What Netflix release date? A planned suite?

All info about Feel The Beat 2, a sequel to the Netflix movie Feel The Beat! Release date, renewal etc.

Feel the beat is currently available on Netflix in France. If you now want to know all the information about a potential following Feel The Beat don’t move from here. The film sees Carson playing the talented dancer April. Who, having completely missed his big audition on Broadway, returns to his small hometown. And reluctantly trains a group of young dancers for a great dance competition.

From this brief synopsis, you can probably guess what’s going on in Feel the beat. But there is a surprise in his sleeve to set up for a possible Feel The Beat 2 if the movie is a success on Netflix.

What’s going on in the Netflix movie?

Essentially, Feel the beat follows exactly what you would expect from a comedic film. April starts off badly and horribly enough for the group of unsuitable children from the New Hope dance studio. Still led by his former dance teacher Barb. She agrees to give them lessons because if they manage to reach the final. April can perform in front of Broadway legend Welly Wong.

Everything seems to be over for April and New Hope in the first round of the dance competition. But disqualification means they qualify for the next round. April begins to warm up as the group improves and makes it to the final. After playing alongside them in front of Wong, New Hope qualified for the final round. However, April receives a job offer to star in Wong’s new Broadway show Whirly Girl. And she leaves to return to New York for rehearsals.

She’s not as happy as she thought, so April quickly returns to Atlantic City for the final. In order to deliver a moving speech to his students. New Hope performs under the proud eyes of April. And she even shares a kiss with her ex-boyfriend whom she left to go to New York that day. Then we came to April being applauded by Whirly Girl. Because Wong did not dismiss her, even though she did not attend the rehearsals.

But when Barb phones him after the show, we realize that New Hope didn’t really win in the final. April continues to teach on FaceTime and return on Sunday, keeping them on a strict diet. So if Feel the Beat 2 occurs, it is likely that New Hope will return to win the crown in the finals. Or maybe another competition, because the structure would work for anything.

What release date for Feel The Beat 2?

It is difficult to give a release date accurate for Feel The Beat 2 and not just because Netflix hasn’t renewed it yet. The shooting of all films and series has been greatly affected by the coronavirus. It is therefore difficult to say whether the sequel to Feel The Beat may start filming soon. Which probably excludes a release date in 2021 for Feel The Beat 2. For the moment, we are awaiting a press release from Netflix for a renewal. Generally, it takes between 6 and 8 weeks.

Most movies Netflix who get a sequel, have been two years apart between the movies. The Feel the Beat 2 release date could therefore happen in the second half of 2022.

Who could be on the cast of Feel The Beat 2?

We imagine that all the main players could come back in Feel The Beat 2. And that obviously couldn’t be done with Sofia Carson as April. It would also mean the return of Donna Lynne Champlin as Barb. From Wolfgang Novogratz as Nick, the love of April, to Brandon Kyle Goodman as the friend of April Deco.

We hope that all the young members of the New Hope dance team will be back. Especially Eva Hauge in the role of Sarah, Nick’s sister. Lidya Jewett in Kari’s, Justin Caruso Allen in Dick’s. Anyway, when we hear about Feel The Beat 2 on Netflix We will keep you posted !

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