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The Game Awards will be on December 9th (Image: Press Release/TGA)

O The Game Awards 2021 it will be on December 9th and promises to be an awards night for the most memorable games of the year, but it will also serve as a stage for revelations. Geoff Keighley, presenter and creator of the event, has already informed on his Twitter that we will have amazing news and up to 50 new games, so what can we expect from the expected event? It is worth remembering that, this year, the Techblog also participates in the jury that will choose the best games.

When and where?

The Game Awards 2021 takes place on December 9, starting at 9:30 pm, with the ceremony starting at 10:00 pm. Yes, due to the time difference, unfortunately the event will be quite late.

The good news is that it will be broadcast free worldwide, live, on multiple platforms. You can see TGA on YouTube, Twitch, Twitter, Facebook Live, Steam, TikTok and Trovo, for example.

Remake de Chrono Cross

Okay, now that we know how to watch it, it’s time to know what’s next, or at least theorize. There is a main rumor running behind the scenes that a remake of Chrono Cross, PSOne classic, may be announced during the event. But where did it come from?

PSOne classic, Chrono Cross may return (Image: Press/Square)

In late November an alleged leak of Nvidia’s unannounced games listed Chrono Cross as one of the future titles on their platforms. Shortly thereafter, Irish singer AVA, also known as Eabha MacMahon, gave an interview where she said she would be working on re-launching a classic PlayStation game.

Still at the end of November, Geoff Keighley published on your twitter that the TGA 2021 will be the stage for a game that has been in production for over two years, in other words, something of a grandiose proportion and that can be significant for a large audience.

Finally, more recently, the mobile game Another Eden received an update and fans discovered, in their code, that a crossover with Chrono Cross would be in production. Why would a modern mobile game cross with a game from the 90s and almost “forgotten” by the current public?

Everything points to an imminent reveal, whether at the TGA or elsewhere, but it is highly likely that the event will be used for this purpose by Square Enix – which has revealed games there in the past.

For those who don’t know, Chrono Cross is a game released in 1999, which functioned as a “sequel” to Chrono Trigger, produced by Square at the time. The game had 3D graphics and some references to Chrono Trigger, but presented a completely new story and with its own protagonists. To this day, it is one of the most loved games on PSOne and has never been properly re-released in an unprecedented way, only on backward-compatible platforms.

Wait, 50 games?

Yes, Geoff Keighley, he again, also commented on Twitter that between 40 to 50 new games will be shown at the event. Of course the number seems exaggerated, but it is worth remembering that some of these may be versions of existing games but adapted for other platforms, as has already happened before.

This man made the promise and now he will have to fulfill it (Image: Reproduction)

This in particular because of the mention of the new generation. Keighley stressed that, for now, PS5 and Xbox Series X are still at the beginning of their careers, and that’s why they should be highlighted, with “spectacular news”. It’s not hard to imagine major re-releases arriving in a remastered or improved form for these consoles, taking advantage of their graphical capabilities.

main rumors

There are also those games that are among the top rumors and that fans really want to see during the presentation. Among them we have, of course, the sequel to The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, which is a little lacking in content. Nintendo has revealed and detailed games at the event in the past.

New titles in the series Fable e BioShock have also been the subject of recent rumors and could be stars in this TGA 2021. BioShock, in particular, is pretty much gone since his last successful game, BioShock Infinite, which came out two generations of consoles.

Is a new BioShock coming? (Image: Disclosure/2K)

Another game that has been missing and that could be one of the stars of the night is Senua’s Saga: Hellblade 2, which has been presented at a The Game Awards in the past and still lacks several details such as gameplay and more information from the protagonist in this long-awaited sequel.

As stated, expect a huge focus on the new Xbox as well as PlayStation 5. It’s not certain that everyone will be satisfied after the presentation, but we will certainly have some surprises and unexpected content.

And the award?

Click here to find out who was nominated in each category. Remember that the public can also choose some winners, not just the jury. Public voting is divided into three rounds.

The first is already in effect, with 30 nominees, the second starts from December 5th, with 10 nominees, while the third will be on the 7th, with five nominees. The most voted game takes the “Public Choice” category. Click here to vote.

Public voting is in progress (Image: Reproduction)

And your expectation, how is it going? which game do you want to see on The Game Awards 2021? Comment down there!

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