What is The Great Wall worth with Matt Damon?

Not really up to its ambitions, The Great Wall by Zhang Yimou is a good B series.

Released in early 2017 at the cinema, The great wall arrive on television tonight. Precisely at 9:15 p.m. on TMC. Here is the review of First :

From its poster, the object The great wall (the film, not the tourist attraction) seems to have already said everything: by associating Matt Damon, western star, and Chinese mythology, the film wants to be the ultimate marketing steamroller, capable of being sold in as many countries as possible. But in the era of globalized culture, do the terms “Western” and “Eastern” express a reality? The great wall wants to build on the huge success of Warcraft – The Beginning in China (where it won $ 220 million, or 50% of its global revenue, five times more than its revenue in the United States). Huge fantasy blockbusters distributed by Universal, produced by Legendary Pictures. So that’s the object The great wall, which tells us little about its cinematographic quality.

We are warned from the presentation text: The great wall is located in a fantasized, legendary Middle Ages, and we will not have to look on the screen for any political parable (the film, co-produced by China Film Group, the largest Chinese cinema group, has the backing of the government ). Saxon warrior William (Matt Damon) arrives on foot through China with his comrade Tovar (Pedro Pascal from the Serie Narcos): They seek to steal the secret of the explosive powder. They collide with the Great Wall, guarded by the immense army of the Nameless Order which protects the Empire from a terrible threat. Every sixty years for a millennium, a horde of aliens (nicknamed “Tao Tei”) emerges from a meteor to ravage the surrounding lands. William and Tovar will fight alongside the Chinese against these aliens. If the funny action scenes based on the notion of vertigo more evoke monumental choreographies, a bit pompous, of Zhang Yimou For the opening of the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games, the director’s epic breath also seems to collide with the small (well, everything is relative given the size of the budget) dimensions of the film: he nevertheless introduces his taste for the movements of crowd in bright and contrasting colors (souvenir of Hero), on the one hand by the soldiers of the Order Without Name, dressed in blue, red or yellow armor according to their specialty; on the other by a final scene which takes place in a tower decorated with multicolored stained glass windows and which plays nicely on the light reflections.

During confinement, Matt Damon becomes the mascot of Dalkey, an Irish village

Yes The great wall suffers from a defect, it is a problem of length: the film is curiously tightened, picked up. Its reduced duration (1h44) gives it more of the looks of a big B series than an epic fresco, and prevents us from giving the full measure of the threat that our heroes have to face. This is how we must appreciate The great wall. Like a real big series B where Matt, Pedro (excellent in sidekick bantering), Jing Tian (soon in Kong: Skull Island and Pacific Rim: Uprising, other Legendary productions) and the veteran Andy Lau retaliate bugs in digital – the cinema equivalent of the Zergs StarCraft– therefore removing any political subtext. With enemies devoid of any human trait (equivalent of large nasty bees, the Tao Tei are not the caricature of any culture), no controversy possible. History to tell us that it is simply a question of unplugging one’s brain and enjoying the spectacle offered to us. It is not such a bad idea.

Trailer of The great wall :

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