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With the growth of broadband in Brazil, streaming services quickly became popular in the country. Just to give you an idea, practically all TV channels have web versions of their programming in real time, so that the content can be watched over the internet on different types of devices.

After all, what is streaming?

Streaming is a technology that stores data in the cloud and allows us to watch movies, listen to music and even play games, without the need to download any files. For this, the server that hosts the content transmits the information over the internet and we reproduce it in our homes through the PC, Smartphones, TVs and other types of devices.

Streaming has become the main way to consume TV series and moviesSource: TecMundo

Streaming services offer several advantages, but the main one is the agility to access content without the need to install or download data on your devices, which also makes it advantageous in terms of saving storage space.

In streaming movie services, for example, it is possible to start watching content in a matter of seconds, something that even on DVDs and Blu-rays takes longer. Today TecMundo brings a series of services that use streaming and the most popular options in each category. Check out:

Streaming movies and series

In the 90s and early 2000s, it was almost routine to go to a video store to rent movies on the weekends. Streaming has completely changed this activity, giving you access to releases where you can watch them at home, without having to go anywhere.

Amazon Prime Video is one of the leading streaming services for movies and seriesAmazon Prime Video is one of the leading streaming services for movies and seriesSource: Amazon

Streaming also created a new modality: marathon series. In the past, there were few who ventured to buy a box of a season of their favorite series, much because of the price. Even so, few were the ones who watched almost all the episodes at once.

With the streaming of series, the habit of marathon episodes was created, which are almost always available all at once. In addition to the ease of watching them, there are also those who choose the strategy as a way to escape spoilers on the internet.

And to top it off, companies that offer streaming video services are also concerned with the quality of their products. Virtually all major platforms offer movies and series up to 4K, something that not even ordinary blu-rays can reproduce.

Facebook has a streaming service for the transmission of live eventsFacebook has a streaming service for the transmission of live eventsSource: Diego Borges / Reproduction

Live event streaming has also been growing a lot. In addition to the TV channels and their programs in real time, there are platforms that offer the transmission of sporting events, music, etc. All in high quality and using the same technology as films and series.

Among the main companies that offer streaming movies and series we have:

Check out other video streaming services on our list.

Music streaming

Another industry that has adapted to streaming was music. If a few years ago we had to carry our cell phones and MP3 players with our favorite artists and bands, today we can access them all just using the internet.

Spotify is the main music streaming in the countrySpotify is the main music streaming in the countrySource: Diego Borges / Reproduction

The benefits of streaming music are enormous. Starting with access to the entire collection of an artist, as well as exclusive albums, such as shows or special appearances. It is also possible to have access to new songs and albums on the day they are released, without the need to rush to a store in search of the new CD.

But nothing beats the possibility of creating playlists within these services. In them, in addition to being able to put the songs you prefer, in the order you want, it is also possible to share them with friends and followers.

Amazon Music also allows you to create and share your playlistAmazon Music also allows you to create and share your playlistSource: Diego Borges / Reproduction

Check out the main music streaming platforms:

Game streaming

Game streaming is the most recent on our list and is divided into two forms: broadcasts and game displays, and the possibility to play in the cloud.

The first is the most common and also the one that grows the most on a daily basis. There are several platforms that allow players to broadcast their matches, and earn money from it from the companies that offer the service, or through donations from their fans.

Twitch is the most popular game streaming platform in the worldTwitch is the most popular game streaming platform in the worldSource: Diego Borges / Reproduction

The main game streaming platforms are:

The other, on the other hand, allows you to play through the cloud, that is, without the need to have a device reproducing the content locally. Thus, a broadband with good speed is enough to play without the need for a video game.

Google Stadia is one of the platforms that allows you to play through the cloudGoogle Stadia is one of the platforms that allows you to play through the cloudSource: Diego Borges / Reproduction

The main cloud gaming services are:

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