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Having good relationships is beneficial in any type of work, but social media has become a pillar for sales and images of companies and businesses. find it out what is it social selling, what the business strategy is based on and what are its advantages and challenges in the market.

What is social selling?  (Image: Vitor Padua/Tecnoblog)
What is social selling? (Image: Vitor Padua/Tecnoblog)

good relationships

It is the basis of social selling, good relationships with effective and potential customers and a good image with the general public.

In a more technical approach I would say that the social selling it is the act of leveraging your social networks to find potential customers, building trusting relationships and a stepping stone to reach sales goals by answering potential customers’ doubts, offering thoughtful content of market interests.

This in an analysis of the initial structure, but the relationship should be consolidated, generating even greater trust over time. That’s why the social selling It is here to stay and is critical to business operations and business success.

How social selling works

THE social selling it’s the idea of ​​filling a communication vacuum. The concept is close to inbound marketing, the objective is to improve overall sales and market efficiency, building more substantive relationships with the target audience through social media.

  • Create relationships;
  • Define a reputation;
  • Expand visibility to the target audience;
  • Add value to customers;
  • Build credibility.

Sales processes are orderly and methodical — standardization is needed to increase long-term earnings. It usually starts with a prospecting email, followed by a phone call, a second email and a last phone call (in some cases it can even have a physical visit, for local situations).

The problem is that at the end of this cycle, the sales or business agreement tends to cool down, and its recovery is very complicated. The question is: what to do in case the customer is not present in the contact attempts? include the social selling in the process of marketing from the company.

Creating good relationships on social media is the foundation of social selling (Image: Austin Distel/Unsplash)
Creating good relationships on social media is the foundation of social selling (Image: Austin Distel/Unsplash)

How to include the strategy in the business

The question that arises is: who will be responsible for the social selling? Everyone would be the best answer, but of course some teams will be more focused. As it is a relationship creation to increase credibility, it should be the responsibility of the company as a whole.

The most common is to be in charge of the sales team, but the sector marketing it will be a crucial help. Sales professionals are at the cutting edge, they are always in direct contact with the customer.

The professionals of marketing they can help create messages that resonate and feed the sales force with quality content (branded and unbranded) that will be shared individually with connections and customers.

It’s a lot of theory, but that’s the structure. To make it easier to apply, always remember 7 points about social selling:

  1. It’s personal: one-to-one, as opposed to one-to-many;
  2. It’s about building trusting, long-term relationships, not making “the sale”;
  3. It’s about leveraging the organization’s tools, technologies, and people to add value to customers;
  4. Build a strong professional brand to increase your visibility to desired contacts and build trust in your industry;
  5. Don’t just stick with the sales pitch: focus on the best prospects for your industry and your goals;
  6. Be a reference: Regularly share interesting industry content, engage with shared stories in your field, and limit how much you promote yourself in relation to others;
  7. Start real conversations: if the potential customer realizes it’s a sale, he’s unlikely to want to build a relationship.

Advantages and challenges of social selling


The main challenge of social selling it is to unite all collaborators on issues of defining reputation and increasing the credibility of the brand. Outside the sales team and marketing, that’s what the rest of the organization can do.

The other challenges are:

  • Discover quality content;
  • Easily share content;
  • Follow conversations and messages with customers;
  • Stipulate metrics to measure the results of social media activity.


There are many advantages, but thinking about metrics marketing we have:

  • Referral traffic: web visitors come to the site through social media, reporting if the content is generating recognition on social media;
  • Direct traffic: Users who visit the website by typing the URL into their browser. Indicates that the brand is memorable.

In addition, social selling should also influence the following sales metrics: sales revenue, appointments (commitments), social network metrics and score of the social or digital influencer.

Now we know a little about the challenges, objectives and what it is social selling. If you have any additional points of knowledge to complement the text, leave it in the comments.

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