What to expect from the GPU market in 2022?

The year 2021 has come to an end leaving many questions and promises for the GPU market, some of them not very encouraging. To start 2022 with adjusted expectations, the TechWorld prepared a list with projections of what the next 12 months have in store for video cards aimed at games.

While Nvidia e AMD are introducing PCI Express 5.0 compliant Ada-Lovelace and RDNA3 architectures, Intel is coming up with a more modest proposal, but also better suited to the crisis scenario that will still affect the entire electronics market.

Nvidia GPU Ada-LovelaceNvidia GPU Ada-LovelaceSource: Wccftech

Lack of semiconductors will still be an issue

The year 2022 will still be complex for the semiconductor market in general. According to Intel CEO, Pat Gelsinger, the balance between availability and demand for chips should only be reached in 2023.

Thus, the production of components, still in recovery, will continue to affect inventories and inflate values. The arrival of new Intel Alder Lake processors has introduced yet another factor to this worrying equation with the new PCIe 5.0 bus, which could further affect prices.

Generational change in the midst of a global crisis

Despite allowing new components to take a very significant performance leap, manufacturing motherboards that support the new technology requires much more high-quality PCIe lanes, making projects considerably more expensive.

As such, even with new Nvidia and AMD GPU architectures hitting the market, the hurdle to entering the next generation starts with building a completely new setup that supports PCIe 5.0.

ASUS ROG MAXIMUS Z690 EXTREME GLACIAL - Enthusiast model with PCIe 5.0 and DDR5ASUS ROG MAXIMUS Z690 EXTREME GLACIAL – Enthusiast model with PCIe 5.0 and DDR5Fonte:  Asus Republic of Gamers

This combination of requirements is going to be out of a lot of people’s budgets, so the average consumer has more reason to be excited about companies’ plans for the entry-level segment.

Nvidia: GeForce RTX 4000 e RTX 3050

Nvidia plans to launch the boards GeForce RTX 4000 until the end of the year, but models can cost up to twice the current ones. Many gamers are still stuck with very old generations of GPUs, and with current input cards at exorbitant prices, the solution to try to update the installed base is to invest in new, simpler models.

GeForce RTX 3000 Founders EditionGeForce RTX 3000 Founders EditionSource: Nvidia

As GeForce RTX 3050 for desktop are slated for Jan. 27, with a suggested retail price of US$300 and performance above the RTX 2060 12GB, which theoretically would be Nvidia’s cheapest answer for the segment, but has become the newest darling of miners.

AMD: RDNA3, Radeon RX 6500 XT e RX 6400

AMD plans to release new Ryzen CPUs with Zen4 in 2022, bringing the PCIe 5.0 connection to its ecosystem as well. Thus, it is natural that the new generation of RDNA3 GPUs follow the same line as Nvidia and use these buses.

AMD Radeon RX 6000AMD Radeon RX 6000Source: AMD

video cards Radeon RX 7000, with launch window for 2022, they should also use PCIe 5.0 connection to take full advantage of their potential. This means that the transition to the next generation should be as expensive as Nvidia’s. To try to get around the problem of lack of chips, the company should also invest in cheaper models.

A Radeon RX 6500 XT, with 4GB of GDDR6 and 128GB/s bandwidth, is scheduled for January. already the RX 6400, also with 4GB and 112GB/s bandwidth, is an OEM board for pre-assembled systems and is not expected to hit the market until March.

Intel in the video card market

Intel, however, arrives with a proposal focused on serving the already established market. The company plans to launch at least two models of Arc Alchemist boards in the first quarter.

Ark Alchemist Boards Release MapArk Alchemist Boards Release MapSource: VideoCardz

As GPUs DG2-512EU, still unnamed, target the intermediate segment, competing with the Radeon RX 6700 XT and RTX 3070 Ti, while the Arc A380 (DG2-128) will focus on the RTX 3050 and Radeon RX 6500 XT market.

There will be no shortage of news for the video card market in 2022, but the problems that have been causing instability in the segment have not yet been fully resolved.

However, the arrival of a third major player in the GPU market, with an initial proposal more suited to the crisis scenario, introduces a variable that should help, at least, to regulate prices in the most sought-after segments.

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