What is TikTok’s For You and how to appear on the page?

THE TikTok is one of the most popular social platforms today, attracting the attention of audiences of all ages and with the most varied interests. Part of what makes this social network so unique is the page For Youwhich is nothing more than a feed created specifically for you, with content that the app believes will be of interest to you.

So far, nothing new: it is a recommendation algorithm which filters posts according to their level of interaction and feedback sent to the platform. What sets the app’s recommendations system apart is the way it also takes into account information from the shared content and user settings, such as language, country of residence and even the device used to access the app.

What is For You

O For You é o recommendation system from TikTok, it’s the first thing that pops up when you open the app — it’s yours custom feed. There, with a simple swipe across your phone’s screen, you can watch a bunch of short videos, all selected based on what TikTok thinks might be of interest to you. It may take a while for the content displayed to be 100% compatible with your personal tastes, but eventually the magic happens.

For You is TikTok's personalized recommendations pageFor You is TikTok’s personalized recommendations pageSource: TikTok/Reproduction

Your feed will hardly be identical to someone else’s, since the videos that the platform will show you are also chosen taking into account your interaction with similar content. If you like a certain type of video, comment on a portion of recordings under the same hashtag or follow accounts with similar profiles, this data is also taken into account by the algorithm.

How to make the feed with your face

If you’ve just started using TikTok and want to receive personalized content on the For You page, the process is actually quite simple. Just use the app and interact with the videos that you like. The fastest way to get most relevant recommendations for your personal tastes is to like and share the material that you really think is cool, comment on these types of publications and follow pages that create content of your interest.

In this way, you will be providing very important information for the algorithm to make For You your own.

The type of content you interact with is one of the pieces of information used by the algorithm to make personalized recommendationsThe type of content you interact with is one of the pieces of information used by the algorithm to make personalized recommendationsSource: TikTok/Reproduction

How to appear in TikTok recommendations

If you create content on TikTok and want aparecer no For You from other users, you need to take a few things into consideration. For starters, there is no magic formula, a “cake recipe” that will make you go viral on social media. What you can do is understand how the platform works and how its algorithm is constantly improving.

When you publish a video on the social network, the system will automatically search for people interested in the content type that you created. That’s why it’s so important to use a caption for your post, use hashtags that are relevant and related to the topic of your post, and take advantage of platform tools such as music. It is also necessary to understand that people will not always like your creations, and this can help you to shape your channel based on user feedback and the app itself.

There are, however, some general recommendations that can help you become more popular faster. The following is a list of tips on what to do to appear on TikTok’s For You more often.

Never underestimate the power of captions and hashtagsNever underestimate the power of captions and hashtagsSource: TikTok/Reproduction

  1. choose a niche: Being consistent in your creations is important to capture users’ interest and build your own community of followers. Once you’ve chosen your niche, create content relevant to this audience;
  2. capture attention Quickly: Getting your followers interested in your content within the first few seconds of the video is essential to growing and becoming popular. Don’t forget that the idea of ​​TikTok is to offer short content, to be consumed quickly, so make an effort to capture the attention of your target audience in the first 3 seconds of the video;
  3. Use e abuse das “trends”: Trends are often great opportunities to gain audiences faster. Study what is trending on the platform, see if any of the trends would work for your type of content and test the material with your audience;
  4. interact quite: Social networks were made to socialize. Use the comment field on your videos to interact with your audience and comment on videos from other creators with content similar to yours. The more you are seen or seen, the greater the chances of becoming popular;
  5. Optimize your content: Analyze which of your publications have reached the most people and try to replicate the effect in your next posts, either by posting similar content or at times you’ve already identified are ideal. It’s also important to be accessible, so adding captions is more than essential if you want more people to be able to enjoy your creations.

time to shine

Now that you know how the TikTok algorithm works and how to appear on For Youit’s time to plan your content, publish your videos and manage your community to keep growing and becoming more and more popular.

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