescribed social distance. Ultimately, the ATP could not influence or impose safety regulations on the Adria Tour.

“I am very sorry for the infected players. We all want them to recover as soon as possible. I know there was a lot of criticism, but on the other hand, we at ATP, USTA and others, we have to be careful because we know that even with extreme measures could be experienced to get players infected. The risk is everywhere. “

Djokovic is, after all, a persona non grata.

The best British tennis player, 30-year-old Daniel Evans, told the BBC that Djokovic should feel responsible for the infection of players on the Adria Tour, who left Belgrade on the initiative of the world’s first player and ended up in Visnjik, Zadar.

Furthermore, according to Sport Illustrated, some tennis players demanded Djokovic’s resignation from the position of president of the ATP Players’ Council because, as the organizer of the Adria Tour, he behaved carelessly and irresponsibly, not respecting the doctor’s recommendations.

Nikola Pilić: What season after this? What are we talking about here?

Legendary American tennis player and winner of 18 Grand Slam titles, Chris Evert, also took the floor.

“Total physical contact, no face masks, even the fans were without masks. I don’t understand,” Evert resented.

And what about the tennis season that was supposed to start in August? We asked Nikola Pilić, there is no optimism.

“What season ?! What are we talking about here? I have no idea how the Americans think the US Open will take place if they keep European players locked and quarantined for two weeks after coming to America. It has nothing to do with tennis. This is not just a problem for tennis. “It’s all sports, especially football. It’s not clear to me how anyone can think they can control the crowd in the stands. It’s impossible. What happened is a big problem and I have no idea how people in the sport will solve it.”

Croats and Serbs are smarter than ATP and the rest of the world

Zoom conferences have been held for months to restart the tennis season and instructions for organizing tournaments of over a hundred pages have been sent to all organizers. The option of matches in front of the audience is not an option and that cannot be discussed in top tennis yet. The Adria Tour is a big lesson ahead of the planned restart of tennis competitions on August 14 in Washington.

“Djokovic is not to blame. He did not put a gun to anyone’s head nor did he demand that there be five thousand people in the stands. The government allowed so many spectators to gather in one place. These people were misled, it was the only place in the world where it could be seen in these moments, ”French tennis player Richard Gasquet explained to L’equipe.

However, Croatia and Serbia, including Adria Tour organizers, athletes, parents of children and politicians, have decided that they know better than ATP how to organize a tournament in the midst of a coronavirus pandemic. The result of this cooperation brought Croatia and Zadar to all relevant world headlines and prime time diaries, as Prime Minister Andrej Plenković promised on the eve of the tournament that served as his election campaign. In the end, there is hope that the politicians whose nebulae we have been hearing in the past few days will not fulfill everything they promise.

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