What is the story of Valorant?

One of Riot Games’ biggest hits, Valuing is an online first-person shooter in which two groups of five people face off in battles in arenas. In each match, players must complete team missions or prevent opponents from completing their own objectives.

The difference between the game and others in the genre is the story. With a very rich lore, the title presents an interesting plot, full of complex characters, conspiracies and plot twists of the best quality.

The history of Valuing

It all starts in 2039, in the relatively near future, when an event known as the First Light occurs. The phenomenon, which happens in several places around the world, consists of the appearance of strange rings of light that bring a new element to planet Earth. Radianite, hitherto unknown, is extremely powerful and becomes very important for all humanity.

After the First Light, some individuals exposed to radianite mutate and gain powers, becoming known as radiant. The abilities of these people are often simple, but some individuals have incredible powers, capable of making them immortal, traveling between realities and even bringing people back to life.

As not all radiants end up on the “side of good”, using their powers on behalf of humanity, the Valorant Protocol is created. Founded by a mysterious group under the umbrella of the Kingdom corporation, the project’s goal is to keep the radiant under control, with a mission to protect the planet in case other individuals with special abilities become a problem.

In addition to people with radianite-derived powers, the protocol relies on “ordinary” agents, people with no abilities awakened in the First Light. These agents are trained to manipulate weapons and equipment created and supplied by the Kingdom using the new element, thus being able to face radiant on equal footing.

the two worlds of Valuing

What seems like a simple mission—to protect the world from potential radiant threats—becomes much more complicated when a new enemy emerges. In a mirrored universe, a very similar version of Earth undergoes the same event as the First Light, spawning people with radianite-awakened powers and resulting in the emergence of the Valorant Protocol. In the mirror version of Earth, however, the special element is increasingly scarce, threatening the survival of the inhabitants.

The revelation of the existence of “Earth 2” only happens 10 years after the global phenomenon, when Phoenix, an agent of the Protocol, finds Jett installing a device called Spike on the streets of Venice (Italy). The two end up fighting, with the girl winning and defeating the boy, who upon awakening realizes that the worst has happened: the device caused a wave of destruction that left part of the place floating in the air.

The disaster falls on Kingdom’s account, as the public doesn’t receive the same information as Phoenix: that wasn’t the Jett he knew. In reality, the South Korean Duelist found in Italy was a mirror version of Agent Valorant. Furthermore, the device she used sucked the radianite from the environment and sent it to another dimension.

Attacks and revelations

The next day, Phoenix is ​​informed of a second attack and goes there with Viper. Killjoy was already trying to disable the Spike installed by the mirrorverse agents and, upon arriving at the scene, the Duelist notices a movement and leaves in pursuit. When he finally catches up with the suspect, Phoenix is ​​taken aback to discover that it’s his “evil twin”, an Earth-2 version of himself. When Viper finally catches up to them, the second Phoenix manages to escape, and the pair return to the place where they were. Killjoy tries to stop the device.

The girl explains that she could even disable Spike, but that would require much more power than her radianite core was capable of offering. In a suspicious response, Viper asks Phoenix to use her power to superheat the equipment’s core, which makes the radianite much more powerful and allows Killjoy to finally disarm Spike. Only then does Viper reveal to Phoenix everything he knows about the parallel universe and the scattered versions of the Valorant Protocol operatives.

Sometime later, Phoenix — now with all the information about the “evil” versions of the project’s agents — is sent to investigate yet another attack. Alongside Yoru, he heads to the Arctic, in a secret excavation area of ​​the Kingdom known as the Icebox. Despite being greatly outnumbered, the duo emerges victorious and thwarts the plans of the Mirror World’s Valorant members.

Soon after, Kay/o appears, an agent from the future who was created to end the war between radiant and humans. In his reality, using his radianite nullifying powers, the agent eliminates Reyna — the queen of the radiants — and ends the war. He then uses his advanced technology to break out of his timeline, ending up in the game world and informing the members of Protocol Valorant of the potential threat from the radiants.

Secrets and twists of Valuing

As humans and people with superpowers are working together against Earth 2 in the Kingdom-supervised project, Kay/o’s warning ends up taking a back seat. Also working together with someone else is Chamber, who has secretly been plotting with his version of the mirrorverse to attack the Kingdom.

The company is working on a secret project capable of ending the battle between the two worlds. In Santa Fe, New Mexico, the corporation versions of Earth 1 and the mirror world create a highly classified research complex in which they attempt to create infinite energy.

The work of scientists from both worlds creates a Radianite Collider, with the objective of generating a source of energy to supply the demand of the mirror world. This would put an end to attacks on the “original” world and prevent the impact on society should the element also become scarce on Earth 1.

The two Chambers end up together with the Collider, causing a lot of destruction and resulting in the creation of the Fracture map. This also leads to a growing distrust of the company’s leaders on both Earths, prompting the mirror world to resume raids in search of more radianite.

In an attempt to get in touch with the Mirrorverse Valorant Protocol, Brimstone and Viper begin looking for ways to travel to the parallel world and try to enter into some sort of peace agreement, but end up getting caught in the process. Chamber saves the duo and is recruited to be part of the Valorant Protocol, officially becoming an agent for the project.

Meanwhile, Viper and Cypher are tasked with finding information about the technology used by Kingdom on Fracture, where the company proves capable of transporting people and resources between the two Earths.

The mission ultimately fails, but Killjoy unexpectedly informs Brimstone of the advances in research, provided by copies of the schematics of machines used in the Kingdom compound and found by none other than Chamber. Now, the team can finally prepare to turn the tables and visit the parallel world to try to end the conflicts once and for all.

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